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We are so excited to show you your favorite celebrities No.1 fave! The intention with this podcast is to inject joy into a very difficult time and to be able to share that joy with others! That's what Your Fave Faves is all about, so please enjoy 4, YES 4, of your favorite celebrities talking about their first favorite thing. We're talking Tony Hawk, June Diane Raphael, Carla Hall and Laird Hamilton!!! Tomorrow, catch the full episode with Nicole Byer!

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Hi, I major Hollis, and this is your staves layered a camel tat. I was watching a documentary recently and it was the first time that I understood that there are- and please correct me if I'm saying this wrong, but there are for lack of a better word famous waves in different parts of the world. Is that correct? and that the different ways depending on where you are in the world, are sort of good for different things like if you want to serve a barrel verses. If you wanted you aerials, is that accurate
permission or am I did. I know not what position ass an address each other? Yes, it's so is there in in the history of what you do is there do have favorite waves that you ve surf? lily? Yeah? Absolutely I mean, there's a you. I grew up in Hawaii, of course, and so in the end, though, in the way that they had the most influence on me as a child with a wave of bonds I pipeline, which is on the north. Anyone who witches at the time when I was growing up was considered the most dangerous wave in the world, and also this kind of it was where all the great service from all over the world came to kind of test their skills. Since that time, there's awaiting Tahiti called terrible that taken over might line and that and on a on a barrier reef at our last, which in a way spread in different directions. Soap,.
right is a way that if your right handed you would face, you would face the wave and go to your left and a left is a wave that you would face it and your land. You would go to the right with you yo. You face it with you loved him, but so tat, those two of those two waves and then, of course, there is a way that that we kind of made famous called jaws. That was At the time that I have heard about it, that's probably one of the only written some of the legislature reserve there and in climate change. The way surfing is after serving that way for a long time and then and then there in some other ways in the world that have come out because it out because we developed a technique for catching the waves with using gypsies
first, what pressure used only accept, maybe she'll as already acts, and we would tell each other onto these waves and catch him, because he couldn't really physically get him and and then that technique kind of opened up some other places that that wouldn't have been serve without it and then and then so, then you have quotas, banks, which is about a hundred twenty five miles, and LOS Angeles Avenue the ocean and there's another way now in Portugal, called Nazareth which is you're, getting a lot of attention, because somebody took it upon themselves to think that the front of the height of the way was in the most important breeding, and so now we're getting people trying to break the world record in and all that kind of stuff, it's red ocean.
Always we're all life came from and an end. Without it we would even be exist on earth. The amount of diversity of abortion life is far exceeds anything on land and is the power of the ocean. You know it's been carving earth for main water, you gotta diamond with water, so Santa has a few things a little deeper than just riding away, but but you know a riding is a relationship with the ocean. So that's how I developed my my initial relationship with the ocean was going to being in Hawaii surround ocean and then and then being and then having the fortunate to be raised at a place that was at the time and still to this day is one of the primary in the world to for us over the time it s their skills, and you don't make make their mark Where I know why, who did you grow up? while in the north or where we're pipe. Oh, you didn't no knows well, when I was a little when I was really
and then and then I would come back to it throughout the years ago. As a I moved I moved to another outer island when I was little older and, as you know, the ass over, but I will come back to serve serve. One Cosette was it. You know that They called the seven seven mile miracle, which is just as a you really famous. You know that they have. Why me a bit where they had the idea gown. They have sent a beacon pipeline their system, a bunch of really great breaks through four surfers wet Now I try to avoid most of those places disclosures share. I ve learned. I can't imagine I mean I'm curious, because I know that you, you truly invented that technique of of catching those bigger waves by taking. out the jets key and and and towing out to them, as I know that it was a technical group of us develop thirty, I heard a couple friends and we were we had been.
Serving in really giant waves in and understood that you know we could get on triumph swells with power, and so it was? Is it made sense for us wanting to pursue that the bigger serve me just you know we have a kind of it. He had still continues to be a frontier unites. I think it's kind of a human thing. It's like white is everybody wants to go to space its causes, the frontier as we have? Is it right? It is kind of a something in our dna in our inner psyche to pursue the unknown or pursue? Do you not push the boundaries and probably the damage question ever? But are you afraid, when your face, in a way that day you haven't you earlier young, ok, you feel there Only I get nauseous when I even think to be big somewhere else in the world, then I'm gonna go there. So yeah, I think I I'm
under the believed it fears assigned intelligence. Has he thought you if you're scared you're, probably you know any understanding to be scared about mynors fear could not write him. Tat, fear and be fearful is something that has been instrumental in our survival. So you know, if you didn't know, things are dangerous. You would agree that something that you know that we ve had built into us from the beginning or or evolved into a set of out of necessity, just to survive, and everything is that's so that that about a pivotal pieces of the instrument, you noticed when you do with that. I think that separates alot of people within a higher respond in the end, in the moment of being scared or having fear- and you know I had so- I think that everybody operate differently. I think, but I think its taste for anyone decided there not scared. I thought I'd that scares me.
Karla Hall, my Ex mother in law and get on cook at her whole life, and the very first time owing to her house and like was trying to help the kitchen, I'm I'm hacking into the tomato, and I was a pat patty, do good. Let me get you a nice, I'm just get you a nice man and her eyes bulging out of her head at how expensive a good night I'm. I know this will change your likes. You don't even understands what is about to happen here when you ve got the right to access gas so going to someone's house and allay these nice or terrible, and then people are working so hard, all my life and if they are cutting on a glass cutting board that ask that that stresses me out.
Just why did those even exist line? That is not why that is just a glass that is a piece of glass. Yes, good boy! oh yeah, that's not even on my list, but I like yet after that we also gather funless is like the top kitchen mistakes? People it's hot kitchen, do not doubt that began. Don't get Lest so that's all, I dont get less. Ok a glass, cutting when you do that I think now on my motives, Yasser we talked about a micro play. I just think you every kitchen into my best, twelve. Ninety five you're gonna spend United only twelve. Ninety five right appeal are really good pillar as in, and I think that people will, you think, about Paris, peep pillars go up and down, because if you're right handed and you're only going
now, then? What do you do? Give it to a left handed person, so they can use the other side of the pillar to go the other right, sir. up and down up and down their use. It equally it out. If you dont give two left handed friend a potato right, so I definitely don't have. I know what it is, but I've never used it. How do you use it to make national take yes To make beautiful, fluffy mashed potatoes, it is the only way to go and not a ricer automatic nerf you need. This is the season for the rice. Yeah. Well, it will change your life. It will lie in terms of potatoes once again and at all their banana. Rather people were making illegal.
the Bananas eleven o k, o k arising, where we did forget to say that just for people who don't ever micro playing How are you using so I mean resisting obviously, but are there things that I am not, of course zest choose parmesan cheese, chocolate shavings site like does in chocolate I use it for ginger has so anything that's hard to needs great something over the next thing on all about Tom's, I think tongs and a really good silicon, hard stiff, said I dont back and forth bad times are my employment of choice. So what happening something and a pan, I tend to use tyres to turn them, because this is a very exciting my Edward scissor hands, so I'm turning things with Tom, I rarely use spatula unless I have something long and delicate but tat
yeah. I go to your tongue, something that you have multiple of the same thing that you like yeah. So I have three pairs of tongues, kitchen, and I've got Barbie dogs in the same way. That would be the thing that I'd reach more s. Yes, I mean small, medium and large, as I Goldilocks relaxing the three big size. I know other tools that you have multiple of something because use it so much you you want access, all the option of it will be the silicone, but the high heaps bachelor I have multiple forms of those have different dear friend, was of those, but also I love jars has, as I was over this jar, you ve done with some oh, that's a great joy. I may I can just visualize putting things that had just rightly. I am afraid that I was gonna be late for your call, my five minutes. As I speak, I can show you my eyes from Cape cover
everything I had five minutes and I've been working. I'm doing this for my my step son. So I had this ice cream. and I had this year, all right is it right of, looks amazing, so it's like you ve got vanilla than cake than chocolate ice cream. so are you gonna keep layer, chocolate, cake, vanilla, ice cream, chopping ahead, and then I had this good NASH, because I had. And I had until I'm going to store to get more ice cream. So
The nice, but I made it with sour cream sauce, feels like chocolate extreme, and there is a way I have some caramel so as I could carry on here and then I think about topic with some toasted shave, almonds and some probable guys. Yes, Tony Hock, gay border legend icon forty year career Tony HAWK and he is sharing his top five
for it. Injuries take I've been scanning for about forty three years almost, and I wish I could see if my whole life, but I started when I was nine years old, so the first injury and probably the most prominent and the one that affected me, though the worst or the most was breaking my pelvis, and I did that in two thousand and four saw on this whole biogas evidently like following convulsive. Okay, so what's the scenario? How did this happen saw was in my late? Thirty's already had already had a lot of success getting and we were shooting in pursuit of wild boys. Witches were servant, jackass spin off so it was Chris. Pious and civil data show that was more about nature and loss of stones, and so.
I did it because they had a they hadn't, rang it saying that you're gonna skateboard and they asked if I would be on the same episode as the orangutans, so we showed up to this ram where they brought the ratings, my friends ram and He needs a little bit of skating with the ring it hangs. Barbara questions put a prominent skater as well. And it was going well, and so they had a stress avenues. Monkey suits and do like a whole routine dressed up as monkeys, said, match the aesthetic of the Iranian re as you do, and Bob used to have a loop ramp that was attached to it it half time that we had done in the past in a fool I complete how wheels Lou and we ve done in the past, but I didn't really whether it is less than we have done it
and he and I had been writing a different loop right up until now that point that was on my tour. Ah, the boom hush him. So those things are important in the context of this, because, as we risk having in these arranging suits now wearing homeless, by the way, because you know we had to have that without the full get up sure. I think it was my great idea they sit all we gotta do a monkey love, but through the monkey move, and so we went over to the backside of ram and we started trying his love and I should have known something was wrong when Bob fell on his first attempts of his own loop that he used to do daily, you know-
with his eyes closed and then I went tried it and realise that I didn't have enough speed. So I serve came off the wall, but I made it around so I was. I was able to slide to safety and for some reason that in deter us, we're all adds up to do it and on my next attempt I did the number one mistake of allude that I should have known better cause, I'm doing it for no ten years. Up to that point. In my life, and basically I pumps too hard with my legs going through the first radius and when you do that, you bring yourself off the wall and you have no right to go
the fur straight up and then all the way down like I said it was Ricky mistake. I pump through the transition found myself slipping in the air to know where I was next thing. I know I woke up and how like how many feet is that that you're, following the le Loup selvas fourteen feet, I'm chirruping? How did you know May I gave boarding loops ivy irony. The irony of the of the loop is that the safest place the fall is at twelve o clock because Europe, a minimal, carry around the rap and you'll, be able to stick to the Wall Slide room. So I came off the wall just after three o clock so to speak, and that made my momentum stake carried me upwards in my eyes and then straight down. I remember the first thing that I've felt I mean that's. What kind of woke me up was, as they were,
as there are living me into the ambulance. I said all my my side really hurts and I am- and I remember the paramedics thinning out extra- that And then I found out later that day that I broke my Thomas and that I was to be in bed the quite awhile Y know what is their recovery from that like I was in bed for probably think six to eight weeks, the worst part about that is not being idle. It's that your power was essential to everything in your body right in terms of your bone structure and your nerves, and so, if you do anything at all, it requires exertion. I mean I'm talking about downturn, coughing or sneezing. Your entire body fairies up again in the slightest shockwave goes through your, so imagine trying to get up, take a shower about them all those things are just traumatic arm, so you have to be in a calf to know how I do it.
if you were to have? If I were, shattered. It might have been peace back together, but but it was just like a clean break through us. It was gonna, hear fine. Have you seen Kevin Hearts, newest comedy special netflix? I'm not okay, so view like sand up it this it's worth your time. It's really well done, but in it he talks about getting a car accident and he broke his back. I think any is talking about the recovery and having to use the bathroom for the first time, and it is you will especially having gone there. I was sobbing crying so so funny you're at the time. I just felt really painful. I'm sure I couldn't find now much humour but
well, I think would happen was I I wanted. I want to get back out there, since I could and I jump the gun, and so when I first started trying to walk, I had the severe limp that I was just in denial of, and it took me a it took me a good, I would say six months to feel confident almost keyboard, and then it took me about another six months to actually get my my tricks back an end, my my sense of confidence that I could do these things, because that really rattles you, if it makes you can it makes you question anything. You ve done for less in offer me last thirty years,
June, Diane Raphael fightings course I want to talk about. It is women in comedy and women who make me laugh because that's my favorite thing in the world. Nothing! Nothing is more joy, and I do think that this time like we do, need to seek joy out an and enjoy as resistance an hour ago and beauty eyes like something that elevates ass out of like fish sheds of life. I have always like I just never someone who gravitated toward the males mediums or stand up some. It's just. I intellectually like understand why their funny in and can like Tipp, my hat too, that there are few people that really I love love, love like the Sea Martens of the world. The you know set rather make me laugh harder. Anyone like there's a couple of male comedians. Martin short,
I might delighted by the race. For the most part, my what makes me. Like the windows for me into my own experience into like that. Full body, like a recognition, haven't always been women, starting with my mother, who was very very funny. Woman made us all like laughed so hard at the dinner table and also loved comedy like she was so excited about me. What about Bob? That sheep and would laugh so hard- it almost performance that she would p And every time we put on the move, because we had a lot of you just take my damage public towels underneath her. So so there was a problem certainly in my own home, a premium put on they can you make us laugh yeah yeah
and so my mother's like a deal and eat a ability to take. You enter her experience Why is amazing and whole areas and her friends were hilarious to me and their wants. Desires, and I just like its entered in heading into the world of harmony, because I never thought, but I saw only women more funding, the shock to realise that not everyone felt that way. Yeah to me and when I got to like you stupid and there it was Corso in New York or silk male dominated recently, a scattering of women improvise or some of them above all night, I was so confused
because to me, women were actually innate funny, I yeah so so what the things though, and I shall I loved, I love Lucy growing up. So these are my top five women and an hour, to say the reason why I think it is important in this time is because if we, when life feels like it's on pause, I think if We cannot allow ourselves to be so far even in, like certain people talk about identity work, even you know the identity, racial identity for way, people on exploring your privilege and is always framed as like this horrible heiresses,
in the process, and I am not saying that there is not that a part of it ray. I think, in summary, is actually very necessary to go through. What I wish was talking more was joined together under that an experience of understanding your humanity more and feelings, rigour in the world's ends, I think there's a lot of joy at the end of this work and its only ever talked about in heavy ways. So I believe, is incredibly important to connect to joy and nothing is more dreadful to need than laughing, and so my top five favorite women. Uncommonly start, of course, with my mother, and her stories, of course, wasn't professional performer, but her stories of remember she told this wild story of like she was in your city, public school teacher and had to plan it at one of the teachers, retirement parties and
is responsible for the balloons and my mother was very smart but like when it came to adjust the issues, the type of person, who would call my father and he would pick up the phone and shit they were now. Where are you? Are you home and his? They hear? You called like stuff like that, like just just look a little outside air now had an incredible clouds and she took this giant arrangement. A balloon was to this restaurant, where they were having thus retirement party for where the teachers and ass she was walking into the restaurant elite. Of course, like kind just come Bobby, related she'd have realised this knowing how the Gestapo top the gestapo you know, your master and she's a running back there in there all like. Where are you it's about to start and all the balloons popping
one one, every single one of them still all things that just would have me prying. Also in a middle school or your faves, faves is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis. The show is produced by Chelsea Har fish and edited by Andrew Weller, with production support from sterling coats Cameron. Bergmann is our executive. Pretty sir, your faves faith is a three percent chance production.
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