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Hey guys! As a special treat you can listen to the first episode of our newest podcast, Straight Up with Trent Shelton! Trent is a dear friend of mine, which is why I asked him to do a podcast with us while we were riding on the back of a bus one day last year (seriously). If you don't know about Trent, let me lay it down for you: Trent is a former NFL wide receiver turned internationally successful motivational speaker with over 12 million followers on social media. He brings his powerful, honest perspective to deliver the truth you need to hear - even when it's hard to take. If you're looking for content that will touch your heart and change your life, Straight Up with Trent Shelton is going to be that podcast for you in 2020, I just know it.

Straight Up with Trent Shelton is available wherever you get your podcasts - apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, Iheart... I could go on and on! You can also click this link to connect directly to your native podcast app and subscribe to the show, no searching required!


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Hey guys, it's Rachel, Hollis and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was a rigid, I live in the dream. Man. You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now, we're going it now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah. Really rights are the point is really and put a stray from the heart and break through those negative mindsets? Breakin through a withholding you backing Are we haven't people's lives for love that so you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I sort of dreaming about one of our most popular products thus start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm gonna put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there, some
really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done- and I I rode down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like eyes: it's not a journal. It's just a note book, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time, your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for- and I finally just thought what if I turn this into a product- and I started to dream and plan- and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty and I wanted it to be something.
You could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest on the interior, but we failed a way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, Slash shop, And find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not anymore,
to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you not have to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will literally literally change your life. Surprise it is a bonus episode of the rice podcast on a day like crazy, but we a really good reason for bringing you today's episode. We have, launch our first ever podcast inside of our podcast network. That is not me or Dave its trench,
then, if you guys are not already familiar this last week, Trent launched his new podcast under the Hollis Company Umbrella and we could not be more excited to have his incredible wisdom, his fire, his teaching, all of the things for you, our community, And as a special bonus, four rise listeners we're getting play you an entire episode of straight up with Shelton. So if you want to get an idea of what you can expect from him every week, listen It's coming next and if you like what you here, which I know you will just go ahead, scroll on down below two the link for his podcast, where you can subscribe. Remit or if you are enjoying a podcast, it's important to tap that subscribe button. So you get a new notification every single time we post enough said happy listening. What's the world, welcome to straight up which mentioned
Which went Shelton through my career from fail to sort out stages. Speaking that thousands are built up. Look it too two negative mindsets let go what's holding you back star rehab me, your life in every show, is gonna, be jammed, packed with sips tricks and tools. To put you do for I'm always gonna, be real. What you and give you a hundred percent true. Even one is gonna pierce your heart. This is me, shrink shelf Strata, What's that reactors across the world man, it is here the very first episode of straight up. Listen guys, you guys have been asking you to do. A pike has for the last, like eight years. Now been put enough, but I heard you guys requests and so we are here today. We're gonna be talking about the real process and rehab in your life
I know a lot of you guys are familiar with my story before you guys at aren't. I'm going to tell you my story and how I got here and so moving for anybody ask me like how did we have time so I can just say: go to episode, one of the strain. I guess Let me be clear about something I never meant to be a speaker. I never want to start rehab time. I never want to be an author anything like that with you ass my dead, so funny you ass my dad, he tell you out his three sons that I would be the least the least to be a speaker because I've been in still in such a angel it person, so people ass like how are you so introverted, but you're so extremity at the same time? So let me break this down to zero quick model. Entire life right since, four years old it for me to be a full player. That was it for me to display sports baseball. About a track in add to order, so I like, I had no choice because I want to follow your footsteps in. You might be thinking well. How does this relates to me just think about something that has been your identity right,
in that it's. A jar may risk its relationship and you feel like that is your everything right, and so that was me with football. That was my everything literally so since I was B, seven, six, whatever my only focus, was to make its to the NFL. That's what I thought success was no grown at where I grew up at what success was was making a professional So I set my sites on that's a young age. I live in the world's leading Anna, we moved to Texas and if you live in Texas, you know that football is like got. Football is everything so I get Texas Kind of ass. When a little bit, I was outstanding, Atley Texas, in top in the state a receiver amassing a year. I get a full athletic scholarship to bail university. Blessed enough, there play five years restarted my very first year. Funny is actually had a degree in speech communications that hopefully this package are another package. I can tell you why that was the case without it,
a bachelor, the Green space communications and the reasonable, That is because I wanted easy way: slackened focus on football because Margolis NFL, outstanding season, all big, twelve and they can. I'm gonna be a fourth round pick. Ok, it doesnt have and I'm it tastes like when you expect to be like a fourth round pick and you're watching the NFL Drav like it. So just imagine like your way, not someone to call your, namely never call it, and so immediately from that standpoint I was like man, you know my is is pretty much over our spilling less at that moment. Spain, it's our make him. I was asked maternal. You, ok and I was like I'm good, even though I wasn't good at all in the getting picked up by the Annapolis Coats as Andrea The three case I'm going to play with pay manning is crazy, Reggie Wayne- and so these are people like them, Susan's middle school. You know so like my heroes, I'm gonna play, and so I'm excited things are going great. You know
they can. Then I'm a b and in an apple is the whole entire year in the rest of my career. All these things, but has under free agent, you start the bottom of the total right I mean to prove yourself because it's a business, understand and I a business so they had two guys drafted a receiver in front of me. A first round pick, which we invest means a thousand. They had. I think, a fifth round pick some Andrea understand the business part, so I'm like Balin and train I'm talking to I'm talking about. I'm not saying this because it's me saying this, but you guys can go out to the people that was there if you want to do that, but I'm like falling. So I just know that I'm going to make the team I led our work is increasing. It's crazy. Things to go on my way. I score a touchdown back in Texas. We play the cowboys first preseason game. I do a radio interview time right now in the score, a touchdown and I end up scoring a touchdown, so everybody's pumping the others. I know you don't make the team and it gives to the third preceding game and the co
don't play me now: this day, unlike what was going on, because I was Balin one of them veterans. Am I going to say his name, but he put me to the scientists it their hiding What are you talking about? Is that your plane so good that If they release you and your stats keep coming about this, they can release you and another team is going to claim your player, so they're hiring you to lower. That's because- and you know, to practice squad you- and you know Try to groom you an emotive and, if you know, and so a professional receiver in Can it be like a project for them in a hopefully can grow into a starting position, Excetera in Essex? happened out in pray, the third and fourth preceding game. So I end up being cut, but I was ok with that because you know I was out according to a mere practice glad I'm gonna move up to it. Active roster at some point and it was my whole plan. So what I do is I go literally background from, I want to show everybody that I made it. So what do I do? I go to
the car dealership about his truck, because it was a promise to myself so I bought his avalanche struck out of our budget, but I'm thinking I'm a make millions of dollars when happen. So I don't get the truck. I get this apartment in literally I'm in an for to gain. And I get a car two thousand three hundred and seventeen number for you guys that live in Indy. You know as the area code. I pick up the phone, I'm actually at the bank, depositing a check on an off day. Or Tuesday is what we call in terrible Tuesday is when most people get cut. Are you get sign and so the phone they tell me you know hey, You know bring your playbook, comes at office. Something Maybe they don't give me a new playbook, maybe we'll talk about play. This is my chance and so on it there and to make a long story short they too My play book and they sent me on my way. They cut me so I don't know
You know what's going on now, all these emotions are fled in my mind and I just sign at least at apartment. I have to break the least I just bought this truck. What's goin on soft I stuff and I drive from India all the way to Texas, and let me tell you some if you ever been just imagine like getting are some like that and you got to drive a bad there feel if you get fired like is the worst DR ever, but just imagine Robin thirteen fourteen hours out to get fired and you're goin back home, knowing it people, know you in your city and going to see you, and so I draw back home. In literally, I isolate myself, which is the Thing that you can do when you're going through something I isolate myself and I stay in my room and my mom's house. I didn't go out because I knew if I went out, people will be like timber. Why are you back home? Aren't you supposed been in Annapolis? Don't you have a game, so I suppressed muscle. And if you don't know what talk about this, I'm sure at some point in one of these packages Oppression leads to depression and so
week later I get a call back from the coats and they bring me back so dry. Back up there and I'm on the press. The squad and every He's gone good, I'm actually fallen out again forget this moment this tomorrow. I felt like just all the air to fight our my body. We're per annum running. I gave you the senior eagle charges. Twenty dungeon, which is incredible. God, incredible coach taught me so much incredible man. He pulls me to this. Is a trent we're going to activate you. This week, just make sure you're ready. Those words can have came at a worse time. And the reason I say this because I was struggling with any injury and I literally was pop and Viking him, like a vehemence, pain pills, but Viking in just the practice because I knew if I couldn't practice force be, I will be going home
can alone Birgitta story, but I have to say to set its own promised. We want business again, but I want to set its own comes to react time and MIKE Rapid. My me up. I'm lip in everything. He comes to me that in a week every time that's right, man like I want to, debate you, but we can't use a goddess. Not full speed is like we cannot go with somebody else. Talk about filling Your life is over. Your dream is over that's what and because I knew that was a shot. I endorsed up there for the rest of the season and the disease, and, unlike ok, cool, you know that season, you know Dingo the way I wanted to go, but at least they like me, they gonna keep me up here. In off season about here back to India, I get a car and they cut me it is evident that wouldn't want another direction, so it such an thou. My whole career in I get sound with the the same things happen. I mean there's even a point where I was- I call the sea.
Call me from too The airport I'm in Dallas, like if you live in Dallas Fort Worth no Dallas Fort Worth, is like forty five is really like to separate cities. And that's a hey can I comes more say: no. We need you come tonight, so I draw from Dallas to board pack my bags I get to the airport and they the call to hundred six area code, I say never mind and like that's the type of only want to play games but business, the NFL is it a lot of people, don't see. Obviously it's wearing on my mindset and, throughout my whole crap. I got cut ten eleven twelve times throughout the ass? His Gore from stated a city live in a very unstable life and in these moments instead of using failure. Instead of using this setback to grow my life, I was use it as an excuse to really not help myself at all. I was turning to things like women, drugs all things right, the Gimme Tipperary fulfilment. Luckily
what time do we do when we're going through hard times, and I didn't know that hard times can build the greatest version of yourself at that time I didn't know hard times was just appeared every life that will help you stripping your life. For me, all that I'm losing my everything. So there is nothing more to my life. Two thousand and eight Tristram, I was born, my son, I will be super transparent. You guys straight up because it straight to the point real talk, but this is my blood, but I'll go in detail. Tristan wasn't planned right. And actually that moment I had at all, when on a gear relationship with a woman at that time, I cheated on her and got my now wife, Maria Pregnant, which risk At the same time, I'm going I'm gonna release. My life is in shambles and I want to be in a man at all, I'm literally They blaming the girl that I was what I'm blame in every.
The girl, that I was what I'm blaming everybody, I'm living a life full of blame right and we hang that's what happened? It's everybody's fault, because you feel like everybody's responsible pain, the situation that you put yourself it. I wasn't, it any responsibility over my life and- I came to this situation and I remember it was in thousand nine I'm in my- arms house. In my room and I have this moment I wish I could tell you- was a super magical moment- a conversation I have with somebody it wasn't any of that. I'm really in my room and emotions flirt my heart Looking around my my my room and I'm seeing in all trophies enough, since I was, ok, I'm seen in all these accomplishment, I'm saying pictures on my son, I'm serious when we talk about a minute. What am I If France committed suicide, just stop at that moment, I was like what my daughter, my life, and I realize I had a choice in that moment. I could either sit therein. You know
use it as an excuse not to do anything with my life. I could use as motivation to change my life. No one that I had a son that was more follow my footsteps regardless, I knew I had to make a change in that moment I told myself is rehab, so I always laugh at this because I don't know if it was Rihanna at the time checking into rehab. I don't know what it was, but the word rehab just popped into my mind, so big and there's always been kind of a negative, a candidate with the work we have. You know it's drugs, alcohol addiction. We have simply put a straight Into your weakness, overbear real, like you listening, is right. Now you have something in your life. If you can rehab at this moment whatever it is, I have he's right now, as I'm talking to you things it two rehab. You know, because if you're not grown your dying, we I have areas in our lives that we can improve. That's the thing about life. We always can grow, we always can move forward, and so in a moment. I was starting to think about all the things that I couldn't control them and alive. Was we never met
when so who created to be. We never move into our dream, our vision, because we allow the things that we can't control to paralyzes. Instead of the only things that we can control so I said well, I can't control the Unifil bring me back, I can't control how people see me, I can't control. You know people making fun of me people's opinions that I'm not. I can't control any of that. But what can I control And I realized tat, I could control three things in a moment. I control my mind I can control my body and I can control myself. So I say just rehab time it from at that moment. Rehab was for me, and it's so crazy that I'm saying this now, because everybody sees it now. They see all you're like overnight success and you get to speak that The people, but they don't see the moment in two thousand and nine literally when it was just me and my tears in my room, nobody sees that if you out there hope that is motivation. The people out there that you have to somewhere to get somewhere
to be real, which are so which were going to talk about in order to heal, you're so and so I'm in indisposition, I'm ok mindset Milo, my what does that mean? Well, I know I have written a book, the greatest you and have another book called straight up, come on out whenever you listen, this that might be already are unknown. I wasn't a reader, you can get me to read a book for anything for sure not to write a book, but I knew in order too. Change my mind, set right, two. It obtain knowledge that I didn't have. So that's a form of like disciplining growth. You gotta do things that you don't like to do. Things that you might never have done before in order to get your life to a place where you want to be. As I say what Books cannot become a summit. Call John Maxwell. Rigel Maxwell now, as a friend of mine, is crazy how that works. I stumbled across
Brown S door Watch noddies, motivational videos and I wasn't into those type of things because I feel like I was self motivating nobody else to motivate Meer inspire me outside Father my dad's, a preacher and I started getting some. I worry more breast diving into these books and I hated reading. But I knew I had to do the things that I hated in order to get a place that I love and I knew if I keep on doing it I wouldn't have loving those things because I was to realize how much this was growing. My life so focused on my mind. This They are focused on was my body and, I think God was using or you football as a way to get my health right, because I knew ass to have one were shot the inner fail because easily get a three year, and if those stands for not followed by the way gas which you can get three to prove yourself in that one more chance at one more workout, then I said you know what I'm going to make sure that I give my all, because I don't want to live with regret. So I started healthy. I cut things out. I stopped borne out, stop drinking then I stopped smoking. I stop doing all these things that were hidden
myself right. I stop just don't struck the things that wasn't helping my health services most are going to the gym. So we'll go to the gym right. Street at twelve, a dot m twenty four hour, fitness, twelve, a dot m and put in work me and my friend. He don't even realize that he you know he was there at the beginning, rehab time we will go in the gym, and so you know what we're going to make sure we have no regrets, and so I start getting my body right by working out and take. Body to play. It has never been before in it the police are. But if you know you follow me not believe sure everybody's beliefs are but if you know you follow me and I believe strongly in guy, in. I got no guy as our legacy and without him I wouldn't be, were met, and so I knew that grown up as it your son, but I feel my relationship with God was the relationship my mom gave me or my dad gave me and it wasn't. My all relationships are one on their journey. My diving into my worry more. I went on a journey by going to
No bibles technologies. Thing is funny because started doing you, Streams, Boston, and I was even there yet it sounds with people and will against Israel process and the second guys I just have to give you this story, but things are perfect people we're so so afraid to be judge were so afraid to be called a hypocrite, we're so we're saw afraid to be judge were so afraid to be called a hypocrite. We're so afraid people call us out in the thing about it. At that moment I wasn't afraid because our Mr this was a journey that I had to go on. New people would talk about me turn. What are you talking about, but light on? Babo studies win They live in a certain way that was literary Hamish by the way that time as I live with him were put out. But the part of the journey, if I would never started that, I wouldn't I would never be at the place than that. I'm at right now and so my body, so I focused on that in that birth rehab time. So as I was at the Jim, I would you stream. These work out.
I would do the Bible. Studies in people would be. Ask me questions like Trent. How do I change this? How do I do this in I didn't realize I was qualified to help people, but I realized I've been through so much in my life that when I started from the heart and just being straight up. P, whose lives were being affected. That's what we do so many times we talk ourselves out of our greatness, because we don't think I wasn't. We see our limitations, we see our failures, we see our setbacks in. We judge our lives in obey. Upon that we don't see our progressions. We don't see our future. I am glad that I was able to see that at that time, in my life and I would do these answer these questions and got to point where I I'd hadn't. I had no time to literally do you streams every single day saw a man. How can I like help? People saw pick them a phone. And I started making which you guys know today as these rehab videos, I didn't have some studio.
Have you know what I have now I didn't have a camera. All I had was my Iphone. That's. It although I was my Iphone not to think I was a speaker. I didn't think I was qualified to help people. I think I was some. You know a thing. His own efforts. How do you want to give me a councillor? I think that at all I just want to share my story. What people I want to be there for people not to give value the people, because I knew how important it was to have that voice important. It was to have a voice that we're so, like you are understood, I sought. Are and these too many videos- and these too many videos now or videos that you guy see across the world, but I wasn't a free to start in the cattle I feel like or the the thing that really anchored that down we rehab time was me letting go of a bar, Was me sing. You know what I can't hold onto this any more in some Listen to this right now. We're hold
things that we need to let go up in your life will never be free. If you can see to hold onto these things which read it but you lungs understand me. I know it's hard trust me. I do understand, but is low, You're holding onto the things that you need to let go of, you'll, never progress which life you never for which life it's had to walk into my biggest sphere, even public speaker and I'm telling you there's a lot of stories in our programme. It gets. It admitted this concept, but I have to say this: had invited to speak and somebody reticent about at a young dont conference like four or five thousand key to seem like twenty thousand at the moment. Our friends here we took the sign. He said you know before, they speak. He permitted aside. We are different. Member states are actually you it's a beta with me, Jonathan Evans. We play in Washington getting that you have something to say to you that don't even realize he said I come from a family. Full. A powerful speakers
is that your quiet person, but when you speak people will listen. I want I want. You can speak in my church and like absolutely not that's big nature charge bro like that, I'm just trying to be a robber like I was like our rap or some light that I am not speaking at your church, He convinced me to speak at his church and I was never more terrified because I know how I was as a teenager like. If a speaker came in there, I was the key. That, therefore The speaker saw me. He would get no confidence because I was the worst I was uninterested. I was price sleep and how is that paying like coral. Come back on me. I get State and lily are prepare like the whole night perform like ok too far. Minute speech. I get on my time in points I get. Stage and I forget everything everything like I go by stage primarily to call it all? Those things happen.
I remember in this moment is where the straight up top like just came from our amendments. In the moment that I say you know God. Just use me. I spoke from the heart and then asked like literally all these kids are coming up to me asked me all these questions about life from where I should be asking you, and here I would questions about life in tat moment. I realise that this was it from our life. I was actually supposed to go reports in New Orleans for arena. Rina box. I was still hang it on investment. When I tell you to let go of something because trust me. I know it's hard to let go expression when you're significant your identity. Ngos is wrapped up in that thing you're holding onto but I knew I had to let go of that thing in order to progress my life, so I told the coach, Finally, I made a deal with God. I was like that. If you really want me to let go you gotta go three frittering. Guy has a funny sense of humour, obviously so our culture than my hey, like my coming about plainer unifil bar no more, I'm not coming down there Ok, well, that's weird! You know you were just happy last week when you don't do it s like normal start, isn't in Korea.
Now we do this is. What is that, as I will just me speaking like that's all I knew of its I'm- not really have a vision for outside making up a vision to him, so you wouldn't like shoot me down, but literally hung up in my face, and I'm like I got you overwhelm like I'm talking about it is our memories. I you know I just make these next to phone calls. The next set of phone calls us to my friends. I feel I France would give me the coffin is that I hate mango. Do it that was that opposite a calm off rather like trick. You Tribune broke. I guess you know you really like to speak to you about a bad Europe, as is my people are going to crucify, you bro you come out. Do these things? Do not do this at a few friends You're still me here today, That was, I don't understand it, but I'll, take you to go for it so my god. You are overdue, like I'm going to go back to play football biogas? That's what I know you haven't giving given me that sign let me know this is what opposed to do in my life, I recall that I may was so my parents
for you guys. This is, as you know, you have that one parent that you want to answer the phone. The pair, that's easy, to talk to my mom listeners Mama levy, my dad is the easy easy when the doktor- and I was hoping that my dad Answer- the phone, the my mom Answer- the phone so my mom. I hey like I'm sorry to disappoint you, because this is what we do. We we create the. False narrative in our mind that in like was don't like all my parents. Only love me because I play sports. There was absolutely false. Are I'm only valuable if I do this, or if I stay in this, and if I leave this than people going to look at me, people my link it to a certain way whatever, but large sums we these false narratives in our minds- and that was my first narrative that my parents only cared about me because a playful boxes they were talk about, but that was what I was in. My parents wouldn't care what I did. They will be proud of me regardless, just who my parents are. And so my mom s phone out, so my mom, hey, like
not playing football anymore in the fallen sounded like this year. It was a quiet, a you know, one like it gets quietly. You like Likud, the phone and you just makes for the phone is on it like the numbers were still go. I saw whom I knew was like a disconnected as I Mombasa Hague like you there, so I guess you're right, I'm just trying to take the same like we're. Ok, What are you gonna do and I was like well Amadou rehab time. What was rehab? That's the question that people always asked you like what is this, as they were You know it was me we haven't. My life is enormous, again images beam, she's, like ok, she's. I will look like what made you like. What was it knows. I wore arousal stage I feel forgot spoken and so funny, for you guys are raised up in a christian household artists, any type of faith household. You know you have you know mom, is like a christian warrior right issues like
it is. I will you know like the enemy can speak to you to arouse, maybe not supposed to say that it does not. Give me coffin is not told us a mom, listen I never hamlets. I never had some which peace be biased, and how did you know that this was it hats in which peace in the middle confusion. I never had somewhat confidence in the midst of fear, like mumbles beer, from all known stage on stage when I had this confidence as like Mama just noted as issues like you know, a Saint Maur, that's got speaking to you, and so instead of going over three Mama tell him to go for it. Even when she didn't understand it, my parents tell me to go for it like really. Made me realize I, this was it for my life, the Ankara. This all down was my college roommate commit suicide I went to service. This is like two thousand lemme. So how are you started the rehab Tom process and you know Was taking a serious, but I wasn't taken it ass serious before this happened in this programme,
part of me- is my roommate in oh, my college roommate. So one of our closest friends in it's a service in realising, like people are struggling with milk to help in adding to realise that I struggle and that's because this time, as in my life, routing care by living anymore, just to be real I thought my life is over expression with football easy, so many people go through these moments when they lose something they started whose their life and I made promised to my friend at his funeral. I say man you know, I'm sorry for not being there for you, but Mr Helmer dedicate the rest of my life rest of my life- and I hope you hear this ruinous Emma voicemail there. To my life to being there for people Helping people know their self worth and I had no idea how would do it, but I made a point. The storm. I made a real commitment and there's no way a park as when we talk about championship Mass in the power of commitment, but I'm His commitments, warm in that start taking rehab term,
no super serious! That's when I started stepping outside of market result in that's win, where did this process that we're gonna talk about right now? on how to rehab your life.
Hey all our next women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the events that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laugh until we pay our pans and we'd have about our things and we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or our businesses or whatever it is that you're working on. If you want to find out more your curious, what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the intervention and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at let's rise dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto. On March this through the seventh that's Toronto March, there, through the seventh check out all the details at the Hollis co dot com. If you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing.
This process. Or rehab in your life. I like to call it the rehab process and think it's something that only me I know this is something you can apply to any area of your life where we are right now, listen to maybe it's for your business. Maybe it's for your relationship, maybe for your own personal life. Literally, these are, hours that you can ply Lily will create change. Still do today, I still got the process is every single day. Sometimes it's not as in depth, but still evaluate these things, these three hours, which you're gonna talk about, which is reality, release repair start a reality. I wanted this right now and I know parts of face. You reality. I know Hard to under Stand that are come together. That something is over? that something is gonna, be no more. Are there you're going to lose something? in so many people never face it.
One most powerful things it you could doing your life is to make a choice, period, Wait, there's no change without it in for me, spent pride three or four years, not making a choice. You don't make a choice? Life, a choice for you. Will you decide Still deciding indecision is still a decision. And so many people, from the reality thinking. I'm a change rights like the almost we ve been under the rug mentality like I'm, just go, hide it in Hopefully nobody sees it. Fifthly, to disappear, but we sweet things under the rugs. That's funny Tristan did this less than a week like he saw Eddie cleaned his room up all, he did was put all this stuff under the bit during his closet. I brought you didn't clean up your room. All you did was sweep it under some nobody could see it in that's up Like analogy
What's so many people do with their lives. They try to hide it right, but it took it away thinking it's not going to affect them, and how did from other people you can hide it employees you can from your spouse. You can hide it from your kids, but one so that you will never full is yourself, you gotta firstly, which herself look in the mirror every single day. And that's what had whole tagline will react term. It all starts with you. That's what I told myself, because I was running from our reality so much and last, damn it looked in a message right. You know what that is, The change into you make a change. That's it all starts where you been Your face starts with you. Accomplishing your dream starts with you. Being a better man starts. Don't you a a better friend starts with you. Torrents would make a choice and you don't make a choice. Life will this
for human life. Decides for you, you play it up and chances hands, and I tell you right now: I don't leave things up the chance. I leave things up the choice so when it comes to reality you have to, to stand right dance, so you can see it every single day by the way, you will never win your war by running from your balance. You know when it whenever that worry is. If you keep, from those battles train is so hard trend is so of train. You don't understand when it's easier said than done. I agree. All of those things but those words aren't going to change your situation was change, your situation. Spacing your battle is standing up to it. And it will be hard. It will seem impossible, but the old way to get to the other side is to face it. Ok, so when it comes to facing your reality. There's three things I want to talk about is gonna help you I never one you have to acknowledge it. You
have to acknowledge it. You have to be real, which are acknowledgement is power If you dont, acknowledge it, you can that change, you boy in denial, sobs absolutely nothing. I wasn't a now that my football career was over, You know what I was doing a cap on hanging onto it. I kept Even when I didn't love it anymore, upon hanging onto it. As I was indeed now it took me actually saying. Ok, it is done. It is over for meat the changed. My life so you got acknowledging acknowledging. Does it mean that doesn't mean that your weak? It doesn't mean that you're saying it's. Ok, it's just gives you permission to move forward? to actually make a change, this can think that you have to a basin reality. Is you have to own it own it? I must tell you necessarily to just The pain say: ok, I'm paying or I'm this struggle, no own it take
ship over your life How many times we make and we make excuses for it's whatever that it is just uses for other people. We make excuses for ourselves in to say it's living in the b c mindset rebuilt hurt me speak on stage, not talk about this a lot Basing mindset you blame and you complain it's every. Swap right, you point the finger in his lungs even if this may be true, even if it might be other peoples For me it was the culture sport. It was. My mama's borrows everybody's Burma periods. While we paying used sensibly and even if it be true. Even if someone did you wrong, even if it was unfair As long as your blaming as well your point, the finger, you're, giving person that that job. That position in your life, whatever that is your given- that the power
control your life right when that person control your light, because you're never break free from it. If you we'll take ownership of it. So you got a point. The thumb, This is thing that I tell myself everything that ended in it might seem kind of corny, but is reducing, say it's we're me o r dont go its army. What action to allow the control, my life or what who's the break free from its own me right. It starts with that, vision. So, instead of having a b c mindset, you can have an icy mindset aces. Except in change. You accept that has happened I accept that I was cut. I accept that you know Maria pregnant away. Like accept that I wasn't a good friend at that time. I didn't stay there, but I accepted it because I knew accepted it. I can't move from there
except in changing. When you accept and change you take the power out of that situation. You take the power of that person, personal hurt you you take it. Our of that job. That did you wrong. You take the power out of your pants, You can use that pain that situation caused in turn, that payments to your power. The reason I'm able to do it gas and talk for this long is because a more hard times the is unable great videos and content. Because I'm a hard times. The recent able to write books is because a my hard times. Paying to be real, which you and I stand, and it has to be true for everybody, but paying crave the platform from our power to be used. The most you know two situation am going to say any names is personal upright listen to this, but at a situation our speaking out, the country and I got did dirty by promoter.
I was angry if you ever had somebody not pay you which you what they said they're going to do so by not keep their word and I cannot stand, and so the Pre rehab side of me was like man. Imma go see this dude, I'm about to buy a ticket out the country. I don't care how much it cost. I'm a van to do diamond see the dude and I was have to talk myself out of it because I'm like that makes absolutely no sense. You go to jail. You got kids, you got all these things. Is it really worth it to do all that I'll spend money? I spent all that money. You know doing all that and I'll still be lost them as far as what he owe me, and so I started to realize that this guy was haven't power over me because he made me not want to trust any other person. He me look at people in a way that everybody was out to Gimme because of what he did to me, he was making people pay for mistakes that they make some like now interests. Even it could be the most trustworthy person in the world because our
still allow in that person, throw my life's, oh, how I got over. That is, that's it ownership of it I should have been better with the contract I should read science because I had signs before with this do right side. Ownership evanescent. You know what can't do anything about it, but the way our money it is to keep impact in the world and I'll just makes remove, and for that I have a business in place. I so number two In helping you face reality on it right take, ownership, public number, three after acknowledge it after you own it, you have to face it. You can face to face with the buggy man you gotta come face to face which are struggle there's. No. You can win the fight by the stance. Are you Step into the ring you might get hit I get knocked down and might not well MIKE says my is not going to go the way you want it to go. But as long as you have breath in your body. You can always stand back up. That's the thing about life and
truth is you cannot fix, I want you to hear me with this: you can ethics fix which are not willing to face. You can fix it. Right. You can not heal. Which are in denial with stop running from it and start one in two. It was where's that can happen. Unicef position that you are I tell you if you have the mice at imo? Come into this situation? What growth that I know, there's some on the other side of this fear and went to spend it at some point, in straight up about food but I think that I realized about fear- is a lot of us controls our life. There are a lot of us why we don't have a conversation with the person right. Why would face the reality in certain situations because of fear? In all theory, is is creating the norm, result from a situation you haven't experienced it So when I realise this and my life that the reason I'm
going to face my reality reason I might take an honest above. It is because I had so much fear Paralyzer my life, so much fear pluralism progression in its because I it's the negative outcome to. Whatever the situation was, I I touched a negative outcome, so me lingo football. I attach the negative outcome. You take an honest about my life? and so I realized, if I can just change what awaits on others out of door by attaching a positive outcome, then I would face it and I would fix and I would take ownership of it. So you have to face reality? Ok, that's the first! Our hope you guys got that this in our case release- and this is my first rate are, are released. There are certain bridges in your life there. To be burned, because there are certain things your life cannot. For to go back to disclaimer I don't want you to think that, just because something is imperfect, means that is wrong. I think
at lot of times we take this release, poured out of context. I live by these words, never quit. Progression. Relationships are going to be perfect. Dreams and visions are gonna. Be perfect. These things aren't gonna, be perfect But you have to know when something is leading your light back to destruction. So would help me was visualizing everything in my life as a bridge. Ok, because the truth, is everything in your life is a bridge its leading you somewhere So if you were to write down say all the people in your life, you're? Right now are the habits and life of you to write down all the things that you doing your life in this I take a little bit of time, but you will start to realize. Where are they things are leading you too. You want to think that I love to say a start to say you know, get greater, say no, which is the thing in sandwich: Maza call discipline things. I don't move you toward your guess, so you have to staying your vision where you want to be where you want to go at you live. What do you want to do? How do you want to feel how you want to
future lies in what you have. A clear You have to go down the list and say: ok this is not moving me. This bridge has not moved me towards that. So maybe it's time for me to burn a bridge these friends are not moving towards that. So maybe it's time for me to burn that breach these high. It's in my life are not moving meets wars that so many It's time for me to burn bridge ok, there's three things. I want to talk about locally three. That I feel like you need to burp. Okay, don't go burn it like physically. I want y'all, send things on fire. You can blame it all right, but burning the spiritual emotional way, so the first one is burn the environment. Okay, This is the thing that there are. Should understand about environment. If gardener by the way, but I just love this illustration: there's a coat. I can't the guy's name, but you can look it up, but the court.
Says that when a flower doesn't bloom, you don't blame the flower. You fixed environment and how true is that, like when someone's like going on your garden? Are you know I tried to be a gardener, but I failed miserably at it and it was. I told that story on another day, they'll miserably at it. But when sums now not growing, you change, you fix it right, you find a new environment, but at times what our life were sold loyal to our by parliament and which I am a firm believer in Lahti, but I'm a firm believer in allowing loyalty to become your slavery. Some of us We're standing environment that we know is toxic for our life and work beckoned, to be this beautiful flower in an environment of killing. This works. By acting to take our the next level Boston environment, that's keep unless at the same level, we expect to elevate our mindsets thing: an environment, that's killer! That's right! Mindsets are very contagious,
what you around your life around until you heard. This quote personal element in a lot, but it's true What you surrender life around is exactly which will become. So about me. You right now. Thinking to my head, azure jogging is realistic in the car and home. Where were you listening to I'm thinking to my here right now, are the mindsets in my the environment in my life right. Do I want to catch with these people have, My friends and I look at my circle of friends and I had to let go right ahead to Burma, environment of France, where team about freedom of our circle, or, should I say well, my circle- got smaller model got clear had just our realizing that I was hanging around people who didn't go to where I want to go, in order to move up at heart, but in order to move up, there's something that you must be willing to give up right, whether that's friendships, Whether that certain relationships, whether that certain partnerships- You can talk about in every area of life. Business from
my employees. From my friendships, you know from our own self, things that I had to burn in those environments and so right, Now, if arm you, I'm writing a list out a piece in asking myself. Ok, Where are these people eat him into what's hard, is people, you love I say you think we're Trent. I love this personally. What do I do? I was you can change the situation. You have to change our minds it towards a situation where you, the plane, seeds and hope that those seeds war would last moment to bless situation where my family right. Those markets are negative, but I take initiative in being able to plant those seats right on the manor house. Some. Can sure my kids in my wife there on this journey in our own way. I don't make them grow in the way that I grow, but can show that they grow because We don't grow together than is gonna, be disconnection so which are friendships. I make us from having these conversations before burn the environment, amend and no hay This is one more my life. You know
My team at so much more than this one. Burma like this is what I'm doing. You got a growing your own type away right. Follow my lead. Are you can figure out what works for you, but one thing which worries I'm not staying here. But that's all my friends back in two thousand and two thousand Levin some Mama, He's got it. Some of my friends did some reference. You know hammer back even more. Some offerings turn their back, but we're garlic of any body stands. I knew why wasn't stay with my life It wasn't necessarily know where I was going I didn't know where I was going at that time. We re at home but for sure new. We're I wasn't stand. You can not healed, staying in the pain you can grow by stating the pay you kid in so You have to make a decision to burn the environment, pain that you're in brought burn environment of struggle net. Struggles are like. The second some struggle is is met right. Some sort was meant to grow burn the environment of negative struggling your life. This The thing that I would challenge to do when it comes to release, is,
burn the mindset. Ok, burn. The mindset I lived in a limited mindset, for so long. I live in the kit. My search results. I live in these words. I will talk about this in the park as a lot because it, but because the number one excuse that I give it bugs because he used to be my number one is what excuse I lived. In the mindset of easier said than done: raftlike have to mindsets? You have a progressive mindset, which is beautiful, goes wrong spoke is not progressing unsay perfection, but a progressive mindset. You have a limited mindset, and there are so many people, that's life. In their limitations. Some you. Into this right now you like but trip. You said and done. I can't Trent right, that's a limited mindset. Your perspective can there be your power. Your present, in your everything, easier said than done. I hate it
this, but Israel, your perspective, Asia, prison Here you you're living and eliminate mindset, you're, seeing the limitations, steadily elevation steadily progressions you're seen everything as limited you're saying that kid's right, Those mindsets are both right. So you have to force yourself. To get into this progressive mindset. Yet the forces stop saying why me it starts Why not me yet force yourself to stop saying easier, said than done to say no matter how hard it may be. Remember I told you earlier: I hate it. Reading books, I hate working on myself, I wasn't born into personal development, but stood majesty, where I want to go where I wanted to grow from, and I knew that I had to apply these things to my life. I don't have it all figured out, the only thing I have figured out was no one at what I was doing was now. Working and so is there same easier said than done, starts in
no matter how hard it may be no matter how impossible it may seem, the figure it out find a way to get it done in that's the process of anything like you first start with I don't know if I can do this it's so many people stop there. So maybe we are extremely limited mindset, but what you break free from thence. They ok, I don't know. If I can do this, let me prove myself wrote and that's what a lot of you have to do prove your sovereign because if you live in a limited mindset right, you to prove your sovereign, because you're telling yourself, which you can't do when I started spy. I was telling myself that I couldn't be a great speaker, so I have to prove myself wrong, so I had to face it back to my reality. Right I had to face it come face to face with improvements offering a what's our pumas overall enough. I move, I don't think I can do this to I'm actually doing this. I am actually live in it and then I just
progressive than our move from I'm actually done is too I'm doing more than what I can do likewise, like I'm pretty good at this sum now is like what can I do a! U movements that what's impossible mindset in there, that growth mindset? That's it. Regression mindset so in a place where your mindset is not serving you you to burn that mice and yet the places of an environment that way You grow whether that's going to conferences, whether that's. Books, whereas this in the park as Excel, promise you, when you play those seeds of growth in your life, you have choice but to grow? The third thing, when it comes to release you gonna burn the habits. Simple simple might have spent much time on this but burn the habits o ways do. Create new results,. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again expecting the same reason- focus. You have to step out on fear to step out on faith and you have to make a choice
so focus on one habit does not serve. You focus on one habit. Debts good, you know, had a habit of not want to get up. And so I literally built my most of control muscles to call them asked our give up outside of emotional, a emotion too, that title deep reason too that a route. It reason as I like to call it too, That made me get up our earlier. I'm always challenging myself when I think his habits I don't serve me am. I was ok what habit cannot replace here? It's gonna, me grow my life, so the third are in this. We have process is repair. Ok. This is the most important thing, so face reality? You think you can do every single day, even on a smaller scale, right faced a reality whatever. That is why you came face to face with ok. I have to do this in order to win my war. I gotta go to this battle. Whatever it is, These ok, well I base my reality now.
Two things are needed to be released. Now let go the baggage. Some of us are in dead weight. I find this journey is already hard. Life is our common amount, You a climate of carry tons and tons await. You would let her go this to say my so when it comes to life long, the day away, go drop the unnecessary baggage. Let it go. You can go to new destinations. All that you want but if you're came the same baggage when you arrive at the new destinations, so many people do this. They never released things, and yet they give it a new destination. They reach their gold unless they get their act. Destination, they unpack the backs and guess what those habit still there, those people are still there and he's gonna ruin your mindset, rising stress connachar, depressions gonna, causing society because you never let go of baggage. Third are less ginsu. This is repair The only way to harbour true strength, Tristram is the Carker pain at its deepest love
Not surface level. A lot of what we want servers level solutions. People ask me about relationships, and things like that always tell them you? Can you no exit? The relationship? Are you know you can move on from the relationship, but if you don't get to the reason why you are yourself to stay in their relationship. Maybe was your insecurity that later maybe it was you a financial reason that kept you there. If you know to their root issue. The route Right, you don't get to the root issue. You will find yourself back in those same situations, because if you don't get to the root, I promise you a hundred percent straight up. A hundred percent that problem that situation that limitation. That habit. Whatever it is, will find its way back to this for so this, what we gotta do The first thing we gotta do in this repair process is you have to dig up the route? Ok, no
surfers level solutions, and I just talked about, are you have to be real, which yourself and I will continue to ask myself power were, as I love the call it of why Why do I keep acceptance? And I keep asking us of dancing. I feel like I've got to the route issue. Why do I he put myself in the same situations that are no aren't good for my life. Why, keep, except unless why Do I keep my worth. In the hands of other people I will give it that much credit, but one that most people Why is my mindset like this the most of word a one of em I will give it that much credit, but one the most powerful words is. Is why ask yourself why, the second thing that you gotta do after you up the route? Ok, is you have to plan a new see? Ok,
digging up the roots. By will your life, what you dig it up: planning New Sea, so a new seed is new habits a new routine. A new seed is, is new meanings. When I talk about perspective being your power, your prison, maybe that prison perspective, but now you plant the seat of a power perspective in what I feel like one of my superpowers and we all have the superpower is the ability be able to see the good in everything this is something that I have really been focused on. Private two years of my life. That's where the whole your perspective, can your power, your prison, realism and I'm in control of the definitions that I give things like may control of how fine situations. You know What would help me realize it was? I was given a negative situation or negative meaning. Should I say to it from you: can cover manifesto, but now you
ass for you look it, you know where I'm at now. I was up by the best thing that ever happened to me, because I wouldn't be here. If I never got released from there and saw I'm always trying to see the good everything I'm thinking about. How can this built me? How can this make me better right, if it wasn't for my past, then I wouldn't be. Who I am today, and I know that's like you, ve heard that before we just imagine, if you start looking at things used our say. Well, if this didn't, happened in my life. I there have been this person if I didn't lose this person, maybe not losing it that person maybe that when the lead you to your purpose right, maybe not lose their person, when have led you to your strength, movement, maybe not losing their job like I did when they lead you to your vision and so being a control your meanings and understand that your definitions? Are you control your life, and I think it's you control your emotional, your mental health? So
those seeds of new, mean new definitions, new habits, right habits they really serve. You have, as they will be push you. Even those habits are hard to do gotta find a reason to stay loyal to those habits they lowered their mission, stay lords at our vision and also, play. The seat of new environments get around new people, and, if I can do it might enter itself, then you can do it get around, It reminds us put yourself in environments that four should a level up. But you're, seven environments that force with a groan which is up comfortable environment, if you stay inside your comfort zone, we all know nothing is going to change that the magical happens. It's advocate result. So am I you I am seeking out environment. They make me uncomfortable. If I'm, u, I'm sticking out environments that force me to grow, I'm seeking out environments round that the best I love to be the worse when I walk in the room now know that the least qualified person might s dope because for effect. I gotta go when I leave this place, are no four
I'm gonna, be a stronger me. I'm gonna be a wiser me. I'm gonna be a greater me. I'm gonna be a better me. I'm like addicted to can sure I'm not the best in the room I'm addicted to. Because when you become the best in your room, you're always the best you're never going to grow and, as we said earlier in this package, if you're not growing, that only means one thing: you're dying thing that are dying. Don't grow right to flip that seek out those environment they make comfortable, go to the conference's right go That means that you don't want to go to go to the June. You know go to all these places that I love to call growth, environments, environments. Why should a girl, you know, there's a big talk about masterminds of your personal filipino about masterminds insane. Story when I was repair in my life last year in certain areas of my life, because I wanted to grow thought. I was at a place of being, stagnant. I was like me: I need to get around people who really forced me to level up, and I got it from one of my friends to go to a mastermind in I'm a b would you like another?
I am now, but I wasn't a person about going around a bunch of people. I don't know like. I hate like bacon conversations like that's the worst for me, that's, like my biggest fear that they're fake a conversation cuz, I'm not good at just fake and making them something to talk about. So I'm like where we going to talk about, I'm like research and stuff like how to start conversations and stuff like that. So I didn't want to go, but my friend, this hey man like you, need to go. It is you can get so much like you're gonna growing. You leave her like a promise you, so I spent my money. I invest in it. I go to this mastermind and what money is not only our grow, but I may friendships and connections that help me so much from a business perspective from a personal perspective, but it took me walking into something I was uncomfortable to really grow my life.
If you know me, you know how fearful this is like on the type of guy. Just the pitcher real, quick, I'm the type of guy fills alone, the crowded room on the type of guy, I'm good. If I can just sit in a room and is in a state We must also work on something and I have no human interaction. I'm great you might try like that's crazy, because of who you are always so leave I'm not a people person, but I care about people that makes It's like I'm, not if you will, but I care about people so plant. I right the third part of repair, by digging up the rue planet who see. The third party repair is one that sea. Because you can dig at the root of that? You want, planet, new scene, and so people get stuck here. But if you never water that see that sea will never grow, how what do they see? Will you weren't see by haven't deliberate practices. I have a routines there. They help that she grow whatever. That is so, if you journey you how the routine of going to the gym
If you're on a journey of personal grove behind the routine, maybe listen, the package rather routine of of written three accurate the routine of in all. Maybe you gotta conferences every few times a year. You have that routine in those practices there They set yourself up for success. There help grow. That sea in, oh, I would say, is groups, I don't want you to cheat the process, but if you can see the process in a way of not seen it by having me practices then then do it. Another of warning that seed is. You have to be in tune with your life right. You have to be which is seven be in which your like meat you know so many times were being mixed it's so much we're doing so. Much and I know you might have kids and I know I know I Didn'T- have a family of five. Now you have kids and you're place in you're. Not really. Understanding which your life needs, and that moment not they want to, I think that you can do. We cannot talk about protecting your peace in a pack has very, very soon come up, which I encourage. You got to listen to it because it's like secret sauce on how I stay so saying they focus
even have millions of people follow me, the world wide use, so into which you need right that you, you give your your emotional your mental health, your your soul, your life, you know what it means is like if you are hungry, new. You know it's a hungry, so you give your biting nutrition that it needs. Your soul, needs nutrition to write, your soul needs to be there too, so you have to be in tune with your life, and that is my like rehab process. That's it it's pretty simple guys, like literally you face reality? These are things you can do everything TAT s when I wake up in the morning this, what I'd do? Ok, what reality we need to face this reality everything we need to face. Sometimes the reality is great drama run into it, but sometimes the reality is also going to my ok Talk myself through this right, but you gotta face reality. What you face you gonna, be ok. What things can go with me on this journey today.
What are some things that I need to. Let go of maybe some things from yesterday that you're trying to bring into today right- maybe some baggage. You can't change yesterday, so you let go of that. Maybe that's the release that you need to have maybe to come conversation that you need to have that's been bugging you and has been dropped crazy. You can't focused on what you need to focus on, because you're focused on the fear of having that conversation So you got a really certain things from your life every single day and last part is. Repairing your life right, what do you need to dig up? was that new see that you're gonna play in how you gonna wanted at sea and if you get good, this, which is easy to get good at. You will start to put strengths and weaknesses over In over and over again we'll start to look back on your life and you look at your life becomes a warlike man like how did get here and it's him, because you faced it, you released it. You repaired it in southern that can help you
move the needle with this. Call it leverage. Questions have talked about this on a few park as before If you're me talk about it, but it's it's like my. My secret weapon is leverage. Since I well. How do you get yourself to do it well I use leverage over my life and I am extremely glad to be this extreme but allow what times it ties to my family ties to marquise, because I care so much about my children. I care so much about my wife, care. So much about you guys in my community. What am I my may levers. Questions is, if I don't do this, they might families gonna suffer right. My choices will become. Families consequences Choices will become my communities consequence, which is you guys but don't do this in Rio. Across the world, are going, if they are going to suffer and that leverage literally because I don't want anybody to suffer so you
to find out what moves you, but those are levers, questions that move me you're leverage question is. Do. I want to die and happy. For some of you, your in bad toxic situations,. For some of you don't change is going to be the rest of your life. I don't want to die unhappy. I don't I want to live a happy fulfil life and I'm afraid of that, like it's, like a fear thing with me, I want to die unhappy something to make these changes. Nor do I want to live in regret. I want a regret I want. If an appreciation, so wrap this up we want you to one the right up there list of people right bridges, that's re important rather to people where these people leading to a re, these habits, leading to wear your minds that we need to and how make that change right will be the change changes. That will be the alternative if it
those people. What are the new Caesar Gonna play? Maybe you get into uncomfortable environments that can put better people in your life right? Maybe you develop new habits so these bridges leading you too. You develop new bridges in your life and I think I would say to write down is leverage questions, and maybe you write these levers questions down on your mirror. If you like me, have tattoos, maybe who had set two of your levers, questions. But you need to be able to see it every single day, because those levers questions will push you to face it right there, First thing that will help you face reality by having these levers questions. You know in your life. I want to leave you with this quote. A reality not faced is a life not lived? Think about for a second a reality. Not faced is a life not lived The life that you deserve to live will come when she
face the reality that you're running from like, I always tell you it all starts with you, you keep Look in your struggle create new peaks go applauded, react process, your life, nothing changes overnight by the way, so don't think you're today, your life is only magically chains tomorrow. No, it takes time this process should apply to your life for the rest of your life, but make the respect for greatness, face it own. It conquering moved to grow from it That's how you become the greatest you, I just Rehab Tom get it and make sure you tube and next week, because we talk about how to find your purpose write them. The question that everybody wants to know: I'm a break it down awaited. You never heard before. If you love something about this park. Ass may was a certain part screenshot it I screenshot this park s and share it, because I need you to
Stan? There's people in the world- they don't even know. I exist. This package exists that need this exists. Message by you just pressing share tagging. Someone you texting someone you can be a hero in their life. I appreciate you. Let's get it straight up its hosting a recorded by me. Trent Shelton episodes are produced by Chelsea Harfoush and mixing edited by Andrew Weller Cameron. Berkman is our executive producer straight up with Trent Shelton the production of the Hollis company, what. Ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned. I have a book coming out. Here's the thing. It's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and we're
The priest cell window of windows- I am super, excited about having written a book for both men and women about Twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have, This from the perspective of some one that is totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the perspective of someone who's been skeptical of tools like that book or even the pot castra listening to for ever and ever its through that lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies, and not only did it, help me get out of my own way to help you get out of Europe. There are two ways I want to say thank you for preparing this book I've created in the course of course, yes and iii course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your why it's. A fantastic resource, it's available absolutely
or free right now for having pure the book, and if you go to get out of your own way, the book that calm right now and follow the problems. Not only we get Icarus, you can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again get out of on way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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