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598: ASK RACH | "How Do I Change My Mindset with Money?" "How Do You Stay Motivated During A Hard Season?"

2024-05-01 | 🔗

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In this episode Rach provides insights into her personal journey with financial scarcity, highlighting the influence of childhood narratives on adult attitudes towards money, and suggests ways to overcome these through self-awareness, guided meditations, and gratitude practices. A caller seeks advice on maintaining creativity and motivation while managing a coaching business during challenging emotional times. Rach reflects on her own challenges, including dealing with personal loss and professional pressures, and offers strategies for self-care, prioritizing tasks, and managing expectations.


00:00 Welcome to Ask Rach: Unfiltered Advice

01:07 The Healing Power of Heating Pads: A Personal Anecdote

03:47 Voicemail from Mina: Overcoming Financial Scarcity Mindset

04:56 Rach's Journey: From Financial Scarcity to Abundance

15:55 Embracing Abundance: Practical Tips and Meditations

17:37 The $10 Challenge: A Lesson in Manifestation

23:58 Navigating Creative Blocks During Tough Times

42:33 The Importance of Self-Care and Grace in Personal Growth

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