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536: My Fitness Journey

2024-01-05 | 🔗

This Episode Originally Aired - May 17, 2023

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I'm working, bolder and brighter lex. This holiday season, and also beauty, has everything I need to shine. Glossy statement lips, YAP fanny was flushed. Cheeks got em defined curls, find all your beauty phase to create your festive holiday lux now's, the time to update your beauty back with fancy mac and the new shark styling system shot the gifts that bring joy to everyone on your list. This holiday season also beauty. The possibilities are viewed. If all you want to finish a race.
You want that medal around you. You want that free banana that you get at the end. You want to post pictures on your social. You want your kids to cheer for you on race day. You want to be the person that proves whoever wrong you want that for yourself, and if you want that for yourself, you have to actually finish so. You need to hack mentally whatever you can do to get yourself there and for me it was like okay, well, you're not allowed to post unless you've actually done something that was super hard for you to do so you better not. You are in my community We are not opposed to the beginning of the rice. We posted the end. hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I,
I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listening to podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand. These are conversations. This is information for the curious. This. is the rachel Hollis podcast high guy. It's rage. Welcome too. Their conversation today, I am going to
motivate you are, I'm gonna do my very freaking best to motivate you to sign up for your first endurance race now that might seem crazy. That might see absolutely bananas be a and a s But I ve realized recently how often women come up to me and sometimes deeds and tell me that sharing a story about running a marathon or me sharing a story about climbing a mountain. encourage them to sign up, encourage them to try something for the first time and I feel like honestly, if that's one of my legs, he's if that is how I can affect other people that, like why person in Michigan signed up for their first five k. I feel I'm living life really well and I feel really proud of that. So I thought well, if that's affected,
like when I get to san on sages- and I tell these stories, if that's helpful, maybe it would be helpful to the podcast audience and I know I've talked I did a little bit over years, but today's pursued is a fool like soup, too, that's, how did I go from weighing fifty two more pounds- and I do today- absolutely unable to. walk a mile, let alone run one Never exercising totally out of shape physic in pain, because I was taking such crap care of my body like how did I go from that to running marathons? they go from that to climbing a mountain. It's not the traditional route. It's not! I didn't grow up, I would never have called myself an athlete and if that is something that you can identify with, but use Other people competing like you, see them sign up for their first. You disney rhine or maybe there's a turk,
trot. You ve always wanted you with your family around thanksgiving. This episode is for you I want you to hear me say that and me one anyone and do their version of an endurance race. Anybody you and challenge yourself to do. King iron man, if you want to It usually helps to work your way up, and my story is one of working. My way up, not of just nappy my fingers and suddenly being athletic, and that's what I want to talk about today. I hope it will be helpful and I'm an you right now? If it is, if you did this conversation, ever. You are taking the sand if your listing on podcast her watching on youtube, I would super appreciate it if you would send it out your community, or maybe you share it with you partner that you want to sign up for the race with you or maybe you send it to your sister or your friend, but I, if you would just put the work out into the world I would really appreciate it. Lets take an idea.
Start off this conversation by mentioning weight, and if you are new to hanging out with me, I just want to say I do not give a flying flip. What u way. wait is something that is used to control us Manipulate us hurt us make us feel small. I still ugly make us feel wrong. Make us feel a million different things. I do not care the way I am using my Own weight? as a measurement of the passage time. So when I reference way more, it's not that one is wrong or right, but in terms of feeling better in my body, I am five feet. Two inches tall and for most of my young adult life I carried fifty two additional pounds on my friend and when you have that much extra way on a frame
my size, it was painful. It painful in my back always hurt. I had, I didn't know it, but I had inflammation throughout my body cause I just eight absolute, badge I loved fast food. I loved a rapid chino from starbucks with an ad shot and another point, of car mall, I loved all of it and I didn't understand that the where was eating was really hurting. My system, my daddy she was absolute crap like super com, paid it all the time which means I was super bloated. the time it was real sexy. I could where dresses are skirts, because my size would rubbed together and I would get there is a man or size, it was just really uncomfortable and To be totally honest, the people
my family were in a similar place and the people my friend group or in a similar place, so it's kind of saying where, if everybody around, you is doing the same thing or act in the same way, you dont really realise that its an issue And I knew I was uncomfortable, and certainly I could see like different. You know kinds people, I would see people who were who were see you. I would see people who like went to the jam, and I would think like yes, but I'm wired like that, like she's wired differently. Right, I'd, see someone and I'd say like well that just how back years, that's not how I am my family We struggle with way, and my family were big boned and my family were this and my family were that and my family. We love to fry stuff and cover it in cheese and gravy. I had all of these narratives that super limiting for me.
That I believe were one hundred percent capital t truths, including the that I wasn't an athlete and I into It- and I think I probably would have continued to buy into this mythology, for I dont know how long, but A really specific incident changed everything for me and you know me guys. I got my journal and I have my might look guy, got six things that I feel like really helped me to go from that state too, The version of me that exists today in the version of me that exist today, could see for a half marathon. weaken and run the entire thing with no problems and I'm not training that right now. So that's just sort of the level of indifference that I keep myself tat. I will
I personally there's all kinds of different athletes out there in the world. I really like an endurance re, so what I want to talk about today is different challenges that I've done over time. That, are not just hard on your body physically, but also very hard on you mentally. That's my jam. I love it. I think every freaking per on the planet should do an endurance challenge. I think every one men for sure should do an endurance challenge because literally we just telling someone this the other day, there's something incredibly powerful that happens when it's you versus you too often we raise up little girls to feel dependent on other people. Like you need someone to take care of you. You need. I was talking to twenty eight year old. Recently, who's never gone anywhere by her. I've never done a road trip, never done a vacation, never gone anywhere by herself, because
family of origin, has made her terrified that if she goes whereby herself she will immediately be murdered Meanwhile, her little brother was allowed to go on his first road trip when he was sixteen kg The boy like it's so stupid, you guys so I'm not gonna get into the patriarchy amiss conversation. I just want to encourage you every freaking person listening to this can do an endurance challenge and right now, I'm realising that I sound like this is all leading up to me being like do my under and challenge. I don't have any For you to sign up, for, I don't have any, to recommend another This is a bad I just feel very passionately and frankly, You hung out with me arise conference before you, ve heard me give this spiel, because I believe in it so much and also have you've hung out with me at rise conference before, and you still haven't done, an endurance challenge this. Is the universe ringing
doorbell thing down. Let's go, let's go its lead sign up. Ok, come down rage come down I am currently prepping for next endurance challenge which will start this summer. Not gonna. Tell you what it is. I will tell you after it is already in the works, but it is something I have wanted to do for years and years hammer. Excited about it and I'm a little bit nervous, but not that nervous. It's gonna be great, but that sort of, what's in my head. because I'm doing a totally different kind of challenges and I've ever done before so If you ve never done anything like this before I do not want you to worry, I want you to remember, of your girl, think of struggling with her health. never went to the jam, never worked out, never did anything and then all of a sudden found myself signed up for my first half marathon and went like this. I was
probably seven months pregnant with my third son and my husband at the time had a friend at work, a marathon runner and the friend of work, challenged him to do a half marathon and so my husband at the time sign up for this half marathon and. I had never had a desire to do something like that. I was so jealous honestly. That was why I became an enduring it's athlete was jealousy because you know if you ve never been seven months pregnant, you guys I was out to hear in front out. therein back like I, waddling ever I was it
in case your curious if someone whose very unhealthy and life suddenly decides to be healthy in pregnancy, the answer's. No, no, I didn't. I talk about all the time I didn't, I mean, didn't, have a green, didn't I it was. It was embarrassed like I'm, actually embarrassed of how I and amusing airports took care of my body when I was pregnant. You know you don't know what you don't know and I didn't know so. I just aid a lot of girls junior in any of that, seven months pregnant. I did walk during my pregnancies. I'd even walk you guys, so I couldn't even walk can't do anything and he was training for this half marathon. I got super jealous and I thought and I had this baby. I am going to sign up for my half marathon to it,
be this great way for me to get in shape again to lose this baby way, which I like so was rocking baby, wait for my first baby now this was my third. so I was like ominous sign up for this thing. This is gonna help me in a lot of different ways, and I was promote evaded heeded. Half marathon its awesome. It was a disney half which, I'm going to reference disney re says a lot in this conversation because I think They are some of the best org eyes, events that exist in the world, no official Should I just love them and think if you want to start a really good place to start max even at the time is doing this half marathon, I'm feeling super jealous about it. I know I've got three more months before I'm going to pop this kit out, then I've got let's be real. Probably six months before I'm capable of Taking on any kind of challenge again so I'm like!
I'm gonna sign up for the race for next year. At this time So I'm like okay, I've got a plan I'll have a year to train for a half marathon which felt doable. I dunno if it would have been doable if it was my first baby, but it was my third, so I'm like I've got this. I can do this. I sign up for the half, earth on, while I'm feeling the jealousy now this spring me too. My very first, I think fantastic. piece of advice for any who are interested and trying something like this for the first time, and that is sign up when you are in state hague.
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Pocket dotcom, slash rage, thrive, market, dotcom, slash, Reach stay is like energized by something were often in state when we celebrate a big birthday, we're in state when it's johnny first when we decide that this is gonna, be our year. We're in women go through a big break up and cut all of our hair off and slam and bodies so that we can go out and flirt with people and make sure that our activities, those pictures and get super jealous like we're inside Sometimes, when you get your hair blown out and you're at the mall and you walk, feeling good and you're looking good and then you like, walk into a particular like. Why can never fine clothes and on say it just so happens to find fifteen things, and I look amazing and all of them, and then you take them home and wonder how on earth do you ever thought you were gonna, pull off a pleaded front. Trout
sir in a marigold color. It's because you were in state when you bought it and you are feeling really guide. You felt like you look and hot? You were doing all the fangs. Yes, yes, yes, you by the outfit you get home, no longer looks q, it's because you're not date. You were when you bought the thing and tried it on. So I suggest you sign. not for things when you are in state. You sign up for the business conference you want to go to when you're in state. You sign I have to go back to school when you're in state, if you bring a low vibration and a low energy to the thing you're trying to do your killed the vibe before you even start sign up when you're in state- and I would like to Add something here. I understand that every single person is coming to this conversation with, different budget you've got for money that you can spend you ve got different
ways and means that you move through this world. That being said,. if you really want to challenge yourself. Some times you need to invest financially in order for you to take it seriously. The first race I signed up for, I told you was a disney run. Dizzy runs, are not cheap and you will discover, if you get into this world, that there are not cheap, because they're really really really fantastically organised. Once you do a race, that's not organise while you're like. Oh that's why that was twenty two dollars I dont know what it is. You re costs these days, but I think it was like a hundred fifty bucks, two hundred bucks, signed up back in the day, which was not insignificant. Soil I want to say, if you sign up for the local turkey trot, which was free or was like Ten dollars to the co, honest club,
and then you didn't show up on the morning of yeah. It's because you didn't really need. Two. So you want to do something that really challenges you, to invest to invest your time to invest your energy. I really love to sign up, for races or challenges that are in other cities. If you have that budget and remember, I was planning something a year in advance, so I I too believe that with time, and maybe you have to give up something else, but you put money away just like you would put away for a vacation and you save up for the thing that you're trying to do, and it may take you a while, but that's even were powerful because you are investing in yourself. Unendurable challenges you investing in you because it doesn't matter how much support you have. It doesn't matter how big
poster your wife is gonna, make to cheer you on. As you run by endurance challenge. Is you first as you and that's why they're powerful sign up for the thing when you're in state The challenge that I'm doing the summer I'm really excited about is in europe and not meant flights man hotel that man, you know, really being strategic and how I was doing it. So I have this very Small window, where my kids are all at camp this summer, sun, like a right. That is the time that I can go. Do this thing sign up when your instinct. the second peace there that, I think is really powerful. Is you need to be competitive? Now? Let me be clear. I do not mean that you need to be competitive with the other people the race cause. Let me just explain something about your girl. Reach all run forever. I will run forever if you can't tell based on my my career,
my endurance, both emotionally and physically, is flawless I will go forever, but the going is proximately the speed that you can walk. I run all kinds erases, I run half marathons. I run full marathons, but I dont do it quickly. You know why we'll number one. Why is because I don't want to first of all, People are like I'm working on my p b to my personal best. Unlike ok, my personal best was, I finished without cramping myself, that's my personal best, I am not concerned about time ever and there are a lot of really cool real. cool runners, really cool, hikers, really cool ultra marathon runners. There are people out there who can talk you through. Exactly how to get to that level to be
a high level athlete sister friend. I'm not trying to do that with you. If you are already like a runner- and you think this is gonna- be the conversation about how to run faster, no go for David goggins I am here to talk to the people who have never done anything before and don't think Can they like? That's not me, no, here's! What you're going to discover when you go to re stay and your cry about, it forever gives its most beautiful thing. I don't care where I am raising, I have run. Races in ireland, anaheim in texas like all over the place. I've done races and what you always find is everybody everybody on race day there are people who are in their eightys. There are people who are in wheelchairs there people who are running who dont have lex there are people running who are a hundred fifty pounds, overweight and their life
barely going, but they're fucking going there? every single kind of person. There are people who walk mary. there are so many people who walk marathons. It's a thing there, people who run walk there? Is everything you're not competing against them, they're, your community, but I do think that you need it p against something need some one day we're trying to prove wrong. Now. I've so he said this before on the pod and I actually never gotten feedback from any view whether or not it was helpful and I'm sure those of you who are psychologists or are like rachel, that is horrible advice to be giving people maybe, but it works. For me I get some one in my mind that I'm gonna quote prove wrong light, the gym teacher in middle school, who said that I
wasn't athletic, or in that instance, I was really competitive against my husband at the time because here, It's done this amazing thing and I was like what I want to do that. I want to show my boys that, like mommy can be a runner too. So I was really in my head: it was made up story. It was fiction, wasn't real, but it helped me to keep going when I thought I was gonna puke. Thought I was going to faint or didn't know how I could run him another mile I be like awry. You can quit then remember Kelly and eighth grade member here make fun of your shorts at one time mp, and then everybody laughed you and Kelly was a beautiful and she was at another. Cheerleading got any felt terrible because Kelly made frontier short kelly could run the smile. A set up Gaza is whether freaking works. So
My advice is signed, you're in state and and pete with someone in your own. Had you never have to tell anybody who you're competing against but alps as side. No, there is a practice on race day Totally going to get into the community cause, everybody does you start doing it and then all of a sudden, you fall in love with the process and you start looking, you follow people on instagram who are runners or who are training, and you get inspiring ideas, but one. the things I love is that on re stay, I've done this for runs, and I've done this for mountain climbs. Is that you dedicate each man I'll of the race to a different person in your life. times you get an analog index card. You write like one: do: twenty six, which is a marathon twenty six miles, twenty six point and then number one I'll be jackson. My oldest member to soar number three, four number five, you know like you go through like that,
a new pen that little card to you or I've done it on em, wristbands, I've, warm thirteen responds and then, in a torn one every time a new mile and that mile is for that person and really beautiful is a really emotional way to get through a race, but I also highly suggest that you dedicate some miles to people. You got beef with Because I got people in my family that we got some issues and when I was trying philip twenty six miles, and I was like I dont accounting of twenty six people. I want dedicate a race to like well can pull hurricane could pull back? I am and I swear to you because you don't know when your laying them out like where that persons can shop in your mileage, I swear to you. It is always when you are about to pass out and then all of a sudden you see in your like cousin, Becky
cousin, Becky, showing up and mild twelve, and It's so angry and you like work through all your stuff with cousin Becky. It's it's phenomenal. You need someone to compete with guys this. What I'm saying all right?
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the same tip its own number, but I do want to add this little moment and here because I I really think this is important with all my love lots of people. get really excited about signing up for something and they sign up. They post on social, the sign up and they posts on social. You know finish my first mile just finish: ina whatever and. They get so much attention and praise from their community for signing, or for running the first couple of training Actions that they don't finish because they essentially got all of the praise and all of the accolades from their community. when they have actually done anything yet.
And I really feel like this- set you up to fail. So for me personally. I was wrong I cautious, I don't I don't post. My runs now goes like who cares, but when I Training for my big gray says you better believe, that. I wanted to show that often social cause. It was so hard and As do she has, it sounds at the time, knowing that I was gonna pose like oh, my god. I just ran ten miles without dying like that. Helped me finish. Sometimes so absolutely did that but I was really conscious of not doing it all the time so, like I made myself have big thresholds I had to get to before I was using your goods like Loud to post, because people will? Naturally we celebrate you. When you're, just starting out.
And if you know that you can get that by posting a picture of your shoes like you better now posed a pin, sure of the start of your run. You train, for something in your life- gonna run six miles today and you post a picture of your shoes. No You are only allowed to post when you finish, and you really should only be posting things when you finish something that was challenging for you because other wise. What's the motivation I say this as someone who signed up for and then dropped out of many many many things before I ever actually finished one, It's not enough that you sign up still listening to this conversation almost half an hour- and I assume because you want to finish a race you want that metal around you. You want that free banana that you
at the end. You want to post pictures on your social. You want your kids to cheer for you on race. you wanna be the person that proves whoever wrong want that for yourself and if you want that for yourself, you have to actually finish you need to hack mentally whatever you can do to get yourself there and for me it was like. Ok, we are now the post unless you ve actually done something that was super hard for you to do so you better not fewer. Community. We do not was the beginning of the rice we posts at the end we post the end we post when we get to the end of it, and we have set for ourselves now for my first half marathon, two things in that process that really helped me to finally finish. number one is: I got a plan
back in the day, it was harder to find this actually asked a friend who, marathon I was. I can you tell me what I be running each week, and that friend gave me I think he did three different runs. A week's had plenty of time to train and it was like a long run, a tempo run and, like a run, that was, fishing for mileage or something and I'll. Tell you right now. I never did the tempo run. I did but I never a temper, run his way in your actually working on your speed. But he told you not not something. I'm concerned so I never really trained to run fast. I just runt siren three times a week, using his mileage as my indicator of wearing needed to be, and that was caught. It. now wholly crap their summit
formation on the internet for free youtube videos, you can watch pike, you can listen to books, you can read like there are Kalkhi this is where you can say like when you re says how long it is an ill. Tell you exactly how to train for so there's some information, there's no reason you should be flying blind with this process. The other thing that, think really help me- and I would never have thought of this- was I sign up for half marathon, but the guy who did who, like laid out the mileage, I should do suggested that I sign up for a five k like halfway through my training. They never done a race ever and a five k is, you know roughly, like a little over three miles but, like things feel different on re state, and there are things you want to know how to do, and you want to test a foul nurse. These shoes gonna work and how about this issue, and do I like these electric and owe us Starter race was a great way to do that,
I literally just signed up for like a random. Whatever Was in my local community and I'll tell even then I am so grateful. I did that raised because. You, don't realize how excited like how much adrenaline you're gonna have when you start arrays, if you never done before so I took off way too fast I wasn't pacing myself at all. I was basically like sprinting out of the gate and I know their appeal Who can spread for three miles? Sis is not one of them, so I thought I was gonna be. Priority early on and thought I wasn't gonna be able to finish three miles Pretty early on so that please help me figure out a lot of things that I need to know and also helped me push through. It helped me to experience the euphoria of. passing a finish line, and I am glad that I had those things in my back pocket before I. my actual half marathon,
I also wanted to tell you guys that a big part for me that that guy, who told me Here's how much going around every week. gave me some really good advice. He was. very long time runner and, I think, This is where run clubs are really fantastic. There are lots of communities that have run clubs, but you wanna be getting your advice from people who have done a lot of re says a law, have a lot of information, as opposed to like your favorite fitness. Fine, sir, who did her first marathon, she probably has really good and foe and will entertain you and probably inspire you quite a lot. But I like the old, like grizzled runners feel like they have the best advice and there are a few things told me that I still swear by to this day. First of all, your gear matters. but not all of it.
There's so much stuff for any. You're trying to do if you wanna do maybe do up by, grace may render spartan race, maybe you're gonna climb a mountain, maybe you're gonna do endureth with whatever theirs all kinds of stuff that the internet would love to sell. you you ve, got a patagonia right now and geek out over all other things you can buy that our goal To quote help you to finish this race, the only It's gonna help you to finish this race. Is you freakin training for dont, get it twisted so what I would love to suggest to you is you do your research about what it is you want to try for me. It was running and the moon important investment you can make us a runner, is in your shoes period. Aid period full stop it's the thing that matters most Running shoes, could you run in?
thing, sure their people who run barefoot saw groves, but they do it. that being said A pair of running shoes is not cheap, so I love to suggest to you that you invest in shoes or in the main piece of equipment, you're gonna need to do the thing you want to do. Let the rest of it fall away or and better when I was getting into yoga, not an endurance thing obviously, but when I was getting into yoga couple of years ago, a challenge myself. I was allowed to buy cute yoga clothes until I had gone to ten classes. Because I have a bad habit of like getting excited and then I'll. Let go buy stuff, and I I it may be somewhere, but for me, I'm like on that I didn't know that you're, not a yogi, you haven't you ve done two classes endangers, went and bought a bunch of aloe stuff like that. Doesn't make any sense. So I like to use stew,
along the way like ok, the first time you do five miles, you're gonna get a great new pair of running short to be. fair. The saying I really invested in was my shoes and I use and have always used adidas boost. I've said this many times not an hour. Fricking wish it was. I wish indeed, as running, was like each year on girl we love you. Let's give you some free adidas boost I've used those shoes for ever and they're my favorite I know everyone really entered. The new shoes everyone's really into our these, like the giant. They look. pillow. I don't care, I don't love those, but for me adidas boost- and you're gonna read this when you start doing research, I always by half a size bigger than my shoe size. That is how- keep your tone else. Ok You dont. By have his eyes bigger you toenails
the fall off. It's gonna. Look disgusting. You dont, want that's! You go up a half a size. Your tunnels are going to be just fine. I am less than the shoes, but I started my training in just like the close already had and what I found along the way was that those worked really well and my we'll call him my coach in this instance, though he wasn't, you just put the planet. For me. He said whatever you do. Don't change your training gear. This is a rookie mistake that a lot of people make is on the actual race day they will, where a new outfit or they get something at the race ex bow and they will wear it or god forbid the where the re stay shirt to the rays. That's like the number one sign that your rookie, by the way you never want aware something to the act well event that you haven't trained in for hours and hours and hours, because
you're gonna find like the seem on the left. Side is gonna, rub funny and then all I'll send. You have a blister, and it's hard enough to finish, freaking race without you accidently screwing yourself over so You don't need a lot and gear. You need a lot of time. Training! Don't trick yourself, don't sign up for race and then go to your local running, store. which another side, no is the only place you should be buying shoes go store in your town or look online, there are stores that specialise in the exam, thing you're trying to do trying to achieve F on. I promise you there's some where you can go or somewhere online, that specializes in that and the people were There are super geeks there. Triathlon runners, their spartan people, their whatever and they. Can I help you get the exact gear that you need there always like the best people there so much fun like that is who you helping you, but dont trick. self into going and buying.
six hundred dollars worth of gear, and you haven't run a mile row. It's like people who want to be authors and they spend all time like having coffee with other authors or researching or reading other people like you want to be an author right words. You want to run a half marathon. You need to run ten miles or walk thirteen That's it! That's the that's all you need. You don't need a great pair of pink running pants. You dont need special costume so that you go on theme with the right. You don't need that. You need to train, don't get a twisted. So the last thing that in a share with you and then we're gonna cut to a really great live conference. We had where I taught a woman through this. process were alike, helped her to talk about visualization and what she needed to do before we get there Are you gonna love that for we get there my lad,
little peace that I want to give you you can take them. or leave this, but what actually help you finish to have a goonies never say die attitude about You will finish if you have to crawl across the finnish sign you will you have to have that mentality when you start when you go in and you're afraid. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you're flooding system with the wrong kind of stress. Its sue out, it makes you feel worse a you need to go in there with, like I'll finish. I might walk, I might cross but I'm in a finish this mother freaking race, like that, is what you have to go into it with, because that's what's gonna go. You going when it fails impossible. I've been in more than one race and it always surprises you. I think there cases that you'll do cause, you will do more than one does
The thing I want you to know this is a gateway. Drug is a gateway drug. I don't know anybody who does one half marathon and that's it Everyone does one and then there like, oh, that was actually kind of amazing and I was in great shape and I exercise bodies- and it made me feel really good and then they sign up for another. Actually, you a girl friend we did a half marathon every six months and we would pick it indifferent cities and though we would remind our husbands that they were their kids too. And we leave the kids with our husbands and we would go to santa Barbara. We would go to some fine and we'd have a girl's weekends. We will If you go out there before, we need a bunch of carbs to get ready for the race. We'd run the race, it was so fun. Then we go of wine. It was like we'd go, get massages y'all, it was the best highly recommend. there will be re says where you, think it's gonna be hard on and you get there and you fill amazing and it's so much easier than you think it would be
and then you're going to have races where you're like this is going to be the easiest thing in the world and you think you're gonna die and only way that you get through those really tough times. Is that you History of not giving up on yourself when it gets heart. If you can't tell The reason I love and endurance challenge is that it is an allegory for our lives. It is one hundred percent. What our lives are like. This is what real life is like. when I thought I was going, Literally, going to die in my first marriage I was in the last two three miles and I had been struggling for like five or six miles and I was running, but I use that term very loosely. I was like barely crawling forward, but I I my huh.
thing was that I would not walk. I knew that if I walked my legs are going to seize up and I was going to be able to finish. I just kept in this like weird, disjointed jog forward, and the only thing I mean, and I was calm on- every angel god ancestor. I was trying everything or had and the only thing that helped mean across the finish line. Was the memory of giving birth to my son was fifty two hours of labor feeling every single piece of that feeling. The pain, the hardship now knowing how I would push him out, but I had to push mount because his heart rate was dropping like that memory I was like girl, if you can do that, you can do this It is why I think every single mom who feels stuck feels unsure uncertain, doesn't know who she is feels like she's lost herself she's like ages,
need something. I just need something: let this fear something sign up for a race. Sign up for a race is so powerful. It will be so powerful for you I told this story when a rice conference years ago and it is one of my favorite memories and its really good example, of how to visualize how to get yourself across the finish line. It's also really good example of what happens at were live events and I too one woman about health problems another about work. Another about a break up that she had gone to. You never know. What's gonna come out of the audience, but on this, particular day. Woman had a dream of doing her first endurance challenge, and this was the conversation we, add. It was amazing, but here is that conversation
My compliments. Something orange axiom. Yeah you, the person, no, no right here, the one yeah you high in my guy. I want to talk to you yeah. What's your name brianna Brianna yeah? Would you write yeah? I went out hiking appalachian trail. We were what the state again.
I want to hike the appalachian trail. I want to fight the mondale right here. Yeah, okay, hold this okay yeah. I know somebody who's, calling you even if you didn't want to okay. So first of all you said I want to see what you did was you gave your brain just another to do list right, so it is. I hiked the appalachian trail. So when you write something as if it has already happened, it freaks your brain out. Your your brain is like no. I haven't no, I haven't, but it starts to try and help you figure out the face. So tell me why you're freaked out to talk about this right now, because you're so freaked out yeah, so talk to me. I don't have the body back
take me from georgia to me. It looks like you're on standing right now on two legs. Yeah. The lie is alive. It you're telling yourself. Okay, so keep going. I just had a baby. Okay, good great awesome. I won't have time. Okay, you wait a moment because you little yeah, I want to move real quick. I just want to. I want to stop you right here. So just just for clarity sake. Do you grow that baby inside of you? So you you Right, the human body yeah and then got them out yeah some way right, yeah surgically he just came around on out. Okay, you did that. How old is he he's five months? Okay, so you did that thing. You did that thing yeah But you can't walk
I can walk. Ok because here's the thing we make this big crazy insane and by the way, it's a bad ass during bad ass. But what does it really one foot in front of the other now? Would you have to do training to get to a place where you could do that? Absolutely what else would have to happen? What would have to be true in order for you to say I walked the appalachian trail. I would have to take time away from my family and my husband and it costs money. Okay, hold the micro here say it again: they have to be away from your family, it costs money. A lot of planning feels selfish. I have done this at a college, not once I had a family bad timing. So what happens to your family if you're, not with them
don't eat or have a meal plan for them. Where is your salary now with my husband? Okay, so your sandwiches name bell bill bell? Oh, I thought his name was bill. I was like you need to do the cuter he's, not an insurance salesman, as the bow is at home, with your husband is both still alive right now. Yes, right, do you think your husband took care of him in the way you would have taken care of bo? If you were with him, not exotic that how many of you have someone at home right now: who's caring for children that you're like well cheetos for dinner, again interesting and here's the deal I'm going to blow your minds right now. If you are parenting with another person, I'm going to blow your minds right now.
your way isn't the best way. You don't get to decide that, just because you're, the mama, that your way is the best way you dishonor your partner when you have decided that you are the only one who can do it right and you dishonor yourself, you dishonor yourself, because you are creating the narrative that you can't leave them or something will happen. Is this the first time he's been at home with the baby by himself? Are you in a way since the baby was born, but is this the first time your husband has taken care of the baby since he was born and you're away so number one all of you who have a partner, a mama, a sister or whatever who's, helping you care for children. While you are here, please honor what they have done for you to allow you to be in this room. It was probably super hard. It was probably super hard for him. He either didn't tell you all the things that were going wrong or he did that. Where do we keep? Where do we keep the formula we're divers located? You're, like are you here to everyday, but he did it, so you are telling yourself ally that they wouldn't be okay. If you weren't there
Which comes from a couple of places. I hear either. You are holding onto an excuse but you can't do something because of the baby. Right before you are holding on to an excuse that he meaning your husband, wouldn't like this for you, which one is it. a little bit of bo a little bit of both okay. That's the excuse that I can't do it now that I'm not able like
when I was at a time in my life that I could do this, that wasn't a desire, but now that I don't feel like I can. My heart wants it, of course, because you weren't the woman that you are today back. Then you didn't want to achieve something that took this much mental stamina and physical stamina and proving to yourself that you have more inside of you. This wasn't a desire back in the day you weren't the woman that you are back. Then she couldn't have achieved this dream because it wasn't her dream. Is your dream. This is for everybody here who have especially those of you who are hormones.
We will hold onto the excuse that we can't do it because of them and then on some level when they're older, we begin to resent them even subconsciously because we it's like, but I gave up my dreams for you and both to grow up, because that's the whole point of having a kid is raising them to be an adult but was going to grow up. I know you don't want to think about that he's five months old. I know it freaks me out too, but he's in grow up some day and he's going to have his own life and you still have to be a whole person. So imagine this for a minute visualize this moment. both in iraq, no matter what and if you took some time out of your life, to go, do this crazy, audacious stream.
jimbo gets to be like that. My mom, my mom, the oh, my gosh, do when you were two years old. This was like crazy. Let me just tell you something: when you were two years old, I freaking trained to walk the appellation train
and then I didn't hear these pictures, but when you and daddy met me at the end, you see that in your mind, like you and daddy, came- and you met me at the end and we all celebrate and I like steak, and it was gross bro, so freaking, proud of myself. That'd be amazing, I did that. I did that, and you know what bo you know. What, because I proved to myself that I did that thing. When I decided that I was going to run a marathon, I was also totally what city do you live in atlanta atlanta? I decided to run a marathon boat. That was my dream and even though it was hard and it took so much time buddy, I put you in the jogging stroller and we did those miles together. We did that together and then, when you were three boat, when you were three mommy ran the marathon and remember, there's the picture of you and daddy. Will you came and cheered me on and I ran the marathon bow, that's what I did and you were still there with him and you still showed up and yes, it is time away, but it's a small percentage of time away and the vast amount of time that you were there.
You can do these things, there's a way guys, there's always a way. Stop telling yourself that there's not a way. You can figure it out right here with my mom, you hear with mom, okay, the mom ever find a way mom ever figure it out. The momma set an example for you ever have someone. Do you have a memory right now in your childhood, where you watch her figure out something hard. You have pride for that, of course give that to him. It is the greatest gift that you can give to bo. Who is the example of what a strong mama is find a way to hang the our guys. I hope you loved that as much as I did so rad to remember those moments we had I
we'll be back soon, with more information with more ideas, Always if you have questions for me or honestly weakened, old school like in church like if you ever prayer, requests or press report fever, quest for me, or if you just wanna like tell us something awesome. I think cool would be to start incorporating like something Amazing, that's going on your life. Tells you manifested something. Does you heard about manifesting you're on the show, tell us about how your business is doing. Tell us Is there anything that our work here on the show in the books in any of our conversations, has helped you in a certain way, and you want to share it? I would love to put that in the world. So that's all for today. Until next time, I'm rage- and I love you.
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