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A Teachable Moment: The NBA Sucks Up to the ChiComs


RUSH: We’re gonna get to the NBA stuff today too. I’m glad that I actually didn’t get to that yesterday because there’s a bunch that’s happened since then. And I’ll tell you what this Chinese stuff, folks, let me tell you, this Chinese stuff is a teachable moment for a lot of reasons.


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ocean ism, but raw communism on display by the chickens. You can not descent, you have no civil liberties. You have no opinion, you're not allowed the same end, be a that told North Carolina gotta hell because they wouldn't have same sex bathrooms. Don't comedy transgendered, wants a cosy up and make friends with the giant comes because there's one point: two billion people as a market in China and how many evil in North Carolina. Does the NBA really care about a man is so many teachable momentary we're gonna get to this? Is the program unfolds. This is such a teachable moment what is happening here and it's gotten so obvious skated. Let's start at the beginning on this.
No, let's not, I want to make an observation before starting at the beginning, the beginning as the tweet that the general manager to Houston Rockets sent out, which was totally harmless, twitch showing support for freedom, loving people in Hong Kong, pursuing freedom and democracy, and for that he was shown lack by the Czech hums, the chimes than threatening NBA Emmi NBA originally buckled to it. Until they got the impression they were doing this all wrong another trying to have it both ways, but take a look at what happened here, and I want to draw an analogy for you. We have the general manager, the Houston Rockets, Darrell Morey on Friday, sending out a tweet that.
The normal ebb and flow nobody should have ever not as if we just supporting the freedom, loving democracy. having seeker is in Hong Kong or being beaten up and threatened and imprisoned by the child comes so he sends out this tweed em all hell breaks loose, have the
Ba players come down on this guy. How dare you criticise the Chinese? Dare you the NBA executive bunch? Their initial reaction was to come down on Darrell Morey, who is the general manager of the Houston Rockets? How what happened the China Coms blew up and why? Because the child comes, do not permit the scent the Tri coms. Are I don't care what anybody else thinks they are? They are first and foremost command and control communists
There is no freedom in communism, there is no dissent in communism. There is no individuality or sovereignty in communism. You are nothing but a slave in communism, and if you stray, you will pay a price that may include costing you your life. So here we have on the big scheme in the big scheme of things, a small and mild little tweet about Hong Kong, and it has been turned into a giant. Here take an polarizing international issue, and you know who it reminds me of it reminds me of the left in this country. It reminds me of the way they are enforcing speech college with the threats
Islands, the same level of intolerance as the chicken government doesn't matter what university you go to in New York City. You can't say things like illegal aliens or elite immigrant without being chase down now what we have in Hong Kong or people fighting a war against communism, and they ve known this was coming since ninety ninety seven, when the Brits the queen said, Prince Charles over there had this gigantic ceremony. Turning control of Hong Kong back to the mainland, China comes Hong Kong. Prior to that was maybe. One, the greatest examples of raw capital
is a mule could find on the planet. I went to Hong Kong and the late ninety navies and I came away stunned that it works. It is massively populated overpopulated, based on the square mileage living space and so forth. It's too different cities daytime and nighttime across the harbour in cologne when you're. Looking at Hong Kong, it's it's it's a different existence.
but tourism by night, business by day, whole cities completely change. Once the sun goes down, I'm not talking about from capitalism, the communism just about what the what the purpose of life is. It's it's edit, it everybody got, fanned everybody each whenever they want to eat. There was plenty of food. There was nobody wanted for anything and enables poverty. There's there's always that, no matter where you go on the planet, but it works, and it was based on complete economic freedom. When you went into a store to buy at that time, you want to buy an mp3 player. Every purchase, wasn't negotiation yeah. They had a stick her on it, but every purchase was negotiated. You could negotiate these people down. Everything was in Hong Kong dollars, and so the salespeople were were accustomed to talking to you. True trinity, Hong Kong, tutored, ITALY, arrogant to cackle. What's to twenty Hong Kong.
After a while, you'll learn it, but no matter what it is, you're negotiating with him, everything was a deal and then the Brits announcer going to turn it over, and I know- and everybody knew this day was only a matter of time. The child comes, cannot let Hong Kong and just as it was it's in direct conflict with mainland China, they can't permit it there's no way the chinese leaders are going to permit Hong Kong remain what it was. So the day has come where they're, not the day has come. We're Hong Kong is gonna, become some soon subsumed by the mainland. The differ. says the people on Hong Kong are not like. The people on the mainland are just not because they all ok, cower in the corners and fear, and let it happen there pushing back their pushing back against communism. This is what ought to be happening in this country, pushing back against liberalism pushing back against some of the crazy radical liberalism. That's enough!
thing every institution in this country this, I'm kind of lack of taller Of dissent in tolerance of of even speech when corruption, So many institutions is occurring in this country because of the american left in all happens under the guise of political correctness, and it's all based on the fact that minorities are repressed, and so we gonna let these changes happened because otherwise minorities will be continued to be impressed is nothing about any of that. It's an attack on capitalism. It's an attack on freedom into the attack on individualism being sponsored by international communist around the world who are funding in paying for this stuff and issues like climate change and your vehicles whereby they make it happen. So as a great lesson for people to see here and another great lesson, look at how quickly.
the National Basketball Association, instinctively decided to come down on the side of the communist chinese government and not the general manager of the Houston Rockets who sent, we pleaded a little message of support for the freedom fighters in Hong Kong. That's all it took to create this massive controversy, while the NBA Precisians under raise a bunch of teams over there playing exhibition games, try comes a threatening not to let the games go on Lebron James get the Lebron James has been told it up to him to fix this. up to Lebron James are somehow bridge this controversy. The Chinese.
He's love bascombe on. You know why this is their short compared the NBA players they admire men in school at all, they be able dunk. What have you type in there's other reasons to its intriguing sport for some people, but The people of Hong Kong or fighting a war against communism. There are some people as countries think that we're fight the same battle here, but our battle is not so much with the government yet, but with individual leftists that run and have taken over institutions. But the child comes have shown everybody. What they really are. They are dictatorial. They will shut down. All descent enabled do it with violence if they have to, and that is what they really are. Despite comments Biden Bloomberg these guys out. There's these non dictators, maybe what Bloomberg? Seven the sound by we had last week at the President of China has to
His constituents where he won't survive, some of them, the most outrageous ignorance, I've ever heard and binds out this Chinese are not a problem. I been there. I've made deals with them in my son or wait. Whether or not there not a threat, but not I let me come on man. The Chinese are not our enemy. now the NBA. The commissioner Adam Silver they're, coming backtracking now trying to show support for Adam Morey General Manager to Houston Rockets, while trying not to tick off the child comes because here come the usual complaint. You'd be a buckle, took money you're more. But what do you do more good than they do so
You were right, yeah. Well, this is the same NBA that for wet and North Carolina and some other states with a boy caught if they didn't open. Bathrooms to anybody who wanted to use em, so the NBA had no trouble standing up to the government of North Carolina. The NBA was perfectly fine issuing boycott threats. Let the child come speak up and its bend over and grabbed the ankles time until people got offended by that and now they're trying to have it both ways, but they don't want to give up the tree come market. One point: two billion people who have increasing buying power, ok, see the child comes bought off the Clinton's that China comes bought off. The Biden is China. Thomas Baldauf off Bloomberg. Another
the process of buying off the NBA and all of the woke leftists out there, and you know why, because the lure of try com money is just too much. Some people mean, while there is one guy wage, at war with the tri, comes trying to straighten out this imbalance and thence Donald J Trump. Once again, we have someone on the right side. All of this I just saw some guy on tv say that way: Realize doing business with China is an exchange programme. If we're going to export free them like supporting Hong Kong, that we gotta be willing to give. Some censorship, four and then the guy. You really feel what wisdom today, sir,
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