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586: ASK RACH: Staying Centered in Transitional Seasons

2024-04-03 | 🔗

In this episode of the Rachel Hollis podcast, Rachel shares insights into managing mindset when dealing with change, especially as it impacts family dynamics and children. She emphasizes the influence of parents' emotions on their children and discusses the importance of setting a personal example. Rachel shares her experience of running the LA marathon, using it as a metaphor for personal growth and challenging the presumption that life peaks in the early twenties. She argues for the possibility of improvement with age, through continuous self-care and embracing new experiences. Additionally, Rachel addresses a listener's question about managing life transitions, moving from van life back to a more conventional lifestyle, and the challenge of staying focused amidst change. She also delves into the topic of 'mom guilt' when balancing career ambitions with parenting, stressing the need for consistency, self-compassion, and changing one's perspective on work-life balance. Lastly, Rachel offers advice on recognizing and addressing codependency in relationships, recommending resources for further exploration. Through personal anecdotes and listener questions, Rachel explores themes of growth, self-understanding, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life.


00:00 Navigating Parenting and Personal Growth

00:54 Welcome to the Rachel Hollis Podcast

01:37 Marathon Musings: Lessons on Aging and Endurance

07:09 Embracing Change and Setting Goals

20:14 Navigating Mom Guilt and Work-Life Balance

34:19 Understanding and Overcoming Codependency

43:20 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

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