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90: A New ”Girl, Stop Apologizing” Chapter: Leadership!


Today on the RISE Podcast I’m so excited to bring you another exclusive chapter from the audiobook version of “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” Whether you are a CEO or a stay-at-home Mom, you are leading your tribe in your own way. And because of that, it’s so important to refine those skills and philosophies so that you can show up the way you’re meant to. In this chapter, I detail my experience as a leader in the hopes that you’ll utilize those skills to show up for your work, your community, your friends, or your family in exactly the way you’d like.


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Hey guys. Rachel Hollis and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was originally I live in the dream, man, we! U tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now. Now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent, he has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah. Varying rates of the point is realistic and put a stray from the hardened break it. Negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in Mostar. We haven't people's lives down for love that so, if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Detroit. Let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and feared out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I gotta put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I rode down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social and so many people. What are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like eyes: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was an people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan- and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on the interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as a way to aim.
In the direction of their dreams. So if you are not four million- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not in the market, to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will literally literally change your life too, on the rise podcast, it's my pleasure to bring You another chapter from the audio book of girl, stop apologizing in this chapter. I wanted to talk about leadership, because is the thing whether you are a ceo or stay at home mom. You
leading in your own way, and it is imperative that you said into that calling on your life and show up for it well so I wanted to have a conversation about how I ve grown as a leader and how you can show up in your community as a strong, bold, courageous woman who is ready to shine a light so that others can walk down the path behind welcome to the rise podcast, I'm Rachel Hollis and I built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma, and a Google search bar each week will be sharing tangible direct advice or inspiring interviews with this same intention. These are the tools to change your life scale. Six, leave her set in
sixth grade I took the picture inside a teepee, it was girls, camp Circa, nineteen. Ninety five I still have the photo in an album covered with peace, sign, stickers and Mould The poor artistic renderings of this do see ass. In the photo, I'm dressed as a young native american girl as imagined by a young and ignorant white girl bride. Tied I and knock off timberlands, aren't a part of any tribal dress that I'm familiar with, but a twelve year old self felt beyond cool to set beneath that mark teepee for a solo picture donated by the local Owen, mills cultural appropriation aside that particular Oscar experience sticks out in my mind for two reasons why because we made scrambled eggs by boiling them inside zip block bags
since I have never been a camper. These sorts of wilderness skills still seem highly impressive and too my best friend Amanda, and I made up an entire dance routine to attend Mcgraw Song and taught it to the whole squad the song was indian outlaw. I mean I've Leslie ended, involve choreographed steps and moving into more than one formation. The day It was originally something we did during a break as a way to fight boredom. But it was I'm hypothesized here so adorable to the assembled group of troop leaders who will. Clearly all a little bit in love with time and that creepy pencil, handlebar mustache she was rocking back. Then that we were asked- he performed at camp fire? Can't fire you guys can't fight. Is the girl scout equivalent of the big show its where everything goes down its work. Hatches are given now and troops are recognised,
where we join hands in one big circle and seeing me new friends, but keep the old anyone anyway, It's a big thing deal and troops. Seven! Twenty three was about to make our camp fire debut When the big moment came, we all danced our hearts out, and during the grand finale, when the song cuts to the unexpected inclusion of indian reservation by Paul Revere in the raiders well sisters. It was as if the Spirit of Juliet Gordon Low herself was inside each of us.
Hey aren't. Next, women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the events that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laugh until we pay our pans and we'd have about our things that we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or businesses or whatever it is that you're working on. If you want to find out more your curious what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the instagram and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at, let's rise dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto. On March this through the seventh that's Toronto March, there, through the seventh check out all the details at the Hollis cold dot com. If you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing.
I was a leader even then unlikely so where most of you as little girls, many of us were the ones who organised exactly how the barbie accessories would be distributed fairly. We were the ones who instigated play, dates or ran for drama club president. It was a conscious thought the ability to gather groups and unite them around a theme or idea would just part of us if you're lucky your parents in current, do in these natural leadership skills if you're not as lucky, they may unintentionally tried to snuff it out be bossy, they'd, say you're not in charge of everyone. They'd remind you never mind that when one of the boys displayed these same exact characteristics, it was seen as admirable look that natural born leader they'd comment: wistfully leadership
in a trade that was encouraged in girls, when I was growing up- and maybe That's why so many of us struggle with the mantle now we do. We tend to think of ourselves as leaders, because that's me, often reserve for business settings, I'm to tell you I don't care who you are and what you do during the day work. Being or MA, meaning or school or whatever. It's all the same to me in this area I need you to embrace the idea that you are a leader, in fact, We all need you to do that I've. Spent the last half decade of my life building up a community of women, but online and in person who believe in a similar philosophy. As I do, we, I welcome and support one another, regardless of what we have in common and despite our differences,
We give one another space to belong and the encouragement to pursue our dreams, and I'm so blast that so many of you share my vision. Doubled over by how many women follow me online or come to my conference or by my books. Here is the truth from the very bottom of my heart. I am, Looking for one more fan I don't need one more woman too, like my instagram feed or think my shoes are cute. Not trying to develop a community of fans, I'm trying to develop a community of leaders. Are you an influenza? Are you and media Do you run a conference, a business, a podcast Are you a mom in the peach here? Are you a teller at the local bank. Are you a volunteer for Sunday school at church? Are you are high? students? Are you a grandma of seven great? I need you, we need you,
We need you to live and to your purpose we need. You to create and inspire and build and dream We need you to blaze a trail and then turn around and light the way with your magic. So other women can follow behind you. We need you to believe in the idea that every kind of woman dessert a chance to be who she was meant to be and she may never realized, if you- yes, you don't speak. That truth into her life. We will be able to do that if you first practice the idea of being made for more in your own life after all. If you don't see it How do you know you can be it? if women in your community or your network, marketing group or yours, zoom but class- don't ever see an example of a confident woman how, They find the courage to be confident.
If our daughters don't see a daily practice of us feeling not only comfortable but truly fulfilled by the choice, to be utterly ourselves How will they learn that behaviour? pursuing your goals for yourself is so important. And I'd argue. That is an essential factor in living. A happy and fulfilled existence But it's not enough simply to give you permission to make your dream manifest. I want to challenge you to love the pursuit enter open we celebrate who you become along the journey. When your light shines brighter others won't be harmed by the glare they'll, be encouraged to become a more luminescence version of themselves. That's. What leadership looks like leader We are encouraging leader share information leader, hold up a light to show you the way leaders hold your hand when it gets hard
True leaders are just as excited for your success as they are for their own because they know that when one of us does well, all of us come up when one of us exceeds all of us, succeed, be able to lead other women too that place if you truly believe that every woman is worthy and called to something sacred that require opening your eyes and your heart to certain women. You may not have noticed before and though it may seem slightly off topic for a book on personal growth. I want, to ask you to consider who you're, including in your sphere of leadership, Want to challenge you to do something. Look around you look instagram feed? Look at this speaker line up for your conference. Look at you! staff. Look at your friends. Do they all Look the same and just
we're clear. I dont mean do they have different hair, colors or personal styles. I mean well Frank We I mean. Are they all the exact same color? all the exact same type We all go to the same church. Do they all live in the same area? I see is everywhere in female focus media right now. I see it manifest on stages. I see it show up in the company staff photo I see it with the speaker line up. I see it in advertising. Every single time. I see it. I wonder why isn't this homogenous of setting to this group? Why doesn't this disparity bother them? How They pulled together sixteen speakers only one of which is female, or at a women's conference, Can you choose ten female speakers to represent all women and nine of them are white. I don't
it's a conscious choice for most companies or France's or friends circles to shun diversity. I just I think that we tend to choose what we know and what we know best are people who look an act and think, like us, but friends there is not what the world looks like This is not what business or the market looks like this not what our community looks like. Representation matters it man, is that you sit in an audience and see yourself on stage it matters that accompany who sells to a multi ethnic multi cultural world. To bring every voice and so that they consider as many perspectives as possible black white lips? No asian old young, gay straight Chris, ten jewish Muslim, different
the able plus size petite everybody should be at your table. Everybody should be on your stage. Everybody should be on your staff, Everybody should be invited to your kids birthday party, everybody should be welcome in your church. Everybody should be invited over for dinner every single woman you know, and every single one you don't could benefit from the truth that shit capable of something great house the ever going to believe that if nobody sets an example, how the ever going to believe that if nobody cares enough to see it in her and speaks the truth aloud The thing is I believe there is magic in each and every one of you. Listening to this, I know this with every fibre of my being that if all began to live more fully into that call on your heart in
spite of how scary and uncomfortable it feels at times. I know we can change the world the incredible thing is by embracing your calling and refusing to hide your glow you wouldn't just make your world brighter unit, by the way for the women who would come along behind you hang out on more than just as podcast, which means that the next time you are an interim or Facebook or Youtube be Sir and Type Rachel Hollis into the search bar and check out all the fun things we have going on on your favor platform. Ladies, When did I mentioned I have about coming out. Here's a thing. It's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and wherein the priest cell window of windows
I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about the twenty eyes that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this from them. Effective of someone that is totally differ. From Rachel Hollis. Even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the respect for someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the pot Castro listening to for ever and ever its. Through that lands that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies. Not only did make it out of my own way to help you get out of yours. There are two ways, When I say thank you for preparing this book, I have created an e course. Any course yeah in the course of sixty minutes, each course called finding your why it's a fantastic resource it's available absolutely for free right now for having pure the book, and if you
to get out of your own way the book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get Icarus. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book.
Again get out of your own way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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