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602: 15 Things That Make My Life Easier

2024-05-13 | 🔗

This Episode Originally Aired | April 5, 2022

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This week on the Rachel Hollis podcasts I'm bringing you some life hacks! Specifically I'm talking about little things, mostly at my house, that make my life just that little bit easier. I'm such a huge cheerleader for working smarter, not harder in ALL areas of life and these are real things that I do everyday over 15 years of being a mom that has genuinely helped me. Don't worry, you don't have to be a mum for these things to relate to you - hopefully you'll find this helpful no matter what - because so much of this is about taking care of FUTURE you. Setting my future self up for success is the most important way I can ensure I'm ready to show up as the best version of myself! So yeah, these are 15 little things that make my life, and hopefully yours, a little easier.

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