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#RachTalk 10: I'm a Motorcyclist now!

2021-03-31 | 🔗

This week on #RachTalk I'm talking about my new life as a motorcyclist, and how you should never buy me flowers! Also, I'm awful at geography...and I'll prove it to you.

Oh! And here is my awesome music playlist - you're welcome!


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The hey, guys, welcome to rate shop. My weekly show, where I sit here in our office, drink caffeine and talk about random things this week. I'm talking about so I now in a motorcycle rider, don't in the flowers. If you were thinking about it, some questionable I fee and also, I would say again Emma motorcycle woman, it was this weekend and I don't even know why was thinking there's except I felt it got a brilliant idea was like. Should I get a motorcycle
and later I was hang out with my friends that are in my bubble and I'm trying to prevent, see me and beans that we should all get motorcycles and start motorcycle club beans is like we, had one one rule when we got married We only had one rule, and that was we do not ride. I'm trying to like convince people, and then I realize one of my friends in this group has a motorcycle. Ah, will you take me on a ride on your motorcycle and he's like, of course, wow? First of all, I had to put on a special jacket and a special helmet, and I did not know his whole time that one helmet can talk to another. You just talk to each other. You can listen to music, it's like a vibe, it's a whole thing.
And because wow was that fun. It was a freaking delight. Also, you do feel like. Where do I put my hands? Slash in my ear to art. Is this? Did I in what way we low and then at one point he's like okay, we're gonna go fast hold on we're really fast and unlike ok, it's all fast, it was sulfide, it was so exhilarating me b. Is there a world where it's like rage tries to get her motorcycle license? Okay, you know in the movies when the person pulls up on the bike and they're. Like oh look at that dude and then the helmet comes off and you realize it's a girl. I do need a thing cause see me and beans have like motorized bikes, but like cooler, then a bike, but not as cool as a motor go and we write those, and I am always like rolling on the back of one of them whole nanda. You know one my girls, which
cool, but also like I want my own. I mean it would be funny if I got like. Maybe I'm like in a pedal bike, a sidecar, perhaps you're literally hanging off the side of a moving vehicle in a bucket. How? How be. Do you get when you see a surprise side car, though it's a rare occurrence, it's like seeing the oscar mire weeny mobile. I saw this thing on I've, maybe on tik tok the other day where this guy said it was a tradition his dad did for like forty years or something that on the first day of spring every single year, he got flowers for all of the important women in his life and the sky was like, maybe in his thirties and he's
so I'm carrying on my dad's tradition, and it was him like going to like his friends who are girls, his sister whatever, and it was so precious because it was a surprise. So woman would open the door and all of them are like. Oh, it's the first spring because they like new the closest thing, and I was just like the cannot be honest. I don't want flowers, I don't. I've had enough flowers in my life. I want you to know me well enough to know what I would prefer instead and that's not about a monetary thing, but I just want someone who's, not just checking the box because they think that's what they're supposed to do, but they actually like put thought into it. I would rather have like a candy bar that cost a dollar, because you know that my favorite candy bar then arrangement that costs one hundred dollars, because you were like oh chicks, like flowers, I'm just going to get her flowers. That's me! Okay, it depends
it is on where my hormones are. But if I have to choose it's a tie between a twix and a reese's peanut butter cup, and if we could somehow it combine those two things together, perfect perfect, candy bar this is random. But I remember my parents have been divorced for a long time for good reason, but one thing I do remember about their relationship was my mom loves, peppermint patties and my dad would always bring them home for her. All different parts of their relationship might have been an upheaval as a little kid remember like that, so cool that he knows. This is her thing and what is saying- is I thought of you and this thing that you love and isn't that what we all really, why is someone who just sees us? Scott heavy? Did I already say that
I didn't bring the right bra today, so I couldn't where the cute outfit there. He had planned. Poor rosy, she's pulled so many adorable outfits and I just keep not wearing them. You know cause just in life. I'm gone for a target sports, but why would I wear underwear? I don't hate myself, I'm only wherein under I like a normal bra. If I need it for an outfit which I did and I forgot hashtag sorry hashtag pigs ox, look at that who wouldn't want to be with this. I don't know because I had a list of men and my phone, a roster. No, I don't
I have had some guys who live in completely different countries. Try and act like we're, going to have a real connection here in a global pandemic and with respect, I don't have time for that, like. Oh, if you ever come to stockholm, but like thank you, but no. I have no plans to go to stockholm and get your syndrome. The citizens of stockholm
So angry, how dare you I ok? Here's the deal for real. I dunno, if you guys know this about me, but I am terrible at geography. If you get it right, we'll give you one billion dollars. If you get it wrong, you're dead, I can't tell you where stockholm is. Is that in Europe? Is that an eastern eastern europe? It's not in asia? I don't think, is it in germany? Is it part of russia, norway? I do not know what happens in norway or denmark. I have no idea. Yeah sure, where I mean I'm telling you the only one I've got for you is italy shaped like a boot? That's all I got. I don't know anything else that that russia, ok, is either as refugees.
Me and jack we don't know. Ok, it's a big one, so that- and you know o russia's- that guy, so that germany, I'm telling you I am so smart in so many ways. This is not one of them. Is it russia? I can't even guess a country that is it like this by russia, poland, oh man, I got china was bigger, we rush is bigger than china. Hopefully crap. Can we just talk about like a global superpower, just like what happened? Russia, happened. We're gonna get in trouble for this, but there was a time every movie in the eighties, the bad guys. Russia, every movie the most we were all terrified russia has taken over the world and it looks like for a minute they did.
Where did like until the hun live? Mongolia where's lung call yeah. I thought mongolia, those like one of those countries that no longer exists. Like other key, we bird, you know. Thank you. You're telling me right now that there are people living in a place called mongolia. I'm not I'm. I swear I'm not trying to. I am not trying to be disrespect That's a real thing that still happening. Is it inside of russia? It feels like, if I had to guess russia, mongolia, china. I know that because I know him dewey I'm an idiot screw me like I'm the worse. I don't know. I just know that it's be. You fall gimme the deeds. And with me on social, if you're, watching this you're in mongolia, tell me where I should go, what should I eat? Would it be instagram pictures I should take give me give me the details. Well, we have learned a lot today. We have learned a lot. This has nothing to do with anything, but
EL king, who I love and miranda lambert who also love, have a duet called drunk video is so freaking ff and the song is so good, and this has nothing, anything except it just makes me happy and I did make it the new top song. In my reaches favorites on spotify and yes do. I have a bunch of spot if I play less that have lagged flannel now, fifty thousand dollars, because my music selection is so much fine. Yes, I do will put a link to that in the description below in case you want to follow along to my musical starlings, but that's my new current faith. It's like an atm wedding and it like white trash wedding, which I just those are. My people also yeah lesser, take a quick manner and shadow that person for winning this week's giveaway every single week? We do a fabulous prize pack filled with things that are my product.
and then we send it to you, and I have to do, is take a screen shot of this episode post, it onto social media with the hashtag great talk, which is one random winner and will just send you some free stuff. Just let people know hey this show's, so fun, and this chick makes me laugh. That's all you gotta do don't yet to subscribe to my youtube channel ring that bell. Given the thumbs up comment was something positive below here's, your question for this time. Do you like violence. Would you like to get flowers, yes or no? Why or why not common below and tell me if you do what flowers? What kind, if you dont want flowers? What would you prefer? Your significant other gets you instead me and my pigs acts will see your next week and until then remember I love you and I'm rooting for you.
The hi I'm rachel Hollis, and this is your faves, the the the the what is the first city on your list, the city. I think I might find that eating city in the wild in no particular order, but sort of this could be number one Yeah is Tokyo. Ok, I've never been tell me everything. Oh how much time in africa, gas in itself, I mean up an entire like thirty six after sold arc, but that's why?
I chose that and obviously we can't, but you know I don't want to spend all my time on Tokyo, because I have a deep rooted obsession with japan and with Tokyo, the city, but Tokyo. I just stay is number one: the culture in japan, their food culture is so broad and so far reaching and the fact that you cannot walk twenty steps in Tokyo without hitting something that you have to eat, and especially as a tourist and being the enormous city that it is. I mean it is truly one of the largest cities in the world, millions and millions and millions of people, and it is a huge spread out that he with nooks and crannies and alleys and corners that you know the taxi drivers can't ever even you know tell you where every spot is that there is just endless discovery in Tokyo.
and for me, someone who doesn't speak the language. What I love about Tokyo is that it is a city that doesn't rely on anguish, so for an english speaker, more of a man, language figure, like I asked you can't take a few languages. Japanese is not one of them. You really are at their mercy and it it has taught me so much so many left them in terms of my eating just about trust and about men, venture and exploration, and that, I think, is such a big part of learning to just be a great You are a witch and in turn, I think, makes you a great citizen of the world. How old were you when you went there for the first time? The fact I went to Tokyo My honeymoon, which, while in two thousand and eight and then I away back in two thousand and nineteen
ok, eleven years later yeah, and were you with someone who had In their before they get sort of guide you around both on the next both handles. If my husband we are clearly on my own and I would be dealt with myself and then we went back again together in certain ideas and honour, remember we work with other people, but we were lucky enough to have a few connections that helped us navigate a little bit which led to some really incredible. Unexpected serendipitous moments in a city of I dunno, what it is like twenty six million people at an ally lauren to give up on this account, but it is a really huge number like achingly people. Ah, you know we did have a few connections that got us started and helped us and then the second time I went I was-
Matt, VI and guided by for the entire time? I was there and locals and wow with that whole, but we still insisted on escaping from them once in a while too cause that was more of a walk trip to just hit the streets ourselves and get lost in Tokyo, The best thing to do so. If you and I are going there tonight- and you there's one meal? We get one meal in Tokyo tonight. What are we eating? Was he This is the thing I mean about any world within the world, but I find Japan's just be so completely detail oriented that- and you know when we eat japanese food here yet for either of alarm and or maybe we go here- we go for robin already are, we go for you now afforded them is a higher, which is one of their bars snack. He pub food
but when you are in japan or in Tokyo, every restaurant is more or less a specialty out. One thing like you can go for job for us or just grill justify or just going for happen, yucky or whatever. It is. So it sort of endless that back into divvying. Sorry, I'm almost always ate more than one thing in the night. You can't just go for one place. If I'm taking you for one now that I'm so you can just go and have you no great, I failed in one place and there you go for just the ito, yahkuk story and then you go for just can poorer and then
golfers sushi. I and the other thing about I could see this is where it happens. This is where I started going off on a tangent about Tokyo. I am here I'm so here for thank you, but the thing about it is you end up being the other thing about Japan is that it does every other cuisine in the world to beautifully as well, because they go so deep and they really do believe in really studying and learning and mastering their craft. So they're, really you know they. They are incredible at history, they have an obsession with sweet and patient pastry in Tokyo. clean, the europeans of western style pastry. The french pastry is unbelievable there and other culture, but also in the town,
food there, and so many others chinese food for thought that that I would only take you for the japanese said, and I would probably take you for like a true cafe attitude. She counter where you don't speak, the language any walk in and as a counter of six or eight people all leg and I just completely at the mercy of the chef and are we had that occurs on our first, I'm going to togo. where you know you can't even read the manual and we are in a place where there were very few electronized every that damage to our hand and a patent been the greatest of our.
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