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61: Lewis Howes - Leveraging Sports & Finding Inner Peace


On this episode I'm chatting with my friend Lewis Howes. He's one of the top podcasters, and New York Time's Best Selling author, and an incredible leader in the online business space. We are talking about how he leveraged a career ending injury and uses the lessons he learned in sports to grow personally and professionally every day. Follow Lewis Howes on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lewishowes/ Listen to his podcast "The School of Greatness" - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-school-of-greatness-with-lewis-howes/id596047499?mt=2&i=1000419433089

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Hey guys, it's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend Trent Shelton was originally you don't I live in the dream? Man? We? U tell listeners, why we're hanging out together and now we're home now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super examined at the seller. Add, if you guys are not already familiar Trent, he has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah rearing. Rights are the point, is really and put a stray from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of which only you backing list. Are we having people's lives down for love that if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed out, and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal. I start dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm gonna put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there.
Something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like guys: it's not a journal. It's just a notebook writing down the same thing every single day. But what I think is interesting as business owners or creators is often times? In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was and people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if turn this into a product, and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures wall of my office of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention
behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then as you complete at each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we ve heard now, and I mean you know Times we messed up on the shipping, and sometimes we rest up on. Interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of peace. Oh so incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams. So If you are not familiar, and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash shop and find
All about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not anymore to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free you not to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will litter literally change? Your life welcome to the rise, podcast, I'm Rachel Hollis and I built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma, and a Google search bar each week will be sharing tangible direct advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention. These are the tools to change your life on
As episode of the podcast, I'm super excited because I'm interviewing one of my favorite part casters view do not already know Louis how's. I promise you are going to love him. He is one of the oh geez in podcasting space near at times. Bestselling author has a new show on Facebook. He is killing it on every level and I am so grateful to call him a friend. You are going to love this interview. Listening. Hello. I thank you so much for hanging out with us today. I am so freaking excited to have you on the show and to have listeners get to experience your wisdom and your knowledge and all the things ass things for me in your member pressure virtual worlds.
Today we are made for more lies in how you know it. I would love to see me off chance summoned listening to this lives on Iraq, don't know who you are. Will you tell them all the things who you are how you got here, give us give us this deal like to say I'm a human being with a big heart. That cares deeply about making an impact and and achieving my dreams, but if you want to know the the ash the things that I was done in the inner my upbringing up always in the sports, and that's I've been my main focus, my entire life. Until I got, I played professed Football Rina football for a year and a half and got injured pretty early on and had a surgery with my wrist and my hip,
in a kind of just help me out for about a year and a half of a sleeping on my sister's couch. I had a full arm cast on for about six months and even if you ve ever had a cast on before on any party or body, but it has not found it. Had served surgery, socks. You are having a castle, I suggest in the most, the thing that sucks the most is losing your identity, because for me I was so focused on one thing: you know called the one thing and then, when you lose the one thing it's like what you do next does there was, a second thing or back a plan for me Sports was life. It was everything and when I got injured. I really wanted to a darker place of just not knowing what I was going to do the rest of my life, not knowing what my purpose was not knowing why I should be here. Relate to that, but my dad had actually been Dad had actually been three a pretty bad car accident about a year prior to this, too,
he was in a coma for three months, and I should only talk about this man. He was in a coma for three months on life. Support a country and New Zealand. During my senior of of playing cards for ports and he You woke up eventually after three months. Alive today, but has never been the same. He's never fully recovered its. You can have a conversation with him, but for about a year. He wasn't able to talk so we to teach them how to talk. He wasn't gonna walk. We have to teach me to walk. He's from how to read and write and do all these things. And so I was in it, a challenging place because I didn't have my you know one of my hero, my dad, my mentor, my friend for me things? Emotional, support, spiritual support, finance, support, and it's where I was living on my sister's couch cut. Just question at all. Why is my wife might? Why did this happen? To my dad How can I can have a relationship with him like I used to why now
Why did I lose my dream? What support so my life and I Finish college, yet I left early so dear a college degree the two thousand eight during the height of kind of like the economic depression. I guess of two thousand eight keyboard hiring those I did have masters and not even have a bachelors. So that's, kind of got me down. The path of. Figuring out? Ok, I have nothing to show for my life right now. I'm in student loan dead, I'm living our three credit cards on my sister's couch as a twenty. For your old man, this is pretty. Love for me and that's gonna work started. And what I mean, I love. I love this story. I heard you tell it a few times and I love any time. Listeners or readers or people who are trying to find their own way out of a space, can hear someone else's leverage because I think a lot of times we gotta get to the bottom.
And that's the only thing that's gonna pushes back up towards the top, so here in that space? What What was the first step like someone's listening this right now and there like men? I feel like I'm, you and you have and three was it? Did you re about? Did you talk to friends? What what did you do. You know it's not funny that, We have to have some type of major thing happen in our life for us to wake up like there needs to be a mere death Situation in your life or death in the family, or a break up or divorce or losing a job for us to finally say: oh, something is not working it's time for me to start. You learn, something new and figure out who I am. I wish You get out of this when things are going well, but Typically, things aren't going well, the first step
took was laid their fur about three and a half months and just took pity on myself and that's. The first is to feel the pain is to crush Everything is too ask yourself the most important questions I think. For me. That's what worked was to sit there and do nothing except for power doubt myself, I think I need to feel that and realize. Ok after three and a half months of this, I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and I don't I feel this any more as opposed to saying evidence can be ok, let's some of them the next thing and try something else like there's a time and a place for that, but also thing. The time and a place for just feeling like a piece and maybe that's not the most politically correcting the Sarah now but
and I don't suggest three and a half months of it. I think I think I went a little too long, because I was about Anna taking too much money on myself, but you know what take out. A week or two and am really. Figure things out and asked this question, and it's ok, if you dont, have it all figured out wash your face knife, but you ve got, but you ve got to, I think, take a moment to and what are you and not just brushed the somewhat? Do you think those questions? Where do you know for sure what their formulas, Why am I love you? Should I stay alive now the purpose of my life, who do I gonna be now do I? Even? How am I haven't talented enough to do anything else, because I thought that was my only skill was play sports? Will anyone actually love me can't place Blair Workpeople except me.
How am I gonna make money when I've never had a job, and I don't have a degree. You know Rethink whether the I question, everything What is God what is, and what is this place is a dream is real and That was the early pursuit of then interviewing people. This happened- and I was interviewing people, I was interviewing people for the first for years before even haven't had, I said. Reaching out to mentors because my dad wasn't there to kind of gimme that emotional support, so I started reaching out to other mail. Role models that I had in my life school from sports coaches from other people. I met Sports and just started calling them in saying I'm lost, you know. How did you do? What I see that you overcame this challenge, can you tell me how did that
and literally were more role models at an early time when models at an early. Time when I needed the most help. If my life, I think that at least put it in a better direction, so I started reaching out to mentor early on and I had three kind of key men towards that. I will communicate with on a weekly basis who and I said to myself: okay, I dont know how to live life outside of sports, swung going to create a sport. Experience in environments myself in life make life my sport, and what do I need every sports team, I've been on, haven't you know a great coach and at the started the season we called the priests. Isn't he SK gather everyone together in the locker room with the chalkboard. And say what do we want to do as a team? This season we ve got three months. What do you guys want to accomplish before the season is up? We would set very
specific goals and again this is basic stuff right. But for me I was like I need to have a basic goal: goal number one. I need to get off my sister's cash and be. A grown man who can take care of myself. Pay for my own rent. That was my goal for my season of that life right and reach out these men towards one was a famous inventor who invented multiple products he had, but eighty for products that he had taken the market another was a really talented public speaker and another one was the former ceo of my university, but also a former Olympics I'll fire and just all around smart businessmen in every way go, get on the phone and say here's my goal. Can you give me a challenge and every week they would Give me a challenge, my public speaking coach, I was going to
hush masters every single week for a year, because I couldn't speak in front of five people. Without tremble Looking at the crowd, I thought you said you need to do whatever it takes every single day and every single week until a fear, dissipate disappears. So. I went for a year every single week filmed my speeches when twenty four, with a cast on my arm and cut off sleeveless shirt when everyone else suits. I look like the kid from rookie of the year with his arm and we are giving a speech behind a podium, doubt reading my notes. Word for word, because I was too I couldn't remember anything I felt insignificant and I felt my stories that matter and I put my thoughts self through misery every single week? Until I was I went from looking down reading word for word page by page to having no cards behind the podium to having no cards in front of the podium to not have
no cards at all to being out, fully Beata connect with people either I in it. I couldn't- Do it. Unless I gave myself a goal, are we We challenge and daily steps, little by little. I would get feedback from my mentors, they would say great job, here's, what I want you to do next, here's what I want you tried next in all I did was structure my life like a sport and again in athletics. Football we would have the playoffs Championship game is what we had always want to get too. We want to win the playoffs You need to do to reverse engineer that we have three month stairs twelve weeks, so everything a week. Here's our many goal. Here's we're going to do and we break down to every single day. Here's our practice goal. Every single ten minutes. Here's are preserved. Don't go, we would have everything scheduled out before even went into the locker to change my clothes for football team
would be a schedule, print it on everyone's locker. Three thirty get dressed three forty five on the field, three fifty five, it was every five determined increments down to the water breaks down to the two minutes of coaches, talk down to special teams, often defence, it wasn't just ok, you gonna win the championship. Let's put your pads on and get out to the field whenever you can and just throw the ball around and hit some people and we'll figure it out it was so detailed and mapped out Why, for me my schedule is completely detailed and mapped out from the moment I wake up to. Work out in the morning to every I'm doing throughout the day for weeks and months, it is planned ahead of time for championship of my season. I ll just show up and say what I want to do today. My goals happen. I haven't
opt out for the next three months, every single day, the actions on taking the steps making. In order to get me closer What I want, whether its In every area of my wife as well my health, my food, what I'm eating to spend my time with ass to what I'm, Winter- improve myself my skills to tee meetings to everything and I for me- that's what works are not saying that the only way, I'm saying that's away, that's work for me. That's what I
I first of all I am I wish there was like a camera- makes I'm freaking out, smiling so big. I love. I've never heard the story before that. You found a way to make personal growth makes sense, the weight applied to your life and your childhood in a way that you could grasp it. I think that is so important, especially for guys who might be here between hesitated to jump into the space. Now, I'm out myself, please I'm punch me in the face. You know I gotta literally hundreds of hours of your part cast consume, all of whose efforts are for media. I have not read your books, somebody's gonna out myself right now. They re that millions of Euro have everybody times vessel, as I have read them is. This will also be an like. Do you talk about this works in Algeria as a means to personal growth? Is that in this world greatness book will grant and some other stuff.
Some steps in school. Like our work as I feel like it, this is not a book that you have like fully and I'm getting. I'm like. I've only got the heavens are shining on your right now. If this is not a book, you are working on noise. I swear on my life. I'm like this. I've never heard this report most of all in school greatness, so a lot of that, while those principles at about their plus more can I use all my sports background into. However, cheat everyone asked me: how did you grow so fast in this space? Or you know in business and how'd, you create everything and have it amount so quickly and I've thing. I've done has come from the lesson I've learned in sport since autumn, and so I apply the principles and mindset. Anal we're going to success, restore back like nineteen. Ninety four, ninety five, which was like. On developing like the inspirational quotes and posters and stuff like that, I was going there in us hanging. Those are my wall in middle school,
which are private and private boarding school. It signals Missouri and eighth grade, I moved away from home and lived with a bunch of guys for four years and my war was like Michael J then what the two arms stretched out and with an inspirational she, like you, you know like you're, Mr Harbour, suddenly totally eternally, and it was like always dreaming of. Achieving more aid. I was knew that was made for more from TAT, using your line to a kind of out of this darkness now facing from a child. You know my name Tal childhood. Love my parents, him and symbols are amazing, but. It's interesting does not many happy moments from childhood that I can really reflect on and maybe we remember the pain and the trauma more than the joy. Maybe that's why, but Things you know, I begged,
parents to send me away an eighth grade. You gotta know many kids that want to go to both private asshole. I begged them said no way, you're, not leaving you not leaving you're not leaving home- and I was like give me out Otherwise, I might do something to strike the Ashraf so I was yearning for operation at an early age, yearning to and suffering from myself and There is only really two ways I was going to do it one. I was the my life or two hours and to do whatever it talk to learn how to get rid of it. And stay alive grateful that I you know pursued the second path, because you now suffering- is something I think a lot of us face and if we're not talk how to rid ourselves from the inner demons and inner battles and inner suffering that so people go through even the most successful people in the world
you know we ve seen the last couple months commit suicide. The second still haven't figured out how to end the inner suffering in those demons, but it soon like they have it all and. Now I'm more com than ever that too short people that you can achieve great things in your life and do it with inner he's in your heart, I think that's people don't think you can have both I think what you gotta be successful if we want to achieve our goals, if we want to be for more whatever it is like. It's gotta be this, It's gotta be hard and a hustle and you're going to be living in anxious life, you're, not gonna, how balance And I believe that you can have greatness and inner peace at the same time you got,
as after months of waiting and a year of writing my new book girl wash your face is finally out in the world. I want to thank you so much. Every single one of you who has bought the book on E book or a physical copy or on audio your support means the world to me and if you are listening to my Ipod Cason, you haven't yet bought the book your dead to me now, I'm totally kidding, but I am serious about how important this book is. I keep talking about it because I sincerely believe there are tools in it that can help change your life. So if you, have the sixteen dollars? I want you to go, buy it right now, cuz he loved your power h and if you don't head to the library or borrow it from a friend, would you care enough to listen here, you're, going to love the wisdom inside of this book girl wash your face, I promise you will not be sorry. You did.
I think this is such an interesting topic. I was chatting with someone about this the other day that, if you haven't achieve success in a certain way, and especially for those of us who come out of traveler and hard childhoods and painful past that I don't have you ever felt like this, but I think, for a long time. I believed that I had to be suffering in order to create or had to be suffering in order to be successful, because I needed the opposition to push it gets desire. Is that something that resonates with you. It does- and I also just thought like will. This is who I am not saying that they are going to change it and don't and algae. Get defensive. Someone like two was wrongly. You know why so angrier or defensive or resentful, and unlike Oil and Tom Ass regards like some dna or emotional, saying that I couldn't evolve and
and it was until I was thirty and thirty five now, when everything changed for me, I had it. I went from football too. Your business selling the company to yours. Sorting apply task to all these other things and I still and happy I stone like figured out how to find the inner peace. I was really good at achievement. Anything any goal I could accomplish and that's why people like me How you doing so fast after Billinger on your couch, like. I am goal oriented I can make it happen. I know how to do this is done in sports many times, but I couldn't fine. I can't figure out how to love myself. Could I forgot how to find peace with much events or if I failed, didn't understand what it was? I have thirty
I got a really bad fight on about small court. In again, that meant nothing but sick, this outdoor cord and and These guys are come there. They have nothing to lose and their life there come just there like debris. Small game is like the biggest moment of their day, and
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For whatever reason I took everything personally and I was, I thought I had always stand up. Myself- and I had all Please make sure no one ever took advantage of me and when ever done anything wrong to me, and I got this bad fights where there's not all over the courts. Point we're aren't gonna fight and since I was like fifteen right and so for me, this was like a real shake up, And I remember running back to my place, shaking trim. The whole time just thinking. What did I just do what I just do an got up into my bathroom and in my view knuckles or bloody, washing the blood off my mind knuckles and am looking the mere And I don't even recognize recognised myself, unlike who the f. Are you? What are you doing? What is wrong with you? Why you doing this and my friend was there.
Was. I do not only want to hang out with you anymore, like I don't know, what's going on with you, but you just beginning more more reactive. Can someone attacks you're, someone says something to you. Just let it go get Simon that big a deal and I didn't know how to let things go and when he was like. You know what I'm going to hang out with you. I don't play basketball with you like until you get some help or do something or just change like this? It's not funny so that was a huge wake up call for me where I was like thirty year old man, I just fight, even if the guy hit me first, which is what happened. I justify of like a caricature them back, but it's like what am I doing giving it a fight on a basketball court at thirty years old nothing, is on the line and I have Everything that you know you all this stuff up, like my quotation I could go to jail like my business could suffer like this could
Both are actually really hurt, the guy that way where something happened to him like, I would regret it the rest, my wife and lower, always beyond my conscious, and I remember I was like into one It was one of those moments it was like it was a kind. Your death moment or break up, or you know a big fight They got me into saying. Ok, I need to evaluate in question everything. Again. Like when I was on my sister's couch of I need to evaluate everything why How did I get this situation where I became. I guess successful in certain ways and was able to achieve how come I am just living in this dark place. In my heart and why am I so defensive and so I went to, I started going to everything now people are recommending like,
personal velamir classes and workshops and emotion, intelligence and taking Myers Briggs and all these are there any grounds for what I was like. I was talking to therapy and spiritual leaders and also like you know what I am over myself up to see if I can learn something, because at that point I thought it had it all figured out. I was like I'm sick. That's for like people ask me the questions. Didn't. You know, learn more about myself this issue I am already nor the stuff yadda yadda and I started diving and deep and me, and was I amazed at what I found out, I went to this I went to a lot of different things, but there is an emotional intelligence worship and I went to was While the experience that changed everything for me It was all about letting The past colloquy therapy letting go of the past in getting. And what you offer future scar split up days in two and a half days with multiple gay the exercises group activity
is to cut off required. Eight and react real life experiences Then, where you'd reflect on decisions from the past and behaviors and two and a half days and we were go into deeper, made everyone's to tears and crying and vulnerable and opening up. And no one knows each other rights is bunch of strangers and the trainer senator this workshop so Ok have gone over everything from our past to this today, the main channel- just two main struggles now we're moving into what we want to create for our future work. Let us focus on the future. We for the past and moving forward and if you have not yet said anything you need to say or share or let go of something from the past Now is the moment we are forever hold your piece no member, just kind of sitting there. Thinking reflecting on this ago, man I went in for
deep already, I my parents getting divorced color like half the room. I talked about my brother. Who was in jail for four and a half years when I was eight years old and I don't have friends during that time. I talked about being Russia needs classes and always having a tutor and having assessed Great reading level on aid, creating it have picked on my entire life on all these challenges that face us like, but what about that? One thing that I've never told anyone. Kind popped up on my mind right there and as a cash. If I don't talk about this now I probably never talk about it ever So just let me just go there to see what happens and I stood up in front of this room is about forty people, the lights, damn I did even raise. My handed us walked to the front room. I stood in front of everyone, but I couldn't look any one of the eyes, because our so ashamed of what I was about to say are so embarrassed now so humiliated.
About what I was going to say, and I looked down at the carpet the whole time had. I walk through. Moment by moment. I say almost five years old, I just gotta babysitters after kindergarten and one day the babysitters her son in town teenage boy. It took me into the bathroom they sexual abuse me. And I walk through the entire story and then sat down. I remember when I sat down it was like I control. Anything that was coming out of me. I was howling, the moon, I bawling crying in Equally, there is too incredible women on each side of me. Her sitting there there were just hugging me and we are crying and and I was so ashamed and so embarrassed that I just ran out of the room. And I literally felt like my life, was over like sharing this, for me was the
the worst thing I could ever talk about felt like it may be less of a man. I felt like it made me just out so weak embarrassed, and I felt- like no one would love me if they knew this about me No one would accept me if they knew about me. And no one will want to hang out with me if they're nervous about me and I ran out of this. This conference room and kind of went outside, she's crying. I couldn't stop crying. I had my head up against the wall and what but next was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. One by one. The men who were in the room was kind of split from men and women. The men who were in the broom came up to me how me from behind. Look me in the eyes and one by one. They were just like. You are my hero, the capsules you're my hero in our? I trust you more than ever now They stood staring me in the eyes opening their high
opening their saw. And some of the men, because one manifest sexually abused. Seventy men came up to me and said this happen. When I was nine, I start my wife. This happened to meet one hour. Thirteen, no one, knows as well I was blown away of the acceptance of the love of the the trust that these men for me, and I thought they were all good of. Shame me and push me way, but it is the complete opposite ends. It took me a while to tell my my family to tell my siblings my mom took me I'll tell my friends, but every time I told someone. It was like. I had more more part of my power back. I had more more my energy back and I for the first time in my life I had inner peace and I was able to sleep at night, and no longer was driven to prove people wrong or
to achieve to feel good. I was driven lift others up and to continue to fund peace with myself, just a powerful experience for me and over the last five years- everything a shift in my life since then because I learned sensible of forgiving myself and accepting myself- and I think that's the thing that We all need the most if we want to our personal growth or our lives, our health, early, no marriages or relationships to a different level. We ve got to learn. How to find the inner peace within us and that really start with accepting or thank you, so much for sharing that story of I've gotten to hear you tell that before on your podcast, and it is I have to assume that that it now her gets easier like it, so he heads the guy
and I saw appreciate that you have a curse, teller and keep telling it and standing up for people who don't have a voice in standing up for people who do not have the courage to tell their own story. I am so thank you so much you, while I would love to hear how this man, s ass, in the work that you are doing today. Because I feel that there are so many ways that you're one of my favorite teacher and I feel so lucky that I get a call your real life friend now. But I would love for listeners to understand just two different ways that you teach and how they can interact with that, because a my personal favorite is the part cast the books are so popular. You haven't you spaceboat, show your taken over the world like talk us through the business side of this journey of I know your hearts out, but then how do you? How does that manifest? How do you spread that message when I started out feed night? Years ago I-
do. Essentially, what is the scope brain so I'm doing now I didn't have the credibility, the experience or the with the audience to be ought to talk about what I'm doing, right about what I'm doing and do a few sure whatever and so I had to start with one specific thing, and I think it just starting out it's important to build, credibility with one thing. First, you know Rachel's now blown. Over the world and has made people following every single day, but one way started out your What is more, I believe on. Yes, I was there. I saw a talker exactly your folks are one thing and you build credibility with one thing. First and as much as I do. I do so many people that I thought you were like. We have so many passions and I just wanted to at all or some people like. I don't you know my she is something I have a few things you gotta stop
the thing that your excited about the most or you think you might be curious about the most. If you don't want your passion is in, go online on one thing and give it a full efforts on talking Meda mom, are you here, the two years full effort to go on to build momentum, because you can't put momentum off something in a couple of months, if you're just starting out you need to master a skill, the major need a prize something every single day until you become an expert at all. In that space weathers who'd blogging or more blogging or parent. Whatever it is. You gotta start with something and build credibility. Then that credibility, you can leverage to branch off and start something else when you feel ready and when you have the resources the time the team to do that, So I went all then on linked in earlier, does not lie in the air You know I had no idea, oh yeah, yeah,
all I did for the first three years, masterly din and fear how to get paid from teaching other people teaching Wanna one group, coaching workshops, bigger events speaking gigs books about it. And doing webinar ass, I did a women are every single week for the three years. Teach people linked in strategies and that's all for the first four years teaching maintained. And optimize. Yet then, to point where I was making a million dollars a year teaching leading guys, I was teaching linked in that's what I was doing and I was teaching lay down and got good enough credibility and my audience grew because I was one of the only people talking about it brain of myself as like on the linked in guy the king of late then just kept focusing on one thing: people say man, you're, really good at this. Can you teach me something else? Can you teach me what or Facebook or whatever was at the time- and I was like yeah. I can figure this out.
And I ll just leveraging one platform for another and another and the point where else you know what kind of tired of talking about linked in few years and I was like about to tell one more person how to Bio in their profile and out of it, which was up, but I had built it enough, got enough momentum. Again, a weapon our every single week that was doing for the first few years I was showing up hustling. I know you did events for a long time. I was doing a every month I didn't event at another city around the country and I would build an audience one by one. I would message people on the din saying join my linked in Saint Louis Group, linked in Columbus group, my linked in New York, my linked in L group. One by one or connect with people when they would act with me. I would Cinema followed message: hey join this group in lay that you live in
There's lots of powerful business professionals there, the chicken network with and connect with, I think, you'll love it and I was curious in groups all of late in all over the country, and then I would create a live event within Linkedin of time, but it's a two thousand and nine. It doesn't nine or create events within linked in promote I'm through my group's and all my contacts, and I want promote them on Twitter and Facebook everywhere, and I get five people are shocked to a level that an originally. They were free than us like ha. I want of people would pay come here so but a charging five dollars a door. There was a call People still showed up, maybe your charge, ten bucks surcharges, ten fifteen, twenty bucks, look. Ok, I'm making money. Maybe I can have some sponsors I gotta go, sponsors and started building that out. Has been a relationship with these venues? I said hey what worst knight of the weak for you or no one- shows up. Maybe that ones, or Tuesday, and I say: ok, three, five hundred people I'm not generate at least
twenty thousand hours sales from the food and bar can I get a fitting, Commission, if I do that, for you When you normally would have no one, and they were like absolutely it was making money there. Then I wrote a book about me then- and I had a one of my men- tourists who had written books- only the format show me the process and give me feedback. Try again give me a challenge. Tell me how much too right how many days right it with how many weeks Tommy the deadline is in complete. It and it's all about structure mentorship or coaching and having someone guide the struck don't give feedback. I don't do anything without a coach, I'm I can work out with the best of them by myself. I can run every morning I can lift every morning I can give horrible. Godson, but I work a little bit harder when and where there is an expert. Who I really respect Ivan? the money in and who knows more than me and
I want to go down. I work just a little bit the ten percent of push burns a little bit more of what I trying to do with my health goals or my business goals are my finance goals. My relationship like do the little more, the uncontrolled that I dont want to do when I have that coach? And it's always the case and I just don't do anything without a coach anymore. I've tried to four years on my own and yes, I get results and yes, everything's good bye. For more information. Will not more not me when I made for the US pretty good like the job worm. Four fricking, rightness not average we're not made for all. You did good like round of applause. Ok, let's keep going now set yourself up to win with us structure with a schedule they mentor or coach, or at least accountability partner when you're starting out if he can afford a coach, get body of yours
another mom who you're working with and you guys are committing the waking up, restaurant Tom and we're running every morning gets. On your committed to talk and shoe every week about your relationship and say Did you ask that question with your husband? Did you the conversation. I know and putting it off for three months. Have you asked him about? Have you talked about this like? I was just going to say it. Fur and people are things I think that years ago would have heard that an end you touched on ass. I would have thought I don't have the money for that and
gotta be totally, but I would also like I have sent for years. I have the world's greatest men tours and they don't know access to those that I tried to Tony rapidly ass Day, Ramsay Oprah Winfrey, like B, I might have even been on your part ass the other day, o the doktor. Is it just now by the lesson that affirmation, but right now, but he said I think it was on your ass. He said in an age of this much information ignore This is a choice. Yes like. If you do not know everything you wanna know exists right now for free at your library or on the internet, the Sab making excuse that you can't afford it, because there is so much wisdom out there. The other thing I would like to say about the accountability body. Could you
you dig into that just a tiny bit, because some people are gonna. Think I'm just gonna ask my my girl Megan over here, to be my accountability body but Megan struggle in as much as you are and should not. Actually gonna hold your account. I would get someone, though you respect that you know it were for the new year everybody but buddy. Like I work out, am I run day is small, but I'll have a train or few days we but also run at six a m with, but the guy who is better than me. You can run faster than me his fifty pounds. Lighted amazed me is like a gazelle. Skinny like a distance runner and distance running is hard for me. I'm a sprinter are built for speed and. I dont go with someone who's worse than me I gave a sound who is better who's going to push me because Eighty percent is my hundred when it comes to running five miles and
I know every day I'll be challenge with running with his person so find someone who will challenge you who is either. You know as skill set better than you have something a horse more vulnerable or whatever may be the thing you're going after some help. Sure you don't get the one pushing Other person, although you will be so you'll, be pushing each other. But again I we talk about this is a costly being finding herself with people were smarter than you were better european those rooms and our brothers rooms at one day more either put them to continue to be better than you or you will grow them, and I
Think that's the key is like finding those people to be your coach or accountability partners, and you can evolve coaches and accountability partners all the time. So I want to make sure before we vote before we and our time here tat. I want to make sure that we care about Tunisia, because I think it is so great. This is Facebook audience one hundred percent and I feel like as a way to consume you and audio and get to see the work you do and I'd love to hear a what the intention was for the shop at watcher. What's your hearts desire, there I just I just I want you to talk about it. So one can you tell us like were were brothers sisters, the more ads I appreciate and am grateful for what I have and also know I made to create much more impact with the potential that I have within me and.
For you, I remember having dreams when I was on my sister's couch Member dreaming of a few things one Tony Robinson connected with them, because I saw speak Russian and sixteen at a conference. Anything above me, at one point you didn't look at me. It was like fifteen thousand people. Their reward. Job nesting any stood above me. And our member. Nothing of what he actually said, but I remember the way made me feel with seed move me. It was like all the cars like. I want that's up a present want atomic energy Workin. Move someone just with my standing there and you know what Nothing happened so I was like one day when I meet Tony and connect with them. One day I was watching Ellen at the time- and I was like I wanna beyond Olenin danced with her, I wanna dance with Alan on the island. Show and down. Third one was like you know what screw it I would. Actually,
Alan. I went out my own show. My entire shall one day And I wonder: how long does it take her? What I need to do to make it happen, but me and my sister. If with no money libyan death time and. I'm a tougher guy that loves full circle moments. When I a dream. I want to see it come full circle, I don't care if it takes a thirty years, like some dreams have taken for me,. I want to see them come full circle because he had built so much more we believe it's like I'm a bullet with the leaf and confidence within myself. When I see something My mind has he dreamed of it has come to reality at some point. It's like! Yes, you can you. Yes, your enough it just building that confidence and belief that number Mention is so unwavering at that point that I just continue
think that I can do the most audacious things in the world and then they just keep happening, and so the talk show for me was a dream and but little Almost two years to come out from the first, Conversation with the exact at Facebook, I the introduction of Facebook through my partner on the show scooter, Braun he's the guy who found Justin Bieber. He manages canoe western oriented brandy, and you know the biggest in a world and he can My podcast twice and about a year and a half Three came on second time he reached out to me and said he wanted to launch his own podcast and if I could help him absolutely. He is about to launch his own podcast the day before he cancels it. Months with my team and have his team figuring this out and saying it up, because you know others, I want to do the show on actually rather just partner with you, because I believe you are better.
Reared in me and I believe in your message and I want to blow you. And I said awesome: what can we do? he said you know what to do a tv shows. You am, I you should al on a used to whoever you want to get a shot. What's, builders, the finger doing so powerful our spread inspiration? Let's do it. And I said you know what actually a logic on Ellen and let's do it for sure. But actually done over we'll be on tv anymore. I think to be online I think I wanna be on a tv show on the biggest online network in the world, because for me, it's not about being tv anymore that you now people are. They watching as much It is on watch him for me, it's about having distribution to billions of people. My vision is reaching a hundred million people a week with my message- and I said: let's go right of Facebook. They ve got two billion people. If they can destroy.
And get in front of a hunter people a week. Then there's the dream. They say he got on the phone. I made this guy knows everyone, so it's one phone call way he can get in touch with the city of anyone, and The conversation started. And the journey by itself of the show happening, is actually kind of a miracle that it's out, because there is so much back and forth and so much we had to overcome in terms of go shooting process and decision making and show me People involved that I'm just maize that show actually out literally, was you ve done. A documentary you understand, challenging like a big product is just for it. Happen. Is you know what achievement in itself. I just was so clear. My vision, they wanted. They originally wanted me to do. Another showed me a host of and I was so conflicted because house like this will get me on Facebook and they can spread the summit
People, but wasn't my true vision. And so I said no actually took another offer. I had from Facebook all the terrible like guys. I can't do it, but that's not what I want fully and They came back almost later. They said, okay with due to show that you want it was a great lesson and, like you know, not settling or anything less than what I wanted to even now There is a lot of money in a big opportunity involved somewhere else and I think the moon we grow and the the here we get is. Are you know our relationship grow as our businesses grow, as our reach grows that's gonna be. The next challenge is not how do I get to you know that dollars a month or ten thousand dollars a month. It's how to say no to these incredible opportunities that could come my way and I'm sure you're getting more and more than ever, yes and it's like yes, I want to do everything ants.
You know as well as I do you can really. I do a few things really really well at a time and. I get excited some one, do everything all at once, and I'll show you might have a low, but there are now and maybe it's working and but At some point, it's like a k. We really gonna Honan like three key things a year from one up and then that are really only well, and that is a few other things I can do medium well and then a couple of fun things on side whenever button and so it's a lot of work. I'm going a tell you when we when we go for big dreams, you noticed like doing documentary, it is full commitment, full life energy all in and that has been life for this face with shit, I'm just getting a year and a half to get it wish to get the deal shoot. I shall write. The shell produces show added. The shell to work came out a couple of weeks Was so much work. Then always
out now. Gonna work a hundred times harder To make to make sure it's distributed, to make sure people see it to make sure I'm responding to every comment that is shared on every big, celebrity page and then it's getting the distribution but he had picked up again right. It's like it's love. This rock, like this, isn't like exactly the point you are making is still powerful for People who are chasing down a dream
do you think if I could just finish your book? If I could just finish line, manuscript does nasal, I need right and then I thought were ok. I had finished manuscript didn't like wolves. I could just sell this book and too many times. I think people get to what they think is the finish line, and it is the start of the freaking re started like everyone right now is like how how is this bookstall selling how're you I'm like. I have not stopped talking about this book in six months of work. Why, this morning replacement of rebuilding and here's the thing, if you are passionate about the product of you believe in what you have, it doesn't feel where people were worried about selling something like article slimy, unlike in only feel slimy. When you don't believe in the product, because of you think that you ve got something that can help people, then you have to have the courage to tell them. It exists the man
Mary but yeah. It's crazy, like you think, you're, it's like the man. Ok, it's honour! All right now get to work out when the storm in your love, your level of commitment has been incredibly wash because you got from because three kids fortunes for kids well for kids, but your waken up like five a m you want every morning, Uruguay, doing you're taking the kids the school you're getting together, then you go right into our Instagram LIVE baby s face, but while at the same time it I noted a habitat at the same time, Europe connecting your adding value and then you're getting drunk and then you're dead, starting your day, right Wurtz three four hours before you start and then you're doing meetings in your creating a riding in your doing this podcast right now. It will probably thirty minutes over already and constantly building momentum and a thing is once we complete the project. That's what
We have now read the inertia to start momentum and that time and energy every single day doing something about it. You like this is overwhelming, for people who are just starting out were listening, This might sound like wild. Really overwhelming and sounds exhausting, but, like You just said Rachel when you love something so much in your committed to service, not just for your own service, but for the service of other people, because you care about the product you have in your bringing joy or your bringing site, and are something to people. You will continue to work as Horace taste to fulfil that vision and reset level of service, because it's the greatest reward. There is thus a well However, that the two things that I think would be here again to to run
up our time together today is, I think it's worth saying. I wonder if this is such a Louis housing to deal, but I wondered knowledge you for a second and why I hope it's ok, to say that there were a handful of people that, in the midst of the season in the last six months of just absolute,
been such a blessing, but it's also been overwhelming for me, because I've never experience the kind of growth that I've had in the season and Louis was one of those people, and I just think every like the handful of people who reach out and said Hale walk alongside you, you and add, and Brendan like a it, is an answer to prayer and it tells a gift from God, and I can understand now hearing your story, how big a roman tours ship has played for you and maybe why you would turn around and kind of offer hand out to someone who's coming up. So I just really wanted knowledge you playing that role in my life, but I feel, like you, gave me two pieces of advice when they got to talk on the phone for the first time that I feel are really powerful for anybody. Listening to this at any stage of work on that dream
The two things that you said that I just like I felt like it was like divine and I will take in inscribed on my body- was the first one is that you said you have to take care of your house lawyer. You relate to our love if you were just council them on that, like how important it is to take care of your house the ashes, while pursuing something nothing else, and that's why I can give you a practical piece of advice. Focus on your health, the first thing in the morning, because the rest of the day you you haven't, if you don't do anything else, at least you ve taken care of your health and you ve damage your life to the best of your ability. I think. Can, I just keep reflecting back on the moments when I'm injured them. What's wrong, sick which happen often, but when I get injured nothing. Matters more than getting healthy, and I I reflect back on Steve Jobs,
where he talked about in the last six months, he was like all this money. I would give away the Billy of dollars. I have to have another year, my life, that in extend my life. So don't you figure out the ways that your body and that your mind in your heart needs healing and need support. And even if you work already hard you ve got work on the heart and you gotta, learn how to let go of the suffering or the most. A tremendous. Are you back because there's a lot of people? I know that dropped at a forty five because they to figure out how to deal with anxiety and overwhelmed of stress in their heart and, I think, our to yourself, you over to your family, you over to your kids, you over to humanity to take care of your health. First, it's one of the hardest things to do: it's not fun. Trust me I'd. Rather, you don't it's all day, long and relax by the pool all day, but
it takes an hour a day. Seven hours a week to take it of your health and make couple the smart decisions on the food you eat throughout the week, That's all you really need to do. If you don't have seven hours a week stand your life and bringing more energy and joy and and and just be healthier. Then you really don't have a life. I think that's important so now guide. So then, the other thing that you said to me was when you experience success, and I think that this is this can apply to success of any kind. This is like you finally got the books, all they got, the vase will show, or you finally started to see some revenue growth on your direct sales business, your working it you said The instinct is going to be to take your foot off the gas in Iraq because you get this excess and actually what you need to do now more than ever is working. Because the momentum will actually push you so much further
the almost like me give an example. This too. A powerful example January this year. My friend, J Sherry had nothing one and a half. Maybe two million faced with fans right and he, just kind of started as started a year prior to like watching his fan, page swagger, about a Meda have to man and about a year, maybe you're. Now- and I was like and he was getting thrown always opportunities as way. Riders. Deals and, apart, like Jerry V was like world departure network and what you did your podcast now and he was getting tons of speed in and all the stuff, and I got brow like it and all gonna, be amazing. That's all gonna be there and, yes, you can start in some of these things. Screwed podcast through this screw travelling and wasting your energy right now. Ten down on
creating more of the videos that have got you where you are until you see a tapering out and this was was seven months ago and he's at sixteen million fans on Facebook because he went or more than all, then he heard The team who invested in video even on another level he's writing off he went so hard on video. The accident a group of two million to sixteen million is the number one influence on Facebook right now. Some of his videos have over three hundred million views on Malta a bad video, just twenty five million views and he launched eventually launched a product that minimum in dollars: Online hee, hee is able to do other stuff now and the opportunity to keep rolling in, but you gotta go all and on the thing Scott you, whether you are at the forefront, then one starts taper. Then you can you know of your book.
Ever died down a little bit at which it doesn't like a well any time soon and you can really start elaborate gall and something else, but that's at least my my thoughts and those that wisdom was so helpful for me, and I know it will be so helpful to listeners man, I Thank you so much. Thank you somewhere to this time. This is, I mean. I know it's gonna be good cause. I know you, but this is the best an overview of all time and space. So obviously I feel like I just ran saucerful, but thank you so much for people who want to hang out with you. We want more information. Where are you out online? Is it just at large and those hospital? I personally spent allowed some honest yours rest. My team is only the platform with me, but if you. Best man Instagram. Let me know what you enjoyed most about this and will connect. We will be back with another episode next week in the mean time, if you have a moment and you
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