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65: Julie Solomon - Living in Abundance


This week I'm chatting with Julie Solomon, New York Times best-selling publicist and expert on Influencer strategy. She helps people connect to their audience and become profitable in their businesses. Her message of living in abundance and creating at the highest level is something that I think everyone should hear! Check out Julie's courses - https://www.juliesolomon.net Hang out with Julie on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/julssolomon/ Listen to Julie's Podcast - https://www.juliesolomon.net/podcast/

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Hey guys, it's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was originally you don't I live in the dream? Man? You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now we're going out because we're launching my New Parker straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent, he has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah rearing rights are the point is really and put a stray from the heart and break through those negative mindsets breakin through of which only you backing are we haven't people's lives for love that if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner. You get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition, and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I start dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there, something really powerful about claiming a goal.
as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like guys: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just writing down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for it, and I finally just thought what, if I turn.
Into to a product, and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some time times we messed up on the shipping, and sometimes we rest up on that, interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people oh, so incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams. So
you are not familiar, and you want to check it out. You can go over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash shop and find all about my favorite practice, turned my favorite product and, if you're not anymore, to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing is daily practice. It will litter, We literally change your life, welcome to the rise. Podcast, I'm Rachel Hollis and I built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma, and a Google search bar each week will be sharing tangible direct advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention. These
the tools to change your life. I'm so excited to have you on the pod cast today. I'm so excited for listeners to become familiar you if they dont know you already or take a deeper dive authority, a fan. So will you tell us who you are what you do and how you got there Yes, so Rachel, I'm so excited to be here. I feel like you and I are kindred spirits in so many ways, one of which, when we have conversations we like to take it to church as to say so. I'm so excited to be here and just get down to the nitty gritty arm with with you today and to serve your incredible community and those that are listening today. So I am Julie Solomon. I am originally a girl from a teeny, tiny town in Tennessee, but have been
living in LOS Angeles for the last six years. My my journey to entrepreneurship has has been rugged as as most are, I groped Hennessy. Oh, was one of four children. My dad is one of eight. My mom is one of five, so massively large family, very tradition, A family, but with that comes a light of stuff and a lot of people. So, weekly when I was younger. I kind of tried to figure out ways to avoid feeling things. So everything was very outward. Everything was very external. Everything was very extroverted because Zahm I tend to kind of though my emotions off the island, because, having so many siblings having so many family members, people got busy and they
couldn't really dive into the needs of the individual person at times when we needed that. So I would kind of vote those things off the island and really try to like focused down which allowed me to it to grow on a pretty amazing trajectory. But then also you know, causes you to have to really get rooted in your in your personal development as well, so being kind of that extroverted person that I was I I went to college at the University of Tennessee. I moved in York City, two weeks after I graduated with no job, no friends, I'd never been there, no money Three thousand dollars in debt- and I was just going to white knuckle it mine and grind it and figure it out. So I was able to after applying about thirty five pr companies. I was able to land one I got a job gosh lead at a bit at women top rated. I guess music, pr firms making about twenty thousand a year and
hit the ground running and really learned in a year, while some people learn in ten I mean I was in a room filled with women. It was a woman on company, just above don't just high driven theme. Boss is at an end and did in a really learned, a lot at a very young age, but on a lot of kind of stuff started coming up and in me of you know, do I continued a kind of follow my fear, or do I go back home to Nashville and kind of get rooted, their figure stuff Oh, I was starting to get really nervous about the money, the kind of those meting out mindset believes around money started trickling in. because when I was being raised I was I was raised in a very blue collar family. So money was in kind of a strain and stress, and I really saw a kind of the negative impact that money could takes. We never really quite had and a strong and about that relationship with money and until recently, project the last for five years. So in my twenties I was just freaking out
so I moved back home because that was safe and, and I got a job working at Thomas Nelson, which Rachel, I know you know very well. It is your publisher totally. Yes, and did the in House pr thing they're. So basically a lot of what I learned from the PR world in New York. I was just kind of shifting that from music into but publicity so hit the ground running. Doing the in House book. Pr thing got to work with some incredible thought: leaders pastors and just really amazing men and women of our time, but then, of course, that feeling of is this we what I meant to be doing started creeping up as a kind of to look around in this. You know Be that I was in I started realizing like oh I'm sitting
in here right now, living someone else's dream, like I'm literally someone else created this company and I'm living in their drinking wow. not living in mine sway. We need to make a shift and I decided to leave that cushy job in the benefits and all that good stuff and create my own book pr firm with. another woman at the time who also work there. So then we had the ground running we did, of all of that just trying our best to white knucklehead minding, grind it and grow something, and then at the time I had personal stuff kind of going on. I had married my college sweetheart, but then quickly we were going through a divorce about your leader, so we had been married for our date. We dated four seven years got married because that's what
We thought we were supposed to do why twenty sex it's like. Where do we go from here? We ve been often unreservedly. Let's get married, that's a great idea, so we did that and then within that year, quickly realized that that was not the path that guide had wanted us to beyond. and so I am being ahead. I had a lot going on. There am, I was in the process of getting a divorce, am got the devil I was trying to make this online this. I mean this PR company was basically doing now from my computer work with my business partner and damn around that time that may now husband and my Spend is his name was Jonathan. He is an actor had randomly met him at a charity vent in Nashville and he was living in a way and had been living in a way since the early Ninetys Jonathan about fifteen. older than me. So I'm he's been in the B film in tv business for a very long time and I can't I found myself in that we're crossroads again- that I tend to find myself in that way.
going on now, I'm you know I have this, this opportunity to maybe see where it goes with this person- and I remember a girlfriend mine was like ok, so you just quit your job. You started a new one and now you're gonna move to allay to marry a divorce actor whose fifteen years year, like anything at all, sounds like a great plan d, that sounds awesome like you go for it but I did I tried to in that moment. I was probably about twenty six years old at the time I try to, for the first time ever be spitten. Thank Just- still and actually listen to myself and actually start to really kind of em the emotions back on to the island. and really allow myself to kind of, feel the pain and feel the power that can come with that I'm in a growing up. I would worse still it or I would cope with and
action or protectionism, or whatever it was to not have to feel things that worked shiny and pretty, because I was taught to believe that the only emotions that you should really care about her, the shiny and pretty ones and in other ones. That tend to be maybe more Painful are weird engrossing, you don't go there. I allowed me after start doings? Some work and really get around that, and I really did did feel that that the way that I was going to be able to make that next step was just to trust myself. So I did I did the crazy thing I I left my home. I left my family in Nashville, everyone there and moved away too who am see where things went with me now, husband. then I was in no way their footing. Pregnant bacon inside guys not know, and you know how I had that the book pr thing going by ETA, which was because I could do that from anywhere, but then I was starting to yet another key roads of like? Ok, I'm now in this huge city, of course Rachel. You know. How is how do I meet people and at that
I miss was twenty thirteen, so I had had a really good amount of pr background under my belt, but of course, kind of cap We even with this pr company that I had started to build on line with my business partner, like I still wasn't really living like that, that her see. No, I was still looking for the why I didn't really feel like I was providing the highest service of myself to a greater community and aid started to think. Ok. What can I do to like make friends and meet people in and figure out more of myself, and my did the one thing I think every girl does when they live in a way. I started a blog oh that lives. I was the fact I was that what I've seen like yeah people are doing,
am, I started a blog, and this was about twenty thirteen, so this is kind of a round, especially in LOS Angeles in you remember this Rachel when when it was really kind of becoming a thing in terms of manipulation, rightly it was. just content? Creation brands were starting to take notice, affiliate companies were starting to pop up everywhere, deals starting to take place, and so it was. It was something that people could actually make a living doing so because of my pr background. I was like a great. I know how to pitch myself, so I'm just gonna start pitching myself to media into brandiles and to see what I can offer and I came with this. The angle at the time of you know I was I was a new MA am I was trying to figure out the ropes of that. So I'll do like this. This motherhood thing at the time that it really started to gain some traction. I was able to land brandiles pretty quickly and pretty easily. I was able to pitch myself for four gasp
whose contributing post that sort of thing and acquire a lot of media and what I started finding, because I would go also go to some blogger events and I started really building a community of bloggers around me and strive to meet some really incredible women around me and what I quickly realizing is that these women were like okay, so like baby blanket is cute but like how did you pitch this you know, that's you pick up that you're talking about his great but like. How are you able to actually get media? How are you able to actually build a business? Odorless I quickly realized, you know as much as they eat as much as I thought that they wanted to know about the baby blink it. I don't think that that's really what they want to know about, and so I started to transition more in. you kind of being a blogger for bloggers. And how could I really use my background and my skill set in publicity and pr to really teach these women how to think and feel for themselves and how to really grow as sustainable business and so that
kind of what's been happening over the last three or four years. My coming empower ink, you is it that's what we do now. We have a podcast called influence or podcast, where we share a ton of tips, tricks. We have amazing gas. Like you, I'm we haven't, for industry, insiders aren't really share their knowledge in their wisdom I also have of my website, where, where I offer a ton of free tabs on blogging, branding networking pitching you name it, and then have an online course called pitcher perfect, which teaches bloggers and influencers how who exactly pitched themselves. I really kind of navigate everything that I went through and we ve had enough thousands of bloggers and influence or sign up for that over the years and really seen their business form and then whites will be the influence or academy that I'm gonna be launching. Later this year, but that's really where my business his has kind of and itself rooted in. How can I help bloggers and influencers and really anyone out there who wants to grow and online influence, find their per
it's fine there why and really kind of connect that too. Their audience and be profitable at the same time, I love I'm in of that you're doing less, but I love most of all you really listen to what the audience was asking for, instead of like so many business owners will have customers that sailor them man? How do you do this, or I wish you would just do that, but they get so tied in to the idea of what they started with or what they think the product should be that they, so like romanticized himself out of the market? Like I love that you listen to the signs of life and he paid attention to what people asking you for. I would something there something really interesting, a bow this at your end, particular Are we in a space where so many people are so like their such as care city mindset? You know
this was how it was in the wedding planning industry when I was coming up indefinitely, how it isn't a blogging world, like oh, my gosh, if I her? How to do this, then? I'm not gonna have any work for myself. How did you navigate that piece of industry yeah. You know I. I think that for me what I see not only in my own journey of scarcity, but in the journeys that I see in my community, it really stems back from you know childhood stuff right. I know I mentioned it a little bit earlier as it went when you're raised in an environment where scarcity is a permanent peace to it you ve meant or success, it's only. Its role for that to carry on with you and I can only kind of necessarily want you assume why other bloggers or influencers are going through, but from what I have found and from what I know about my community is that their?
bringing Ino in some way. Shape or form was similar to mine in the sense of money is often a source of strain and stress, and we were, we were kind of raised to believe that their there was not enough I think that it even is rooted into that deeper feeling of a view of we are health is human beings at times not feeling enough, and so We don't feel enough than there must not be enough, So am, I think, really kind of first option sexually understanding that and then figuring out. Ok. So then, how can I flip that? Where can I see the abundance? Where can I see the opportunities for growth and where I see that is by sharing and for me it's you know. If I want to be able to create, perform and share in the most connective way possible for me, then I have
to make sure that the community around me is also creating performing and sharing in their most connective way possible because we're all connected. So if if they are not able to get up. If we're not really all, able to get to the highest level of service that we can. Then none of you're, going to be able to succeed long term now, I love that idea. I would love to you if you would speak to creating a business where I'm going to assume at the time. Nothing like this existed do not like that. accurate, like was where there are other people who are doing what you're doing when you started this not that I knew I look I'll go ahead now, given not me. I remember the first people that I kind of came across that were teaching business development. If you well, one was Dave Ramsay who actually I used to do his books when he worked at Thomas Nelson in his kind on issues like Dat right. Let's get you out a dead, so you can grow the business in life that you love
gee, I love time is getting strategy? I love Amy, add dear dear or of mine. I know she has with you as well Marie for LEO but- and I had not found any one that was doing it in speaking to the audience that I knew that I was called to speak to no one was in the blogger, influence or space at the time, sharing the feedback in the tips in the tricks and really just kind of I'm someone that I can't teach anyone anything unless I've gone through it. I, to go through it and fall down a million times and be marred in the dust in the mud, and you know just so so many trial by errors. I have to really it's part of lake, my personnel, to be the burden carrier of people and things around me so its eye, will carry that load and I will do that and then I'll come to the other side of it and I'll be like oh, ok, green.
So this is what I have learned, and now I want to share that with the community as a whole. So when that started happening, you know I wanted to be able to bring it to my audience. So, in a way you know there are people out there that we're talking business strategy and in more online marketing strategy, but I couldn't find anyone who was specifically talking influence or strategy and blog strategy to the audience that I had found myself, surrounded with you guys after months of waiting and a year of writing my new, both girl, wash your face, is finally out in the world's I want to thank you so much, every single one of you who has bought the book on Ebay or a physical copy or on audio your support means the world to me and if you are listening to my Ipod Cason, you haven't yet bought the book your dead to me
now I'm totally kidding, but I am serious about how important this book is. I keep talking about it because I sincerely believe there are tools in it that can help change your life, so if you have the sixteen dollars. I want you to go, buy it right now, cuz he loved your power h and if you don't head to the library or borrow it from a friend, would you care enough to listen here, you're, going to love the wisdom inside of this book girl wash your face, I promise you will not be sorry. You did so what's super interesting about. That, then, is that you, you felt really called this information, but you have no way of knowing whether or not this could be lucrative for you is that an accurate I did really accurate. I had no idea if it was gonna work in and
pulling my back. There must be something in me. I know that there's something in me new kind of goes to that idea and have a place to live. I knew no one there and had thirty thousand dollars in college that the the scarcity the little Julian me would have been like. What are you doing? This was this goes against everything that you the scarcity the little Julian me. What have been like? What are you doing? This was this goes against everything that you were raised to believe, like you need to go, get the cushiony job. You need to go be safe, but there was. Something in me that new that, if I didn't just try to experience that, then I would always wonder what s and thence when I went back to the safe and cushiony job I found myself kind of asking those same question, so I think that it is something that there has to be this like insurance or resilience inside somebody to say, you know why, if I listen to that still small voice inside of me that no,
was that, if I at least just try to do this, even if I follow my face, it's going to bring more joined to the world is going to bring my joined to my life, and I'm gonna know that at least I tried it that is I have always been the thing that has been the driver for me and if I can figure out a way to monetize it in the process. Like that's the goal, but I got at least try. I love. I gotta show I love that an with love? You know we you share with us sort of how do you know what I'm trying to get to the root of his I'm gonna get that their women who are listening to this right now, who have an idea for something that they don't see in the market place that they're they're like man, I'm pretty, sure that could be an idea, but me we are in a similar spaces, you and by the way, a similar spaces me because I was like what I have this idea about personal growth and women, but I dont know how we make money off of this. Has guess what I'd it's gonna take a team of people to be able to produce content at this, level, but if I dont somehow monetize that I can't pay for these people in the city,
whether you like, I want to have a business, but if you dont figure out how to make that into an actual business, you're not gonna, be doing it for long. Otherwise, it's just a hobby. You know what portion of the business did you give way for free, because I think in them is this, you and I do. Do it for in different ways, but we're doing similar stuff. You do have to give a certain amount of content. Like you got, it add value. You've got to be on social media. What part of your work did you do the content that was for free and then how did you figure out? Ok, this is the percentage of how I'm gonna monetize and where I'm gonna put this time
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yeah. So you know I was always of a firm believer in this, probably even kind of came from just my background, appear of knowing that you really do have to give away some of your best work for free, because that's how people are really going to start I know you understand you. ito sharing your journey with. You know your story and then really build that know. I can trust that they need in order to be able to invest, So for me it was first, you know what is it that way the most, that I think that I can give to them, whether that's just ripping off on a facebook live or whether that's you know, I'm a blog posts that I'm gonna do, or maybe it sooner freebie that I offer my really started with with the blogging and with that and I started to give away ample amounts of information just in blog posts burst, and and from there I was able to do it more on lives and video in those kinds of platforms when they became more available to us on social media. But the first step in why that step was so vital. For me is that it allowed me to start kind of data mining a little bit right.
because when I would share that information for free, I would start to get feedback. If I didn't get the feedback, I would make sure to go out and asked them in order to get the feedback we engage. There really is a two way street. So I would really start to kind of put put the content there are in which I I thought that they were gonna, be attracting too, and then that allowed me to kind of test different things out to sea. Like ok, it's it's! It's! It's this nation of staff, or it's really like this avenue of things that they want to dive deeper into, and once I was able to figure that out in, for example, for mine, it was pitching I was able to give a lot of really good valuable information for free with pitching. But when I really found that it was a source and that people really going to need me to kind of step by step, walk them through something. That's when I knew that I needed to create a course around it, and so I did probably about a year of free that pigeon, base content. but when I started having people come to me and asked for things like mentorship, consulting that sort of thing I was like you know. If I can put this in a course that people can consume.
Come in, come in, consume pretty quickly and really be able to apply immediately with TIM. It's an and really my guidance and I'm gonna craft out the pitches bore them. All they had to do was carved. We get an updated and use it. They're gonna be able to get way more benefit from that at a much quicker time. So that's how I really was able to start doing it by really offering a lot of the free blog posts, content and then kind of create the course from there and in the same with the podcast. I started my podcast about eighteen months ago and am and of course that's free to download Ino every week any time, and and from that was able to also kind of data mine on a deeper level of okay? What is the next step? What is it that they really need for me, and how can I show up and serve them to the best of my ability? I love that advice and I care not reiterate what Julia saying enough, because you guys you have to just put something out there you have to. I was laughing on a pod cast earlier today and I was laughing with grows shouting with, because I am
early sitting in my daughter's, for That's the only room in the house where I can't write connected to the internet like wired in and closed the door, and it's like you would die right. If you saw me right now, you would die. Please go look at me beautiful pictures of me on Instagram and then know that I look like a wild beast and this my sixth conversation today, unlike we are making it work every that you see is just making it work, and so many people are terrified to even start because they think that they can't produce something. That's perfect and everybody that I know and admire when you like talk to them behind the scenes, the like of which, as we put it to market, because what we need most is the feedback from our audience, and we can't get the feedback. We know I'm leaving the give them. Also. I think a really unique goal could even be too like. How can I create something that is worth criticising it s, because it's like you know
you gotta create something? So in any event, if you're creating something that's not worth criticising, then he may be kind of playing a little safer and that's I think that I have really been trying to navigate and overcome just in my own journey and really sharing with making unity in the past year is like. Are you really showing up very plain to safe? Are scared to do an instagram wives, you're, just not going to do it at all gonna? Do it and then be possibly? Could Peter criticized for it, but at least you did something that's worth people paying attention to and actually carrying enough to give you the feedback on good or bad. Absolutely. I think it is this perception that you know like, especially for it anybody listening, whose starting out on the journey that you either we always compare ourselves at the times. We feel most insecure about something, and I can't think of anything? You felt more insecure about than starting a business, so what you tend to do is like what I meant to get on social and I'm gonna, look at Julie
feed or Rachel's feed or Amy's feed, and I'm gonna use that to compare how I'm doing and it's like dude sister. We have been at this for five years ten years fifteen years, so Europe talking yourself out of making a step to move forward, because Europe, comparing your beginning with my middle, like you, are seeing the middle of my race and you're too afraid to start your own Chirac's anyway. Just get it out there put it in the world like what do you think is as you're as you're walking with women in this community the season which I'm in assume for a lot of its earlier in their career. What do you think are some of this sort of universal in sick here in this space, that you try to speak to ya mean One for sure is is confidence in really confidence in their communication I mean I mean
a believer in really using words to influence great change in other people's lives and really having, when you have the ability to inspire people through your words which, if yours, if you're a human being who speaks than you, have the ability to inspire people. Through your words, you know: you can really an act. I will change and I think that when that comparison kit comes in and that lack of confidence comes when we start to create and perform in sheer as if we were someone else you're only stealing from those who need them most. When you do that, that's so I'm a vast! Yes, I mean it's it's, but it's true. You know, and it may sound like a general generalization and a lot of ways, but I'm just saying it because it's true, I feel like that. Caught the confidence peace is is, is a big one and an that's even one that you know I'm a human beings who have had to navigate that many times, but really getting back to that feeling of truly feeling support,
by God, I judged by Christ by the universe, whatever that is for you really getting back that inner knowing of your. Why, in Europe best and why you are showing up. the confidence in communication is key. There also on relationships is a huge one. Can't blame, really consciously looking at relationships, whether they are in person or even virtual, to see which ones are really helping. You the higher service to to yourself and in really allowing you to bring your high self to your community verse. the ones that you may need to carefully evaluate. Let go of, I think, about Big issue with comparison is that we tend to easy button right as we don't wanna do a thing. So it's like the new addiction, its scrawl scroll, scrawl squirrel, and we find ourselves very and indeed, in the other content that people are creating. I'm a huge wrote believer in creating before you consume anything that
whence when I can yeah yeah when I, when I active, we try to create before I consume every day, and so that means like I dont look at my phone. I don't talk to my team. I dont look on Instagram. I get my family, in my life situated in the morning and then when I come into my secret space to work, I create first, when I do that I will see a tremendous difference in my spirit and own self confidence and my ability to communicate more presently in my zest, for what I'm doing in my excitement, for what I'm doing, just in the joy of what I'm doing, as opposed to when I go straight and consumption mode, whether that's consuming stew, that my husband needs are my child needs, or you know my people, my team need something when I go into that consumption mode. First, it does nothing but Please me me, like I'm, not enough It's me feel so I'm confident and makes me not want to create in the land
Let's say five years: what piece of your career. what what time period of your career did things just exponentially start to grow? Did you feel like magnets? starting to manifest the way that I wanted it to its really starting to be the company. I am really sorry, you should be the business plan, sure that I wanted to be what was that time period and can identify what was sitting in your life, that you feel like that, It all started to click. You know I feel like the last, probably
six or so years have have just been a really heavy year for multiple reasons. I had my first child I gotta do. We know I got a divorce. I got remarried. I had my first China mooted at to a new city. I started a completely new business mean those are lots of wife. Changes are kind of happening at once, so this intensity was in a kind of that phase in a lot of ways. It puts you in that survival mode which can be good or bad. You know, I think that survival mood which will make you kind of mind and grind it in a way that you never even knew that you had within you, but I think that furthermore, it is also a motive, ass scarcity and not
you're going to hit a wall eventually, if you just stay in that mine and grind in survival mode. So for me, when I was really looking kind of bad, I would say that over the last probably eighteen months to two years, I really started started seeing a shift and how I was able to really connect and really see myself in my community and vice versa. I really saw us as one I really saw that I was supporting them. I really started to get crystal clear on who my audience was and, most importantly, how I could serve them. But they need for me. How can I shall weapon that way? Starting up, I cast was tremendous growth opportunity for me just because at the time it's what my audience needed and I provided that to them in an arena that they were really excited about really in a platform that they were really excited about. Diving were into there's a lot.
People that wasn't a pot cast, but there's a lot of people who don't listen to Pont gas, but for me it was really just about serving those people who I knew that wanted to receive the information in that way. so I'm from an awareness driver creating the podcast was a phenomenal growth spurt for me and then also kind of around the same time I started to take really honest with myself about that, relationship, peace and who, who are the people, I want around me supporting me lifting up who are my men, tourists? Who do I? What to try to cohabiting where I am from a business standpoint. I know how can we serve one another? So I had the opportunity to join a mastermind and that really changed for me. In terms of my mind, sad and my belief and myself and my abilities to really lead and Wait. I feel that God is calling me to leave my community, so, getting around the right support system? was a huge step and then, after that, when you start
I really cannot lay those foundations its growing the best. Getting the right people on the right seeds that is make or break. I feel again, even if you are, have one person? I love. The mastermind thing comes up all the time now, when I'm talking of professionals, and actually did an interview agenda Kutcher recently, where she talked about how powerful that's been in her career. I would love if you had explained to listeners what, because all masterminds are different some you're paying money to some. It's just a group of really smart people that you're hanging out without love. If you'd explain what that like, looks like in your life and why you made the decision to proceed I was kind of getting to kind of a crossroads. Where am, I was diving more into the decide, hustle of influence for marketing strategy, block strategy, that sort of thing, but I was still doing the pr stuff pretty heavily, and I
to feel very ran, dry and run thin, and I was just not excited about anything. I actually my. It was interesting that happened. I was doing one of the last book, but campaigns that I've ever dine and literally my body broke out from head to toe in these insane hives and for like six weeks. They would allow and you know just to give you a little bit of contacts like. I have never been really anyone that my skin reaction, that kind of way urban anyone that's had eczema or really bad acne or anything. You know my my skins just never binary, reactionary part of my of my body, I'm so far for my skin to really be telling me that I knew that that was like woah. Oh, I need to kind of listen here. Cuz, I kind of see our bought like our skin is like a castle and it's kind of letting us know what's going on on the inside.
So I knew that I kind of needed to figure things out and so, as I started, to kind of deep dive into some some of my own, I you know personal stuff, where my holy myself back. Where am I playing small? What am I really so afraid of and most importantly, what do I need to forgive my myself. and who do I need to forgive because I you're like a lot of times when we were starting to feel resistance around something. It's like a cable, the Hutu Unita. Forgive is it suffers if someone else. So Getting clear on that, what I kind of started to figure out- and this again is just through it- was through prayer. I hired a coach- I with my wife coach to kind of help me through this ice, to meditate for the first time ever, I was raised in a southern Baptists home You don't know you got you gotta church on Wednesday, you gotta charge on Sundays and you pray meditation is, is we will win it's weird but, as I have grown up in I've and I've really kind of cultivated ino. Might
my own face with with myself and my own relationship with Christ. I am a firm believer in meditation Leave that meditation is prayer. It's it's! It's all connect online thing right now. I I totally iron. In fact, when I'm telling crowds of people say, I do a lot of guided meditations at our events or when I'm speaking, the crowds- and I always have that moment where people are like you want us to do. Why am I just think of it as guided prayer cause to me most of my gravitation, my. meditations on gratitude, which is just the blessings in your life and what you ve been given, and it is one minute. I agree with you a hundred prisoners when it most powerful things at one it most powerful tools. I have in my arsenal, is the ability to add a moment's notice, because my eyes focus on my breath and religious day again to a feeling of gratitude. A feeling of support from God and all that so I am with you on that one sister, a hundred per cent
and for me it cannot go back to my favorite Bible. Verses are part of it be still in no yeah and what that says to me. So if your Christian, you can identify with us if you're, not, then you ve probably still identify with this in your own way, but for me, in order for guide to speak to me in order for Christ to speak to me, I just have to be still so good, so how can I be still and when your meditating, you are still So did I started with kind of a lot of a lot of meditation in and a lot of just me really getting honest on who I am an how I can serve and in really bringing at the table, and that's when I really know noticed I Didn'T- have that community and those relationships in my wife that I really wanted interesting, because I'm kind a firm believer in like em tell me what you're in the ISAF and I'll tell you what you should be doing away
I think that what does impact that idea? Yes, so you know it's a lot of times- will see someone or something and we'll get that feeling of jealousy right or envy and we're like wool, Who does she think she is a wise person doing mad or you know, but really that are really seeing it as a negative. I would try to see more as a aha moment of like aha moment of like oh that's when I need to be doing, and so I started to really noticed that when I would see these women, I would start to be like a man to be doing so I started to really noticed that when I would see these women, I would start to be like a man. I wish that I could connect with them. I would tat. I was doing what they were doing. I wish that I was in that picture with that group of people. Right now and so I really started to pray around that and meditate around that and really start to try to visualize. You know what that would look like for me and with and you just noted on it being grey for what I had in that moment. You know,
that community may not be in my life right now, but man this is the community. That is why I am so grateful for that in here is why and when I really started to kind of make that shift and really start to see that as something that I wanted to cultivate in my own life, those- communities opened up for me and so I spent really the whole summer focusing in on the relationships that I wanted. The women that I wanted around me the women that I wanted to be around and how could we could create together, in Kosovo serve one another and then August of that year. Amongst the Griffin who is a dear friend and who is my master, my leader am put out a a post she was creating a mastermind and she was one of those people that I had kind of been following for a while- and I was like man I wish I could learn from her. She seems amazing. I wish that I could do what she does and down- and I really just saw that- is an invitation to step into ends, and so I did and am and real
we being supported by that group of women that she brought together was tremendous so mastermind, really as if, at least for the one that I do it's a year long, it's kind of like college and a lot of ways. I mean yours, you're spending like highly well tuition dollars to be a part of this intimate group for a year. You meet for in person retreats he me monthly. Virtually on calls you really just kind of have like open access to one another to really not We gain tactical information and in new ways on how to do things with your business, but really have the support that you wouldn't There is also a great networking component to it and you, you really do feel supported the way that I've never felt, and I think it so important for women who are still open. Doors are entrepreneurs, it can be a really lonely space out here in the online world so really having that support from that mastermind was tremendous and down, and now
I'll, be soon I'll, be opening up at my own mastermind and sharing now it as an opportunity for my community if they want to join so it really does everyone does pay its offered in so many nice awesome. If, if people are listening and they are like yes, I need the masterminds information. Yes, I want to know how to be part of your community. Where can they go to to learn all about all the things. Yes! So on my website is Julie, Solomon DOT Net and then the package is the influence or podcast and that's the influence or Pakistan com for those two things and on Instagram and face yes. Instagram is at jewels, J, UL, L, Solomon s elbow Emma and for those listening, a thumb if you're wanting to dive deeper into online influence or blogging and you're just trying to kind of figure out you're your next steps, I'm I'm am launching a brand new academy. Later this fall actually about a month, that's going to be a brain building road map answers?
vaguely made for influencers and bloggers that are really going to help them to find their purpose clay fi their strategy and really turn that influence into a worthwhile profitable business. So that could be another step that they want to dive into will be having a wife amazing. free stuff, along with adequate enemy, doing a four part, video series, that's completely free that people can opt in to learn more about taking your influence in growing into a profitable business or just I'm starting an online influence, and what that could look why that is so awesome. I love that and I really want to encourage listeners if you on social media, for your business. You have influence. You have Even if you have three followers people are following you right now and to be able to harness the influence that you have and to be able to scale and grow up and use it as a way to promote your business, is a massive thing like I think. Sometimes people heard who are new or like. Oh, she means people who want to.
you like a style influence or on Instagram it guenaud. Can you can you talk to them? just a little bit like influence. You can be an influence, her and sell, wrote it in fields. You can be an influence her and have a bakery in your home too. Like it, it means anybody who has influence with a community of people who are paying attention to what you're doing Absolutely I mean an influence is so powerful right I mean it can be used for post things can be used for manipulative things, but I really do see it as one of the most powerful is skills that's that he can cultivate as as human beings. I think a lot of people feel like influences a personality trade like one, not extroverted enough, so I can influence people or I don't have any in followers. Are you know I don't know how to do this, but really it's just mastering the skill set I really think that I think of influence has more of a wholly thing. I really think that its it it has this device core. I think that it can.
Comes from something that is much deeper. That's connected within all of us, and You know to me you know info. This really is about impact. damn cultivating that magic within each of us that has the power or to create, perform and share collectively If you are someone who wants to create something that wants to share something it doesn't have to be. Fashion or lifestyle or even blogging. If you haven't Etsy store- and you want to get you know, the word out about products and services that you have there like you. To have an influence to be able to do that's. What's really about cultivating the confidence and the impact that it takes to share your brilliance with the world, do you feel like Nervous about only and the leader of a mastermind that feel so powerful yeah
The first step has the the academies actually launching first and then we're gonna go into the masterminds, because I think that the I'm gonna be able to really serve at a higher level and the mastermind. Once I start to find em the amazed. people, they're gonna, be in the academy in really what their wanting to dive even deeper into after that and really getting that high level support. So there is a nerve to it of you know. You know am, I gonna, be showing up Emma Gonna, give them what they need. All of those kind of again scarcely scarcity, things that we do, but since I guess it earlier I've been through it. I know the impact that it makes and to be completely transparent with you guys, I had a low six bigger business before joining a mastermind, and then after joining a mastermind. I haven't had a seven figure business all within likes eczema ridable. I love so Yes, just from a numbers stating if your numbers person listening like you really do see insane results pretty quickly, and so the academy is gonna kind of b, the jumping
point of that that really allow people to dive into to lay the groundwork of their purpose in their vision in their strategy, and then the mastermind will be the next step to kind of complete. All of that sister. Thank you. So much you for your time and your wisdom and this work that you're doing because it is so important and so needed and their art very many people who would be like man here, are the keys the kingdom has everything I know: here's how you can take this and grow this scale this, and I love that you and I love that you're you're being such a powerful force in the lives and businesses of women all over the place. So sauntered knowledge you for that, and thank you for the work they are doing and they you for spending time with us and sharing all your wisdom and your journey. I hope that everybody who is listening, we'll go, follow Julie, just literally everywhere that you can. and her thank you is so great to spend time with you and your amazing community today and down. I can't wait to see what's to come for all of them. We will we
act with another episode next week. In the mean time, if you have a moment- and you can write of review or subscribed to the podcast. That is a life to those of us who worked so hard to produce every single for more information. You can check out days, podcast, dot, com or stock me on every form of social media. I amiss Rachel Hollis on every single platform. Thanks to our producer Alison Code, are sound engineer, Jack, noble and are sound editor Andrew Weller. Most importantly, I hope you heard something today that inspires you I'll see. Next week, ladies and gentlemen, did I mention I have a book coming out? Here's the thing it's called get out of your own way, a skeptics guide to growth and fulfillment and we're in the pre sale window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about Twenty lies that I once believe that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this from the perspective of someone that
totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the perspective of someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the pot Castro listening to for ever and ever its through. That lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies, and not only did it, help me get out of my own way to help you get out of Europe's. There are two ways I want to say. Thank you for preparing this book. I have created an e course penny course. Yes and e course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your why it's a fantastic resource, it's available. Absolutely! for free right now for having pre order the book, and if you go to get out of your own way, the book dot com right now and follow the prompts not only we get to eat course. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again
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