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#RachTalk 9: Vibing with Bruno Mars & The Immortal Keanu Reeves


I listen to and rate the new single from Bruno Mars and we talk about the new conspiracy of Keanu's Reeves' immortality! This week on #RachTalk I'm on the set for new app content! Download the RISE App today and access a full library of content that's always growing featuring workouts with me, and a diverse roster of coaches to fit any workout journey. The RISE App is for everybody and every body, so get started today: http://bit.ly/riseapp


After #RachTalk, please enjoy a snippet of this week's episode of my latest podcast, Your Fave's Faves, featuring Marlo Thomas! For real! Listen to the full convo by clicking here -> https://megaphone.link/CAD5967061714

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Hey guys welcome to rate shot. My weekly shower, I figured the obvious drink, usually caffeine, but today it would cry and talk about random things, and today I am doing a blind reaction to Bruno Mars. New song, we're talking about hair splinters
disgusting and whether or not Keanu reads is in fact the mortal tonight on Channel eleven were shooting for the rise up right now, which is why I'm in a hoodie and genes and sneakers that don't match- and I just feel like- I owe it to my best friend rosy, to tell you that she did not pick out this outfit. Let's start right there now, apparently Bruno Mars, paired up with someone else, and they made a song which is super exciting, has Bruno hasn't, had an album since twenty four carrot magic laughed the album my word. I was now album every morning filling six months, Alexa play twenty four care, magic, you getting plaque as we don't have the right. It doesn't matter. We're gonna play ball,
those new song which I am hearing for the first time ever and I shall give you my reaction, but you know here, but this choreographed be, as I don't like, that goatee looks like a matter that live scared of a new Bruno Mars thought, like I'm gonna, be thing entered this summer. Probably why I wish it had a bit more pet, but I will say, is exceptional writing a song that makes you feel some kind of way. Ok, I like that but I, like this view, I like these outfit. I like back eyes out. Green Sue. I want a green seal. Ring get that Three, the rocks because I feel Why Bruno? We know you can go harder and if you
haven't made music in years. We expect you to like ours is gonna. Make me throw up. Oh I'm imagine getting a splinter in your skull. That not is gonna. Make me sick ere? I hide did know. I feel like I've had that before it's disgusting a party, your body go into your body. Ah, oh my gosh, someone I dont remember who someone in the green room. One time was like: oh, don't you ever just like pull your hair and use it. Why? What is wrong with you and they were like? Why would you care that hair, like it's on your body of like it's, not in your mouth, remember how grow
We all were before this pandemic suggest live our luck. I used to go to a restaurant and sit down and start eating chips and salsa, no hand sanitize or no washing, no drying. No, no just. Touching doors touching and then putting my hands in my gobble up. What are you doing? We don't even know we were grows. Be in this mask long after its necessary. I, like the mask I dont like you know it gets moist, which is not a fund, but it does and like not great fear skin, but I like being a nimitti I like that. I don't have to worry. If there's food and my teeth, I like that to worry about my breath, am I wear and make up my not you don't know have my face is covered with a mask. I just feel like stay, safe, stay, clean hands
it is therefore like the other day I was like. Do you think that there is like a guy at pure rail that for the last twenty five years has been like it's a thing? It's a thing: no, it's gonna! None! All we got law yap. We got a few somebody's gun, be a thing and then this happened and you like you uttered better than their cause, pure all, like the only people who are rocking pure AL before this, though one more at the park who was womb way too crazy about germs, and we will Susan lives, the fine rubs dirt on it, and Susan was right, don't rush dynamic, Susan and the guy pure AL, whose now a billionaire because AEGIS he rode the wave. He read the way the hand sanitizing
with at least seventy percent alcohol to make sure its effective so. There is a conspiracy theory that Keanu Reeves is immortal and of course he is first of all. He, like a fine line. He gets better with age. He's funny he's a track if he's smart he's also dating a woman, his own age, which is freaking crazy and Hollywood, he's become like an urban. Jens on social media because he's like, so nice in, like he donates crazy amounts of money, and then people are able to trace it back to him and he, like rides the subway. Even though he's Keanu Reeves like there's a whole community of people who are obsessed with him, now tell me one of those things where they think is immortal because they found a picture of like a civil war soldier and thus have or soldier, looks exactly like him cause. There's one of Nicholas Cage, that'll freak you out so that a french actor. Ok, that's
should read. Is it a mortal or is it like a reincarnation, his spirit? a mortal. We know that. Ok, here's where many call you if you're can't this picture of Charlemagne and European, like oh he's, a moral. This is a freak in like a pencil sketch so you're going to base it on, at least with the picture, the french actor its detail, boo, like an oil painting like a child Cole sketch to be once for in a cave, drawing look at those. I look nice looking at my soul, those eyes which version of this person is the best version, because I will tell you right now: they're all handsome, but none of them are better than nineteen nineteen nineteen. That ninety one Keanu, oh my while making me feel a certain way back the owner of four
speed after bill and tad. So he's had a little success, but he still cool hasn't onto his had he's. Look for love he's wearing this like swayed jack, get his. Falling into space. Yes, it's also like Brad Pitt. We could make a lot of arguments for fight, club being Brad Pitt at its strongest cause those ab I mean. If you didn't see, fight club and like sit for a minute with his ads you didn't pause of age, just to light pay homage that stomach. I'm sorry for you, but a lot of people like its fight club and I actually meant to go legends of the fall. That's that's the Brad with the long hair. And remember in the trailer when he like flips his hat. You find this
and even you are going to feel conflicted about your sexuality. He flips his hat and like water droplets fly off that what ok this is my new favour game, which age version is the best. We almost this version of the rock the time with any path, Bessie ever was also since our sitting on the sad and we're filming for the app I want to. Let you know that the newest version and came out to day you guys and you can get it on Itunes and in your android store, is I was called Jack, Android apple. Wherever you get your ass, you can totally get the rise up. You can try it for a week for free, it's meditations, inspiration, working out its audio, its video, it's a daily habit, trackers and ninety. They challenge it's all the things and the newest version came out today,
out to this week's winner of our give away this person? I have a theory. This may be bigger my theory broken. Ok, my best friends, are all we're all different any of their members, and this we can add a thought that I was like this, sounds like I'm high, but I'm not you know where to get drugs like I will have. What would I do that, but it sounds like something you'd say when your high. I call my friends and I was like here, were actually supposed to complete the circle. What if we also, to find a friend presents every member of the any aground and then, when it did, you get it like by Europe powers combine I'm captain Planet or you rule the world. I really have any friends that are five six says, but
Definitely an area of the environment I struggle with. So if I can get a five six, a one hour out right, right,
congratulations to this week's winner. This person, right here they won a fabulous prize. Pat filled with a bunch of my product and all they have to do, is take a screen, shot and posted on social media using hashtag raped. Talk. You can do the same thing: anvil chew someone at random, hey if you like this episode without it was fine entertaining. I hope that you will subscribe to my channel given the thumbs up and write something positive in the comments. Tell us who today's question: let's have a question for you tell me where you are in the world. What's your name what's your age and where are you viewing this episode from funds that we well know who's in our community, but also about are you guys until I see you next week? Remember I love you and I'm ready for you.
Hi I major hollis- and this is They were the three zero animals like those ship will commercial whenever they were kind of slow it all. He was so gorgeous with a wide area right, we'll irish eyes at will. Ideas were at that. Was it spell for him, and then I saw him later. I found out later that he fell for me to you know, and so we got to do to the room into the studio audience we just floated were like a whole hour. The two of us I mean it's really, the most embarrassing show you'll Say and locking the man I was talking about feminism,
and how I never wanted to be married and how I did that narrowed the good institution for women angle am I a militant feminist way and saying things like own failure yourself? What do you feel like you're? Oh at the end of the show he said to me, will you just fascinating and I took his hand- and I said you are so nice and you obviously like women and whoever is the woman in your life- is very lucky somewhere new fishing, where you fishing, that out of there is I'm gonna, be ok, you're being through fear of the air. You know I was just thinking of a compliment that I really felt and as we were as I live, the studio. I was on my way to go to Denver to do other shows
run going around the country- and I was going out to the art to leave to go to the airport producer was with me his prayers producer and a nice woman, and I I said your while he is really cute- and she said yeah he's available is an answer funny man, Mr Rehn, I, like you got a number were quite well. Let me tell me he called me: that's my second good day was he called me the next day. I think it was any thought. I'd love to take you to lunch or something- and I said well, I'm in Denver is dead were very far from Chicago. You I hate the unresolved farm Chicago Anna, as they will go well you come with me. I was at the Brown hotel in Denver and of any came and
Was it a wow that is so cool and also I, like sort of the next day, call because I feel I got something that doesn't really happen now. I feel if someone get someone's number and then for weeks later old and attack the ear he didn't give you don't get. My number from me shudder I guess they told him. I was at a brown hotel rat Bob Hell, yeah the broad powers in Denver, and that was it was funny because My husband is a very low key guy in a recent middle class, midwestern guy and the studio had this gigantic limousine waiting for me to take me to all the different interviews up. So he was taking me to dinner and I say, let's have been the clock. Is it now and I want to drive in love with you? Ok, so we worked difficult to the right
and is there a rain? So he answered you wanna get in the car analogous. Now we don't need the car. So the limousine his following ass to the restaurant at his burial pouring right. He takes off his jacket. I could find gentlemen than he is and I pulled over by Arab was she said. I legs a woman, I added I thought a very sexy black jobs. It would use that'll Toby weeks later outbreaks wider lemon. But anyway I had his jacket over me and he was sadly when he got back to the studio than he flew out. The next morning I took it in time for work, and He lost his boys, so they did the show at nine a m by adding value talk, and so it didn't. They couldn't player,
I know why bill never misses show. It is entire night, twenty nine years of doing the Donnie issue, so this one show the first sign with date with me. He loses his voice and they have to throw the show No.
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