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84: The Most Important Part of Your Brand is Your Mission with Barrett Ward


On this week’s episode of the RISE Podcast I got to sit down with Barrett Ward. Barrett is the founder of ABLE, one of my favorite brands on the planet. Not only do they make the denim jacket that I’ve been wearing for two years straight, but their brand is a incredible example of how to build a company around an incredible mission while also creating an amazing product. Barrett and I talk about creating jobs for women who have overcome incredible circumstances, operating with radical transparency, and hitting the bottom line while staying true to the mission at the heart of your brand.

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You guys it's reach. Our houses- and I am here, is my friend, Trent Shelton was a rigid I live in the dream man you tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now, we're going because we're launching my new package straight up and I'm supermax seller- add if you guys you're, not already familiar, attract he As millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for ever you're. A unique style of coaching yeah really rights are. The point is really I can put stray from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in this area people's lives for love that so you guys want here, more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things in a kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like eyes: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for- and I finally just thought what if I turn this into a
product- and I started to dream and plan- and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office- of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping, and sometimes we rest up on the interior but we ve failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away
to aim in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're, not in the market, to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it and whatever note book you have laying around for free you not to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will lose thoroughly, literally change your life.
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you might not know the name, but you probably know the jacket. If you feel. Me uninstall ram. You ve seen me, where one of their Denham jackets nonstop for the past two years, beyond having great style beyond really cool products, they have an incredible mission of heart and I think you're gonna love their story as much as I do, and you for sure. Gonna love the discount that they're giving all of the listeners of the rise podcast so make sure you. Listen to the end, so you can find out how to get your new favorite Denham on a huge disco. hey man. Thank you so much for a car. I so happy to be here ass. We happy it's nice to do a face to face interviewing. You now found you know. The truth is I told them. I wanted to come out here to be if you get us to do or mean foresaw a grateful for the opportunity here and I dont like them. I can't do it if its a smaller yeah. I just feel like
and somebody and connecting what makes for such a better. Conversely, for sure. I agree because when you are on the phone with some minor computer or whatever, you tend to accidently interrupt off. The time not not intentionally it's, because you can't see the natural like without making a bright her there there there done speaking now so yeah, it's always thunder and I feel like the energies, better urban region. You know grateful for what you ve done: Oh my gosh jacket and after member personally asked the where I almost work today, but I felt like I was too on the nose. I love that crusted guy, it's really good Denham Jacket right where you have again. I have nothing to do with the actions over yonder. Tell me tell the story tell Sorry, we just launched, stand, chat and it up, but tell story of who you are or you're from, let's like here, how it all got there shall be well Barrett.
Married. Rachel, not not, then access rights of ever medicinal re outrage, e yeah and we live in National Tennessee Ostend to point oh, yes, we almost nationals are secondary really, but we were asking, is renewed people here, warmer freaky outer yeah Lamar yeah we're working on at the time we get there we have four daughters, so we want the national now for about twenty years. Without it there able started in about two thousand and ten, when rates on our living in Ethiopia, and You know, there's a long story to her, but were fastened company, and that means we sell Susan Denham and apparel. and jewelry and bags, and no but our mission? to create jobs for women, who have often overcome some pretty extraordinary circumstances, and is that just
strictly or international, is both domestically and internationally. As you know, we make our jury in Nashville. We work with. There's twenty eight women there. You know it's actually wanting that we love and were proud of his five years ago, even four years ago, there is just five or six of us today, if we just ran payroll at eighty six people. Why back? But eighty one of them are women that sell ready when business- and I love that- and I am so grateful for it. You know and we're really women's focus, not only in our offices bet outward and our mission and how we do it. We do we we did start in Ethiopia by working with women there who had overcome prostitution and gives them back on that as well. But we also work with women and National Tennessee who have overcome addiction or prostitution, because really the goal is if you're gonna, be serious about solutions to poverty. you, you know. Charity is critical. It is credited with their people that are done, but in the world,
from a solutions ending generational poverty side, you have to create jobs and you have to do it for women yeah and that's not just the heart issue. That's a socially scientifically proven fact that men and women is given a job. We stand, the impact that she has he reinvest. Eighty percent of it into our family and community wants a man sorry guys round. There were thirty, two percent, and so that really, You know we started by working with just a few women in Ethiopia. Out of them telling us they needed a job what we landed on as this is the strategy that we would have employed had we really knew where we were going with us in the first place, which, as you creating jobs for women, good, Tang jobs for that credible? How? How do you even began? I've had the opportunity in the last couple years gets no quite a few people who have similar businesses or they ve started either collapse, or they started factories in different places. With the same, you know heart centred mission.
But you have this idea, you really want to create jobs. Now what That sounds That makes me sound like this, visionary. I had an idea. I see where we're going and really every step for me is just been stumbling upon. The next thing. I would have never said that we're going to have all these product categories are have all these employees are on the world, really just started because when rates on our living there and you ve been Ethiopia gal. I want my generation have maker of Korea. What was a hat makers and help one now of years ago and got to see, I love help one because they they fund charities. built by Ethiopians opiates Ethiopians. It's not someone from you, know western culture being like here's. What you need. So we are, we gotta go see some of their awesome work. We were doing there, they were doing there. It was incredible. Awesome yeah, that's very much your model, we so when we Start Ed,
We were actually there working in the adoption space and I was working with vulnerable women and children working with a local ethiopian agency, and what we started running into was all These girls waving at us on the streets, and young girls, and what I was friendliness eventually we realized was girls. That way, the four sex industry where in prostitution and so that was outrageous to me. It was completely it just wells up your anger. I know you ve been there any scene at an and we see that kind of lack of justice, sometimes here in the states For me, there we started talking to those women and we started working with them with a local agency that worked with women coming out of the commercial sex industry. And what they do is they work and rehabilitation and counselling and therapy and child care? It was awesome, it was the charity side right but, as you started talking to these women, I think two things really happened. Ass one was.
I think, I put women. There were come out of prostitution, probably in a box hobby probably made some bad decisions, and then yes, you know that kind of what I think I had a prejudice and when you start meeting these women- and you start talking to them- you start to find out one men had come out of or gone into, prostitution to save her sister from breast cancer if money to save her sister from breaking up all the sudden, your meeting the most heroic people absent I make sacrifices that I can't even conceive having to make I've always gotta fallback yeah. I like areas really every woman that I had the opportunity to meet her to this programme, and now they ve built their own business was which was the idea. When you came out of it, you could build your own businesses. every single one had that as theirs hurry, and when you got into the backstory it was, I am go. I had two so myself or my kids would starve to death right like
not not like we don't pay rent or we don't we don't need yeah yeah and So that's obviously one part of the challenge and an the second thing we heard from the women was, but you understand that were grateful for this charity, but at the end of this road and it's the same story, you're telling me this road. If we don't have a job, then work go right back to that We need to have an opportunity, so that was a real seminal moment for Rachel, and I where we decided that you know like I said: if we're going to be serious about solution to poverty, we've got to get on the creating job site and there's really just not enough people on that side. So we started asking the women. What do you want to learn how to make? We can sell something in the states? I guess yeah yeah, you know, there's there's no genius here and one of the women said well with the dollar to make scarves and
you know what they would have said: we'd love to learn to make microphones. We be a microphone company today. Hence why I know nothing about fast and so so Meselu started training and doesn't why you and LULU started training to make scarves and make a Kelly. Is an actress actually came beside us and helped us launch? Allow video and it took off within about two miles, we had solved somewhere around four thousand one hundred twenty three scarps yeah and we realise, yeah, we ve got something here we had, you know That time you doesn't tenement. Obviously women's empowerment feels like the business to be in today right, but the reality was for at that point in time. I think it was A lot of women were coming into that place of like fun. Let's, let's thinking empowerment as a solution think about giving women a job as a solution and so an end. And so I think our consumers really identified with the thought that if I
spend my money that I'm spending anyways on something that created job for a woman and lift her out of poverty. That is, extraordinary opportunity, ire and And so that was I the biggest ingredient to our success along with really good products. You know you don't have a visit. If you dont have good product, we couldn't lean into a mission message. Our first priority was to make really good products so so that's where we started was just making scars in Ethiopia and and then Rachel my move back to National Tennessee and when we were in Nashville. I mentioned before that we saw obviously in our own backyard and need for this as well. So we training women to make jewelry come from similar backgrounds and and now we ve gone from three women make a jury three years, twenty eight so exciting yeah! It's are finding that still as this that still the the thing that me, and I'm sure you feel the same way:
whoever it is seeing someone have a job, and good job and being grateful and ends and having held care covered, or those kind of things is what still turns my wheel. You know I mean it doesn't matter how many people we employ matters, how well we employ the people have lain. Oh, I think you know this as such. It such an interesting topic for a myriad of reasons. It's it's. Oh I don't know if you ever get this or maybe this is something that people just only attack women for, but something that I have gotten grief about over the last thirty six months is as we build and scale this business and it becomes more successful. Even though you know ten years, a barely scraped them by and then we ve had a couple years that it's just exploded. There is this the of in a year.
Pacing the wrong thing. Are you care about his money in a social? he is weird and and people get angry and that's all day these things, but the other day, we were on alive, chemin we're talking about a new product that we launched and someone mounted and said: oh so so God hold you, then you should just charge people, money for the things that you know and I didn't see day saw he deleted it before, but I wish that I had, because I thought I want to honour that yeah. He did actually because I have learned to build a business. Twenty five people here have jobs and their kids and pay their mortgage and their car payment because of the things that we ve created, and so there's this
I really believe in my heart and if we have given you a copy of the new book, amateur, send you home with it to the current links. You're saying I followed oh yeah, you like it is this idea of. I feel if women could just step more fully in two, ideas that are on their heart, that the same thing that you are faced with real like we can probably cell somethin- I mean there's no experience we're like I can can try and if people are just step more fully into that women specifically, the results would be atomic, the green. It would be unbelievable because of that idea. That way when do pour out their children and their community. They they if others up along with them their such power, and women having the courage to to build something which, as you know, we are speaking
right now to an audience of primarily women who listen in on this, but so tell me I'm just fascinated how other businesses are constructed. You had scarfs, we can sell. now you guys have my favorite Jackie Issue- is that the all the thing the jury, all the staff, how How do you go from scarfs, too? I mean, did you? Did you go like? Oh, I know exactly how we gotta get a designer and though we have to have a plan. or make I mean, I'm making this up actually ya know I'd. It was mostly therapy alive curvy. You know an end, and the truth is is when I mention the the size of employee base and the number of women that we work. Well. If I do want to save frustratingly, I understand what you're talking about and actually doesn't hit men as yeah tethers Thought that we're. breadwinners that I think is so consciously generates. An acceptance of driving, say
I really, but for us you know it, it really is just getting out of the way of the women at work with us. I mean this is five guys. I mean we don't I don't know anything about fashion, so it really has been looking towards. men to and leaders in the fashion space, to help us think what what? Does it look like a round the corner? So for me, I think the most important thing that I've been able to do. You know really when we really went for you talked about the last few years being really the blow up here, for you and for an able, it was the same and You know when we really started getting going in two thousand fourteen that easily the hardest year, my wife of easily said a hundred times that if, if I knew was getting into our when done it. So thank God, and what I was going and ere. It doesn't look like they're letting yeah and that was a hard year. You know, I am you know it's. It's
really fun moment when you're three year old walks in and says you know why daddy and final position on the cap and thank God, for you, know my wife and for them in towards that surround myself when because I would have never made it to that time period. So to me, when I think about how did we get started when you ask that question, it was really about surrounding myself with people that not only could speak business wisdom and to me, but really for me more than anything, it was a lot of just emotional. Poor people that can empathize and help me understand. You know when I listen to applaud like how I built this right love how about this
they are our next women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the events that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laugh until we pay our pans and we talk about our things that we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or our businesses or whatever it is that you're working on. If you want to find out more your curious, what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the instagram and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at: let's rise, dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto. On March this, through the seventh that's Toronto March- this through the seventh check out all the details at the Hollis cold dot com. If you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing
Often, do you really feel, like you get business wisdom verses, just knowing that you're, ok and the bodies go and yeah right favour? Is here industries rather like? Well, and then all of a sudden six palates to showed up at our living room and we learn d like ship, purses from our living rise in my favorite, because so much of this is wholly crap. We may be bit off more than we can chew, but we gotta figure it out, because we have so many people counting on us to come through right now and lustrous and here we go and making mistakes in real time all tyres on yeah I mean, I remember, you know our first year really really get going into doesn't fourteen we ordered a bunch of leather bags. We were two months later online customers, two months and when they showed up They were all the wrong color now
and so we were just telling people to shipments on the way you know, and they all came in the wrong color and I remember standing there with three person team that we have at that point and try that really confident and thin. in front of Jan and April in saying so no problems happened, challenges happen. You know, girl, Ladys, I've, gotta I'll, be right. Back I've gotta go to you a couple things really quick. So I went straight to the discount tobacco tobacco so around the corner grab my first package smoked in eight years and maintain those I closed my eyes and then the next stop. Wasn't my friend embers houses, stylus and say what do you think of this colored as this work and again it's just that story. Line of you know. I think looking for wisdom and reading books and all those things are are important: but how many mistakes will you avoid through that? Maybe about, the fifteen to twenty percent and the reality is is the best,
what you can get as that emotional crap, you know that first year, another article I read said people shipowners and think look how brave they are. Writing that lion. to bananas are thinking how can I get on this line and how do I stop it from eating me? That was you know. That was my experience, but I think, through mentorship and through good people, we got through that first year, a little bit, Supra helped out too, and then You know we started smoothing out the operations and is your grown at that clip. You're still gonna have challenges, I think, my my biggest effort has been to try to create a baseline of understanding that Wherever we're out is ok yeah, you know and often have to get to the place of. If this all EL apart? What do I still have yeah? You know I have to do that in my mind. Some yeah- I don't know I think some people are probably rightly
were strong, more entrepreneurial in other there, and when I say more entrepreneur, I think of it being defined as that person. It's just built to tackle thing. Guess: yeah, love chaos, you now and I'm just not built tat you and I went. We went to at the beginning of twenty eighteen was I turned thirty five and thirty fifth birthday gift to myself. Was I bought tickets for me, alpha Dave to go to Tony Robins business sorry Nylon, Johnny, Robin you and I had always said it was a meeting. I have always want to go to business mastery and its soak ways. The expensive leg bananas brows like some day and I did a wholesome bathing. So we go to to that conference and I love discovering is there are three types of people and I'm not who I thought I was in business some business there, a true entrepreneur, an artist and a manager
ok, go right says I lay down on the girl the ass, so I had always thought I am a true entrepreneur. Launch were, nor is it for the business, an entrepreneur I could walk away from their company today. If someone offered them the amount of money it's about the business Puzzlin figuring it out of an artist is in it for the art that they are making, they will sacrifice profits forever in order to To have something come in the way that they wanted to, and then a manager is someone who is killer. Leading people and creating processes? You can get all the things done right. We do on the same way, but I am for sure and artists, and I wanted to ever told you that like I would have never known. That was a thing, but I for years yours would sacrifice massive profits to redo something fifteen times to get it exactly the way that it was with me in my head off.
I would. I would put us into debt Over delivering for the customer, I was so afraid that they were going to be upset or they would like the thing. So it was interesting enough, Dave's a manager, I'm an irish, so we don't have the entrepreneur person here, but it is super interesting as we navigate these things. Some people get really like a like an entrepreneur might have gone through. You know all your bags in the wrong color. We just went to a horrible situation a couple months ago with journals we. three p l partner for zero listening, that's a third party logistics, so someone who ships your product and everyone or tools. I had this big and by the way, like we're gonna ship, our product, we're gonna, do it we're gonna
our ways yes Paoli, yes like and similar to you, I'm really passion about employing people ever I've, a champagne bottle and my friend with Washee deep on it. That says one hunt, employees because my visit, my my life, that's cause change. This is going back to what you said earlier, my life, changed when I was able to financially take care of myself, and I did that through working. My did that through a job, so I got out of a hard childhood. I was able to leave homosexuals support myself by getting a some really passionate about creating jobs. We have similar heart for now so horrible situation where we partnered with the three people, yet nobody wanted to do my warehouse idea, which would have actually been what happened and we get really excited we get the community involved, journals go
on sale, their fired up, thereby like crazy praise, the Lord, because it was the first product we made and we rely. Please please as you know, hot as you invest this money and if they don't like this, we're in trouble cuz. We just invested all this money their buying it, and I'm thinking all we have to do is so. If I can just sell the product that I've created no problem Seventy ten business days was how long was was to take to ship these journals and about ten business. Levin business, and we have no idea. Anything's wrong- are single are one customer service team member comes in here one morning and there are six of them how's that guy only six thousand somewhere like what's happening. We dig in and find that this shipping company, whose referred by our friend pretty big shipping company, goes to France.
He's the ass. He was devastate like it's fine, but they ship yourself right up anyway, so as a whole situation. People are pest likes, though upsetting you know me, I'm all about that. The community field, good and having great interactions with ice and we're like guided they ship that shipped weeks go by weak scope. It was horrible. Some people got seventy to businesses, the guy there's some six weeks later, I met her So not only do we have six thousand emails to get through or religion. Call. You know me from church. You know get the phone tree go and call the other moms at school. Every one come in here we get twenty five people and you're working on customer services and the bummer as we can't even tell them. Oh, don't worry I'll, be there tomorrow. You know we're just like we're sorry to reassert our sides. I mean you know you: can you can, I do, though, have lied. He asked the yeah, like so horrible.
and in the middle of it Really I mean for about ten days and David and by the way, we're sitting here. Nobody, nobody in this company worked anybody did was answer: customer service emails and and I sat here and works through them, and it was so. stress and so much pressure and like that all its pressure because you care because of the artist, and I think the entrepreneurs ass the problem solving or hey. This is going to cost us this march and returned whatever I want: a costume of their original Dana carers, the being counting I'm like, though, I'm devastating and it's just honestly because I know we have so many entrepreneurs and small business centres for listen to this so I love your perspective on beyond going and getting cigarettes which we do not recommend did not actually yeah. I my thing is just you
there is no other way to go, but to keep going. You just keep going that this too shall pass. You will get through it next Tuesday, is not gonna, be as bad as this Tuesday just got a rarity, not the norm? Yes, what what would you say for someone if someone's Anna similar season, whether like I'm drowning, my boy This is I'm drowning inside my business costs of bags don't show up journals, don't get shipped something outside your control. yeah, you know. For me, the the thing that I proceeded mess early when I was there, there's that sang begin with the end in mind and I think by beginning with the end in mind for us at a ball, it put a couple of Stephen Covey line about big rocks in place first and said: Very first thing that we dead is
when I started able, as I said, ok, I'm gonna family. I've got three dollars at that point four, and so the first Iraq is, is that my schedule is nine, to five now, without said, there are still plenty of mornings. I wake up early before the kids get her once the kids are done in bad. I've had put in, few hours. My wife will tell you many a time. You know even over marvellous maize, all work on the computer last night, but. But, but that big Rock was in place first and then the second big rock that we put in place was mission and, no matter what we were never going to sacrifice that component? kind of what you said about customer service are taking care of the customers we we will take care of you first if we lose on our end, that's all because I want you to feel treasured and we want you to feel it and know that your important, so whatever that sacrifice takes to get you to that decision,
and so for us, keeping that mission in place figuring out. How do we make sure everyone has a living wage? How do we make sure every employee has you know maternity leave paid in a fully paid health care option and well things are really specific. It's important to be so Again, it's important to say what are we building our company on and I think when those big tragedies are big moments happen that are really hard for me. Is I'm going go back to the big rocks and I'm just to say that first in place How long has my relationship with my spouse is say, am I being intentional and that relationship our my relationship with my children? Ok, that's it first off right, nothing else! Let's just start their next big rock. Are we still move forward on the mission that we have and so that, even if this fails, even if this moment in time breaks ass, we see
true to those critical pieces, and I will have that moment of integrity. Where I can look in the mirror and say I did what I said I was gonna, do you know and and because you can't control those things right and sometimes those might break. You mean the reality, as it may break your business now. I've been theirs that there is a reality that a certain percentage of new businesses fell, but but but service will be able to keep on going right, but if we can't or if even if we can, those bedroom of whatever we put in place in the beginning will be- things that allows look in the mirror and be yeah, ok, Withers, yeah, I've that thing yeah I know so you you, you go from scars have jewelry, have the apparel? That's that's twenty eighteen going into twenty nineteen out magic. I saw the able man magic, tell like what what's next, three guys. What's the vision, where are you now and what's the with you know we we re
developed all these. New product categories, For one reason only, and that is for the mission- because what we believe, as is that no speaking kind of in business terms there is that that statement the blue water, where's, the blue water, not the shark infested waters and the blue water was really a fashion brand that was truly socially conscious there outfitted a woman from head to tell, but there or with the real issues are with the fashion industry, but it's kind of atrocious. Its I don't know how familiar it's. The largest employer industrial are with the fashion industry, but it's kind of atrocious that you know it's the largest employer industrial employer of women in the world. Really I didn't obvious that seven million every arms. Why haven't? I did not know that either but about seventy. Five percent of them are women somewhere estimates around forty five million people that make our product are close in the world make all of our close and of those women only
two two percent of them earn a living wage, and so what that means. We say a living wage to take it out. Kind of an anesthetize term and make it real is a living wage means that you can barely make ends meet, for example, in Nashville Tennessee living wages, eleven dollars and thirteen sense that's not a lot of money. You know! That's that's little over twenty thousand dollars a year. And in all this, countries that we work with them and in the fashion industry around the world too. That we wear clothes on a daily basis that is probably made by woman was a ninety eight percent chance. It is made by a woman that as well and twelve hour shift six days a week, this is her life. You know and I dont want to be to dramatic about it. But tat to me is like that's no good it's insane, and so the court There's a honey. You even begin to stop that how do you even begin to become disruptive in that space? To choose six. There is a and
For us, the play that we started thinking about was consumer demand. If you remember, and ninety nine in sex. There is a picture of a little boy. and he was sewing together football and it had a big swoosh on the side of it is from Pakistan, and that was a pr train wreck and Nike tried to say not our fault. We didn't do that. That's him not only that manufacturing. Consumer said. That's your fall! do something about it. Yeah you can control the yeah, and when that happens, when, when you can literally chain shareholder value, to being responsive all then then you will see poverty change overnight. You'll see problems be solved overnight, right in for us what we recently done as- and I don't know if you saw them Far as I've seen were the first company that I've no scene in the fashion industry to start publishing are low.
Wages in all of our manufacturers and the reason we're doing that its. If you can picture like an international label. The vision is that in ten years from now that there is an international level with the persons wage made that product on every single product that we may yet we can buy and that would have to change consumer behaviour. Absolute would have to change his career. You say you look at two different shirts and you know that that person got paid. What is called the local minimum wage in that community gap, which is typically so low and certainly not a living wage versus this paid a good way to living waiting here. Then I just consumers will make a choice to buy that garment and then what happens is. Is there becomes more profitable for that company. It becomes a marketing element. Nemo gave its mark animate if you're paying someone good wage yeah market, the daylights out of it, and then consumers will start purchasing from those companies, and I think eventually that has to turn
in two companies have to follow suit or they'll, get buried underneath it yeah, I think, few. I was hanging early about magic, which is for people who don't know it's a huge convention manufacturers and brands both bring all their stuff and they say here's what we ve got for next season. And then in order to react contacts, doors, Joe And- and they can see like I, if I own a sorry, can go in and see what able has come up for the next year. What is what is bananas is that the first year went to two magic. I wanted to understand that when I'm getting into anything, I want to understand how something works. We went to the manufacturing side and are we looking at? I don't like a foe leather jacket, let's say at the kind of thing that you would see somewhere. That would be a hundred and fifty dollars route and the cost of that unit is like a love
box and you realize, number one wholly crap their people charge, but as amounts of money for markup known on, but also if that jacket with material and labour costs, eleven dollars. There is no way that the person who made a rope can be six like there's just there's just no margin exactly there's not enough margin and if you think about it, publishing wages and and consumer start demanding.
You talk about that using what ten dollar shirt some of our exact large companies around the world, ten dollars, you're talkin the cost- and that is two dollars to that company. There's no way right that that prison getting paid a wage, but what good weight. But what happens if you're publishing a wage consumer start demanding it? They start doing their thing. They taken Instagram shot of their genes. Lay boy am jacket from able or whoever else, and they show the label that shows how much the person was paid. Then than consumer start thinking, that's cool and they are passing around the hat responsible people that actually care invest in those kind of companies, their purchases than what naturally will happen is wages will rise and here's the bad news is those com. Of garments will rise a little bit too, but that, ok considering that, in the light Twenty years, consumerism has grown four hundred percent my grandma still
has the same Dang same yes, furniture. She has the same ten beware forum like tell twenty years ago. Right, yes, and so I'm not saying it's bad redecorate, we just did we love it land or home, There's a balancing point. Our consumerism probably needs to slow down. There was a turn. Towards labour around the world, where we said you know what we're just gonna keep pushing down labour costs, no matter how much it hurts them we'll keep pushing consumption up. and that's. How will make money and there should have been a block somewhere in there should have been someone of of principle. that stood in the way of that, and so now we're saying since businesses didn't do it, consumers stand in the way that you know by air What what do they call your capsule wardrobe life by a garment that kind of transfers between a few outfit think more creatively, as opposed to thinking of high oh yeah, you know,
think that interesting thing that has and in the last few years is the Instagram Fashion here, when I'm wearing this week. Here's what you ve got a by here's, what you need for summer and I was them on the worst person ever as I do show off my outfit every day, young and ninety percent of what I'm wearing their where'd. You get that, unlike its fifteen years old, fires, because I myself and if you follow me for a while- you can see like this guy like this a decade. All like I just you. My my intention that the honestly I saw documentary- I don't I don't remember that was called years ago about fast Shouldn T caused and what it what it meant to do like an how. Just by shifting we're you're buying things or buying things. That would last
buying things that weren't cheap, don't buy. Something that's for this season by something that you'll want to wear six years from now in, interestingly enough, it's why I love your staff, because, personally I were I don't like patterns, I wear I've just like solid color than like not account or you are all that. Well, that's why I love your safely. Finally, because if You have something that doesn't have a pattern. Ten years from now, I can still rock Denham jacket because I've had it forever so for what it's worth it listen you're like oh, it's a simple thing that I can do is be mindful. I can work with the words of that. You have I'm not saying like hey, I love a new somethin as much as the next gal, but be mindful of where you buy from you you're buying, like you, said the ten dollar jacket, Le either we see there's a big signs. Well now we're done my agent or take forever to I'm sorry luscious go ahead, and that is if you're, if you're looking at
like that, I know that closer darling, but if it, if it costs you less than twenty by you need to be mindful of of how little it was me. Four and deal? Is that good yeah somebody else's not gonna, give you actually yeah yeah and then the product to when you talk about timeless product or thing? That's a really good point. That's the way our designers design and one of them That we just lines is and you can go to the bottom of our homepage- was fastened with our common at the bottom. It says how to build an ethical wardrobe, we're gonna, do a monthly series on building that ethical, wardrobe, we're gonna, introduce other brands we love and leave a genuine about what they're doing it's almost the intention of it is to be almost the scam. Ethical fashion, and we want to. We want to put that information out there, because at the end of the day, I think People want to do exactly what you're saying, but knowing how to do. It is the hard part, of course, finding. It is the hardware yeah
I think that we all have those moments like our day. I need for short need that rainbow unicorn expires on budgets, even being mindful. That, I think, is important. So when you talked about where you got. We will wear it like what the hard as and where you want to stay, but like what's five years, should allocate Well, you know the publishing wages thing I frankly The thought of launching new product categories, this this hair, that you see used to be Q. An attack not so great- and this is even with that shampooer had met, brightened at a little theirs So, and that is largely due to new product categories and and because that is an investment into itself, you know that, but I think is the right strategy for our business
All purpose of that was to lead, as I mentioned towards this moment in time of publishing wages and starting to develop partnerships and coalitions, and so we have talking to the United Nations we ve been, talking to other brands around the country. think what were most excited about this here. You can see a Nashville coalition launch where there's a group of brands that are all going to come out and say were committed I was in our wages, though I just think For me, this is you know, I figure a propaganda about fifteen good years left in me. Oh my god, growing power signed encountered so many men lately and their aid is John. Ex loud. Gary Gary chat still killing killin in areas of high history, but you know, I really think that I just see this as the rest of my career. If I can Enthusiastically and passionately care about this, if I can help other comes
he's come on board and catch the vision, the long term vision that that you know just I honestly what what Sir Keep me up at night. Was the thought of stand in front of Saint Peter and be unlike you mean, like man, you saw tunnel bags yeah but why did you not invest as much of your time in making sure that the women around the world that were making your products and other companies products were protected and that can that kept me up, and so the question is how we gonna do it. How are we gonna? Do? to change the industry? And so we, as we said, landed on this publishing wages. Things is awaited, DR consumer demand, and so on I can see towards the enemy career that label on every single persons fastened product than I know that we will have had more impact on poverty in the ten years than the last thousand yeah
God that's a dream, I love it. I love. I love big dreamers. I love people who pursuing this is. This is the business I men as well as limit aim at the sun aim at the sun, and you know the thing is, though, even for the listeners in the thought around. That is again. None of that ever for me starts out with the big vision. First. it never generates. Out of. We want to change the fashion industry generates out of what's the next step that we want to do we want, the woman and then also like you said you become educated. You watch true cost, which is on Netflix. Currently it's a brilliant film about the fashion industry. You read: half the sky, you read: half the sky and all of a sudden it opens you happens. Has, however, we need to start empowering women more those always the next step, and that very so so the vision wasn't to change the fashion industry. But what landed in our lap was was. Idea that we believe could, but really, I think, What we care about the most at the end of the day is what what gives,
Peace and joy in my life is my daily interactions with my family with the people that I work with, and so whether the vision is super grand or workers. Megan you know. just jewelry and employing a few women in national to do that Oh, that's, ok. I can't think in all the same and gods economy, it's really the heart and the intention and that you put behind it. So that's what so, but how big it is. I just want to make sure that how how how big it is as a matter of everybody, you're companies unhappy absolute or if your happy at home etc. So that's that's. What we're shootin for us is happy home and then we'll see big thing, yes, of that and if you're listening is such a good story, it's also really good clothes. Thank lots of people. Send me stuff lots of he will deal and that nobody I like that jacket has gotten more.
Play in my life and I think they are like when you type Gola commands. Graham I've. Warn the Earl Jacket a bill Gillian time really jerk. In fact it's on its, I wanted to say the magazine. Some that's was to an answer, but I'm on the cover of a magazine in March and where, in a more and that jacket we going across the Gaza, always think you of course so yeah. So if you have never guy to go. Look through April's, incredible wardrobe, all the things that you need to add your life tell him making one in Saran Tom, where they can go on the internet, so lives fashionable dot com is, are Url has able super Psmith, yes, and it kind of started out as live fashion able you know, so that's the tion and then that's also our handle yeah.
Is lived, fashionable instagram in places like that, you know our superfund a fallen its. Thank you feed You know we know, we know your audience, we see who you're hoo hoo, the team up with Rachel follow you and so We are grateful for this opportunity and if If it makes sense, we learn to offer like a twenty five percent discount thousand amazing. We just want that. We want people to have an opportunity now and in the way that it works, as is fear, not the people. There paid that made the products are still pay the exact same amount, but we want to give you an entry point into no enable ends, and if you love it then go. Followers and work with us in and liberate that message and publishing wages. Yes, so
they are yes, twenty five percent off at amazing, how did they get that? Well, that's a good question. How about the use the code Hollis, great HIV, L, L! I ass a check out such a nice and what's the net, what kind of jacket is my favorite jack as it is called down early jacket? It's me or else. Why does come of the wider desirous jackass there's one its darker now there's a war well, there's a gap rob power by no means, so I have a united Align come out with you. We see yes, yes, I've aligned reality, we see- and you see, has been amazing. but we have addendum jack, and I might.
I got an email, desires, fervent hope you so much for coming on life was so grateful that we should hang out on more than just as pot cast, which means that the next time you on interim or Facebook or you to be sure and type Rachel Hollis into misery and check out all the fun things we have a going on on your favorite plan. You guys, if you like, be rise or rice together, progress, you're, gonna love, my monthly live coaching, serious work to do to sir I'm doing a coaching series, I'm I'm like your favorite coach, but with hair extensions and eyelash extensions and a pension from the outset. What kind of coaching are you culture? Ok, thank you for asking. There is actually to different classes line is life coaching, those are for people who want to work on their relationship, their health, their personal, all the personal stuff and then there's something. I'm really excited about business. Coaching I've been an entrepreneur for fifteen years. I'm really proud of the company that I built, and I want to show that wisdom with you. So if you on a small business and you want to dig into how to do social media, how to find new clients how to grow you revenue base, this is how to do it. I bet they can get more info. If the house go dot com, you sure right buddy, you can watch videos about what the coaching series is all about, how you join in and what is included with your membership.
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