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#RachTalk 7: Taking My Own Blood & Me Vs Jack


This week on #RachTalk I tell you about my awesome manicure, my fighter pilot outfit and what I had to go through to get a food allergy test! I'm terrified that I'm allergic to almonds because its literally half of my diet. Also, I play a game called "Me vs Jack" where he tells me a word and I have to think of a song with that word...and it's super silly and usually inappropriate. Let's spread some joy!


After #RachTalk, please enjoy a snippet of this week's episode of my latest podcast, Your Fave's Faves, featuring Derek Hough! Listen to the full convo by clicking here -> https://megaphone.link/CAD5967061714

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Hey guys, welcome to read sad, my weekly shower. I sit here at the office drink coffee in and talk about random things. Today I M playing a game with Jack, which I win. I'm telling you all about the five day fast that I went on for about nine hours. I had to take my own blood, which was terrifying. I got a funny manic here and I am ready for affright or private school. Ok, let's talk about this man, a care. Can we just jump and Jack at some point in the pandemic time, I did start going to get managers again. It just brings me
joy my now place so save you have to be temperature check before you commander, socially distance, you're wearing double mass you it's like a whole thing, and so I feel very competent going there. My nails are always like nude or pale pink, there's, nothing very exciting, and I do that because in this pandemic world we may have you know a significant amount about growth jacket. I know this, but if your nails, if the nail posh matches your skin, then you can go, can no longer and people can't tell right, but this I was like I need a little something I need a little. I don't know Imma go back to twenty fourteen and I'm going to go with a gradient, manicure, no jack. That is when it gets a little lighter which, with each nail, however, grabbed the bottles that I wanted and then it was like what we don't have all those in the jail and it was with the whole thing jack. You need the challenge for the regular at last longer I swear
you that these three are actually three different colors dark chocolate, brown lighter chuckled, Brownlow lighter Chocolate Brown, but what it? looks like is it I painted all these the same color and then these to wear the outliers. I don't know what's happening. I feel like. If I do this for you, then it really makes me very happy that my nails are different colors. So I'm just going to go with it. I look like I am going to go fly
in the top gun programme whose other children Merlin American Rachel you and I both know. I did not pick out the south it. This is a rosy special down to the glasses Ya'Ll it she did a hall. She was like Rachel, you wear this. This is less than I said yes, Ma Am and thank you you and I both know that I couldn't done this on my own, so shut out too rosy yeah. I'm gonna make a lot of top gun references in the time that we have here. So you ready, goose great. You know they made a top gun to and what's his name Tankers Tom Cruise is back. You tellin me so fine jets. What does he sixty something he SIRI? How old is Tom Cruise SIRI turned from what I can health from the trailer Tom Cruise is. Like war rose through the ranks, but now has come back because he's the only fighter pilot that we can trust. Oh, oh, my gosh, I forgot the best part Mile Tyler is Goose's son. Go there,
as you know, there's gotta be a moment where he almost loses loses. He loses goose's. No, You know, there's gonna be a moment where he almost lose is goose Junior but saves them this time. hey so every week on the show, I give away a price package so like a bunch of our products, all in one, I ship it to your house, it's super fun and to enter to win just take a screenshot of this episode. Whatever part is your favorite and post it on the social media platform of your choice using Ridgetop, we choose a random winner. We
two, it superfine congratulations to this person. They won this week, regulations to them. Maybe it's here it's here. He put it right here Jack. I did a five day clans for nine hours. Over the last like for five months, I felt like I have inflammation in my body and I dont come to understand why this sort of eat the same thing. So what I'm worried about is that maybe I have developed a sensitivity to something over time which can happen. I'm really worried its omens. I think it's probably omens guys cause. Omens is half my diet, I'm not even exaggerating. I was served on Instagram an ad for a at home food sensitivity test, and I was like yes I'm here for this, so I sent away for the thingy and it comes back and you have to take your own blood network with a needle. Obviously that would be intense. You use a thing.
You know you get the thing and I am just turn height myself up, let's go go and then I'd be like come on baby. I've got this, then only the belief that out Jack, so I'm trying like height myself up to do it, and then I was like ok, I'm gonna make a video for Instagram because I think this might make people laugh and also I might be a loser, but I would like, if I'm making a video and it's like I live in that moment. I know I'll. Do it, because I have to go. I sort of set it out and I just gagged over and over and over, and you have to put these droplets of blood on this card and it says, like shake your hand out
and squeeze shake your hand out squeeze I mean I look like a crime scene, there's blood all over my floor. That's making me gag I'm trying to fill up this circle with my own blood the amount of how much I am a weeny. In this moment I understand, but I finally got those things filled up we sent away. I will keep you guys posted on what I have or don't have. Then I feel pretty disappointed, though, like you have no problems design your mind step number two was, I decided I was gonna. Do a fast one of the ways you can figure out which foods are affecting your body is to go more towards an elimination diet where you go back to kind of basic things and then slowly at and other ingredients. So am I going to do a fast? That's gonna be like a beauty
all learning for me I'll journal, and I didn't want to do a fast, fast, non monk, another fighter pilot that meannesses except the outfit. So I got this kit where they basically send you what your food would be five days in around and I feel great I look at day want it's kind of crazy. It's like kale crackers and dehydrated soups and some bars. But, unlike I got this, we're fine, towards the end of that day. The things that were in those foods were so, oh, my I'm tat, explain this without being grows just destroyed. My inside you know that
see that, but basically everything my intestines. I was in so much pain and it was day one that I was like sorry ghosts rider. The pattern is full areas like now. I dont never mind just getting J K, who's gonna, stick with my whole foods, diet, that's where you eat foods in their form, not like fruits from whole foods it this is you guys get it. I love food. In fact the boys keep asking when I'm an undue them, muck, Bang and Jackson, who showed me several videos its apparently this thing that the kids do on you too. We just get a bunch of food and you eat the food and talk at the same time. I like this must be a thing for people. Have a weird fetish where they liked to hear people chew,
cause. That's my nightmare. I could love you with all my heart and soul and if I hear you eat a sandwich in your leg, chewing your sandwich. Now why I'll kill you all murder you in cold blood? Her! No, I know unhurried shoe. I dont get these videos, but I'm gonna make one cause. It feels like what Kids, do on Youtube these days. You tell me away I'm trying to think of a song work with that weren't. It's kind of like pitch perfect rip off. Here and now I'm ready waffle want you. We want you to smother, like my waffle. Has House Brown, that is an inappropriate thought, takes me back the time when this was like so fine,
there was inappropriate watch you slathered, wants. You cover lack my Walpole Hash House Brown. Thank you Every new ruining air play Why to one tape: Piti Piti, Piti, cheese mix tape. Take me. I got my shoes, Those you don't have to worry about a large ass. Did you learn to these expensive deeds is rare, bottoms visas, bird issues got it. This. The final one jack base face phased visit Every song ever face phase pays face it face to face.
Got my praise you may discourage was that all over the place rather well with name for it? That's called me verses, Jack. All right. hey guys. I hope you have a fabulous week. I hope to show her a little joy to your heart and that you will spread that joy out into the world and until I see you again remember I love you and I'm rooting for you. Hi I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is your,
Spain, blowgun do I'd for you when you started during geared to the stars, either pursue as national dancers and competing. Since you are a little kid you were working with other professional dancer. So what was the process free working people who sometimes had knowledge and other times DORA Weather like what has that felt for you, like being a teacher in that way. Oh well, so being compelled him to write your focus on yourself, Ray you're. Just your training to be. like you are trying to be better in and growing, and peat and that's all you think, that's very selfish actually? No you just like just obsessed with your progress and saw a sudden being a teacher, and especially but he who really has no idea what they're doing
quickly learn about just one communicating finding ways, different ways to teach to articulate. really getting outside of yourself? You intervene mean in focusing on somebody else that was such a price to skip that I got from that experience a nation. I was one learning how to paragraph, because when people Is that, like yea, your great quieter from a coherent, adequate like I'd ever considered myself and everyone thought it must but that in that way, but also to just teaching somebody you know and differently, because each person I had was me no one, was an accurate. This one was a singer. This woman was apparently being all different backgrounds and all different ways to reach them And so it Tommy alot about, and I would do experiments you know you're tablets, ironic earlier I would listen. On the driving in the work in driving and sees them that's a really good stared about you know the power of association between they pay. The pleasure forensics
we'll try that today on my partner and see if it works, we would start dancing and we get a part were, should keep messing up and usually in others it is a start feeling a bike, frustration or like today. it's that part, even if it is to be messed up, our like celebrate and our like attached a positive associations, it doesn't this that is an image of the gases and good job amazing. You know it is expected that source on his part, they became like. Her nightmare became her favorite You don't mean only because he skipped associating something positive, so yeah, it's it's that whole process was buried if in for me and had a let learn to let go of perfection few because it never felt right, isn't that the technique and connections that you have you build. You build that with four years with a partner, very small intricacies, and so you can never really truly accomplished that feeling, with some of the dance with just four
weeks, so it taught me a lot about like. Let me go of all things happen just right or perfect. A little allowing them to and fallen and to really fire joy in just their experience and and seeing them the light go on in the confidence building, but there's their hopes, your change in everything. It was a meal.
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