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2021-06-02 | 🔗

Few people on earth can say they’ve known Rush Limbaugh literally since the day they were born, but James Golden speaks with a man who certainly can: David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother. Lawyer, best-selling author and devoted younger brother, David shares stories of mischief and childhood in the Limbaugh house and gives a look behind the scenes as Rush's career progressed from the early days in Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Sacramento, and ultimately New York City, the original home of the nationally syndicated The Rush Limbaugh Show. This episode also contains an appearance by Mark Levin, a longtime friend of Rush, who narrates a special feature dedicated to Rush’s transition from Top 40 DJ to talk radio icon.

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Welcome to episode Florio Ruslan by the man behind the golden key microphone. If you haven't heard episodes won through three always go back and listen to those exclusive stories from people who knew rush on and off the air, including don't Brian who were with rush and me in the EU, I be southern command studio every day, but more twenty years, but today we have a very special episode for you. We have a chance to hear from Russia's brother David Lumbar now I've known David for a very long time decades and David, and I are friends- and I won't say something about David and this
is very touching to me and is something that I will always remember when the day that day, that rush gave us the bad news, but his diagnosis, it was a very tough day. I got a call before the show ended that day from David and David. She said James and is calling to see whether you all right we're all worried about you, because we know how much you love right. Of course, I'd broke down, and of course you know, David was was just as emotional, is David ten be under those kind of circumstances. We will all just on the edge and an that's who David is and, and that's who this family is. I knew rush and David's. Mom Milly and I hung out with melody- and I walked. David
one of David's daughters to sleep. While we will all travelling somewhere with rush to One on one of our great travelling adventures- I don't even remember where we were growing, but I just remember paying out with them. You hear this expression, the salt of the earth, the Limbach family, I've met. So many of these people are the people that you would want to be your neighbors. They are the people. You would want to be your friend. These are the people that you would want to be. Your fan and you'd be grateful if were in their family. Not only do they love this country, not only do they loved their family, they love their friends and they create an probably loving environment and it is so easy for me to see where rush came from
by knowing his friend. whether you listened every day, you are at the Ebay Network and the rush Limbaugh programme, heard on over six hundred great radio station more every now and then nations leading radio Tokyo, the most eagerly anticipated programming- and these are the stories you ve never heard from the people behind the scenes who knew him best and loved him most would more having more floods illegal, one being revealed the Hare rush level, the man behind the golden he idee microphone, hosted by James Golden A James Golden here you know what it's time that you treat yourself to a little bit of luxury. You know that company. It's my pillow, but you may not know, is Didn I pillow makes more than just the increase. Blue pillows that have captivated America, they make sheets, and these aren't just any sheets
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David welcome. How are you James? Are you do and thanks for help me on I am so pleased that you're here David how, you doing, I'm still in a state of shock in disbelief. I way some days and I still can't believe it. When I hear Russia's voice and I'm still, part of my mind, still can't wrapped around that Russia's gone the eye it is really very high. to believe I am- and it's tough and I The compartmentalize. Sometimes and deal with it. That way, but I was very surprise the way it here I mean we expected him and we knew it was, is going to happen, but I didn't think it was a minute and then, when Catherine called and said he really taken turn for the worse. My heart sank and then it was down hill from that point, so yeah
hey. I was kind of shock, even though we had been well prepared for so David. I wanna go back with you today to the beginning of David, the younger brother, I will no what life was like in the Limbaugh household I have. I have head the wonderful opportunity of meeting your mom. I never met your dad. but I met your mom, she was such a wonderful and delightful person. She had spark unwilling blue eyes. She would send me music got on with. You know that, in that she would send me cassettes, with news: oh yeah yeah, that's you wanted me to hear see hell in infectious laugh. She was just such a wonderful person. What was it growing up in your house
my mom and dad were both unique characters in their own right, very different. My dad was, as I said in that tribute, I wrote to rise. She was a lawyers lawyer and brilliant, and I he was pretty serious most the time and had a worse bark than his bite here he was tender at heart that innocent people. Sometimes people thought he was graphic. The truth is he was. He was really good to us. He disciplined us, don't get me wrong and my mom was just a cut up. She was a comedian and always funny happy and everybody loved her, and then everyone will have my dad too. Don't get me wrong. People would come over. This was the interesting thing come over to our house when we were kids in high school and people would friends would sit around in the living room and just listen to my dad pontificate about politics and religion, mostly politics in
is it is gratifying to me to see rush in his career put together both the best attributes of my parents and turn then to the most successful radio show in there history. So that's really cool to me. As I see both my parents in Russia, the best about that both them and your grand dad was still TED Grandad on the air you Granddad lived out. be over a hundred years old and he was active. He was still further This is all right when you are come, oh yeah, I joined the firm in nineteen seventy eight, my grandfather was still there. The patriarch my dad was there. My uncle was there, my cousin Steve, So a lot of members there at the time. In fact, our cousin John started out there to see It was very Limbaugh heavy in there are some non members there too, and my
grandfather continued until probably nineteen, ninety three or four, when he was almost two hundred and forty died at one hundred and four, but he practiced law almost until the very end my dad died four or five, years earlier than my grandfather, so my grandfather, outlived him and but my grandfather was amazing in terms of the vibrant he wasn't brilliant. He was still at an very old age while ok, so you kids, what did I look at my childhood and an eye contrast. to what I see kids going today, I am so grateful to God that had what I consider to be a normal childhood. You know went to church winters all in all to parents in the home, the inner we did, that Is that most middle class families did you know you got the church picnic she do.
You know I was a little mischievous in school in ones a while, when and in what it was normal, what was your childhood like this sounds like a leading question based on information. You have may have been supplied to you about our past and no, whether or not invoke the fifth or not at this point- I need to know what your intentions are. since in are you would you have me? I hope what was it like? that's all I had to use human rights. You brothers, you not that far apart in age These two years older than I am two years older than I am and out we Mischievous is kids. I I'm unified, told some of these stories. I wonder if the statute of limitations is still open on a fear that that felonies, we committed We were. We were really bad on frank phone. Cause. I mean it was pretty much harmless staff and we,
creative. I, as I think I saw him on this. Martin movies, are I can't remember the name of it one of his daughters, who, as mischievous called it a dark gift. Was he had nothing on us? We were gifted. We had a dark gift for mischief and we pull pranks, and people all the time since we sent cabs. People's houses, it that didn't northern we ordered It is then sent a care for the pizza to pick up the pieces, tat people's ass. We ordered cares for residents addresses that were non existent and they were or sitting in the houses by them. Non existent residences, and why these care guys perplex Sidra we as terribly mean in retrospect, but you know we we had only formed conscience, the consciousness of the tat its that's my only excuse, but we had a lot of fun. What was your favorite one? If you had a picnic? Ok, your favorite too,
there was. I wonder I hope no one still around that that would have been. Victim of this we had headed know your Bible contest and no your american history contest. So we would call people randomly now of the phone book and ask him certain totally easy questions and then they re answer me get em right, and so we We told him Edwin Prize money, so we sent cabs to pick them up and take him to a certain hotel. In town to pick up their prize minor, keep it there was no contest. There is prize money, the cab people weren't in on so I mean it was, it was pathetic. How bad we were, but did you ever get busted not for that? We We got worse it I got TAT the jail on Halloween for throwing balloons. People's cars rash was worse, is not part of that. Miss them That is why we were
I guess we were walking around with around, we didn't hurt anything we do, but we got. We had taken the police station that now we just witnessed a lot of funded and crazy stuff, but most but was not miss. If I just say that, because Rusk was so pickled about talking about those things. We did. in later years, but rice was very interesting, baseball and pursued pitching in that is a good better and in very good pitcher. now. When you look back on it. Did you get any hints you did. You notice anything because Russia talk before about when started to call games right. Using the did the tv turning the sound down on the tv and calling a baseball game or the The carvel toy, with rage Yoda Jew. Was that like com will you come? Is that something was going on there or was it just kind of as well, It was up
we lived on sunset for Twelve sunset and Kate, Gerardo Missouri and I specifically remember that toy at that address, and it would you could I'd cast on the eight air radio waves within the council of your home. In so my mom, and I would listen to rush broadcast. as a dj, spinning wreckers and giving his little commentary as he went off. announcing a baseball games ass. He watched it on tv and turning down dizzy, Diener, whoever the baseball and answer was at the time so yes and I think, Question is, did we, I think MRS talent, at a time when we were just really young, we probably ready. nice most his enthusiasm for it in his devotion, but when we moved over to the other house- and he was fifteen, he went to Dallas
to take to get his radio licence. I don't the technical term here, those years you see licence, yes and anybody. became a radio discharge local station. He was really really talented, especially for his age and people start noticing how gifted he was weak, we did some tapes. Kind of Meda, audio movie and they totally creative. hilarious and rush rush could do voices He was a Mickey was an impression of the first moment. The trunk does
I think that he is the unravelling of an old Mamma and item bomb is gonna, be on tv. You want do legit exclusive trump from above, destroy Obamacare. Sometimes when a third stage like this, I wish that weren't Mary did. I could say what a half lack really thing. I don't mean the negative way, I'm having wake wake you you know what I mean. What is my only sound like you, don't know how I can even hawking or something not you sound, like a union slug. That's really chipped offered me in a vital rising here I might be instrumental executor. I know that people think you'd. Brilliant goes the ways beaks and peoples that people are brilliant because the waiters they say lock assets are, you might be like Lincoln when you talk so yeah. If I weren't married her ka for all, as you know in
episode. We been sharing the biographical Joanie of Russia's life chapter by chapter narrated by some of Russia's colleagues and closest friends today, while this guy needs no introduction long time. Listening to rush knew him as F Lee live today these a huge star in his own right, radio broadcaster mark live in the life of rush Limbaugh chapter four narrated by Mark Levine despite being fired from this first three jobs and rating Jeff Christie, a k, a rush, Lumbar didn't stated for long, he worked aggressively to return to the airwaves and by one thousand nine hundred and seventy five land of the air. Show a top forty k de L and Kansas in a world where there are already Russia's time. Ok, you d up was short, lived listening barely two years before it was like.
for the first time in his life, Russia become disenchanted with radio after serious thought. He chose to temporarily walk away from his dreams of a successful radio career. Eighteen. Seventy nine rush set a new career course major League Face My father when I, when I went Serbia was the happiest. However, was I quit ready age yeah. I guess I figured it burned up. Play and records the sun. What does it mean that we were going to take The job of the council royals makings, thirteen thousand dollars he was happier than he had ever been just four years with the royal, were successful and lead to a lifelong friendship, but follow Famer George Breath after Bay Small rush returned a radio nineteen. Eighty three as the afternoon news and sports Eiger a k
bees in the first time in his career used, is given name on the airwaves rush linboff, but even boasted to this general manager quote solely on your time before you're going to fire me, Russia's Prediction B Aim- is reality. Never than a year can be easy. He was out by night Eighty four brush replaced Morton junior in MID day on CARE Piquet in Sacramento care became was a perfect fit for rush and he was dominating the market in his time, sly finally got to radio show the way I wanted to do things. I care about the things I thought people would listen to, and it was basically just sharing live. I love sharing my passions. I come up with things your passion. I want everybody to know about it. I wonder but experience. I want everybody to agree. Finally, all came together for me in Sacramento, California, after three years of rating success in Sacramento rush left K, I became
become part of Ed Mclaughlin, slowly form the F media network still his departure from care, because was bitter sweet and disregarding the radio when I started this thirty years ago every envision? Any of this happening, what I wanted to become was the best radio guy in the country. I have this great opportunity be me. I can be honest. I could talk about whatever I wanted to talk about, and there was nobody did tell me I could, and I have focused I have to tell you it is the greatest blessing than I have ever had is to have the opportunity I do. Each and every day, from the tragedy of nine eleven Tom Towers Foundation supports our nations, fallen and catastrophically injured, service members first sponsors and their families thanks to your generosity, the stand up Betsy rose campaign of five million dollar donation was made to the foundation to honour, does
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orc rush. Was it disc, jockey at a young age, he's a teenage DIS jockey in Cape Gerardo did this lead. him being popular. Was he in the Inn crowd in school? How does that affect his life in and how to it affect the families life? Were I was never really in the school and he was not that so at a young age what he would just a work? A hockey was so in two his radio show that he worked all the time and he just loves it an inch by inch, Canada. Foreshadowing of what would happen, I mean imagine, having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, in his final year. He gets his. I figured energy of worse on the family and friends, but
is primary source of energy in and motivation to live. In my opinion was his love for his audience and what he did and his job he loved doing he did- and that was the case when it started out. So while he would have been popular Hetty had had, is a priori he's been there. He mainly just love to work, but he developed some friends and in the class ahead of him. Few years later, when he was likes, seventeen and eighteen labour. They took a partition. or interest in Russia. He was more mature minded and more serious me a comedian only wrong, but you know what I mean: he's he's a serious minded person in Israel, life and so he's a guy, never wore blue jeans, for example, I can never remembering him were blue jeans and
these guys sought him out these older guys and they ended up becoming really good friends there at our house all the time- and I latched last onto them like a little kid, but it was just spun Evan, those guys around and so rest was extremely popular with them and they looked doing they size talent. From an early age. But truthfully before that, I think he didn't have as biggest social life, because he is more into his work and that that it's almost like he was a mirror of his younger self. From what you have described yes, so true, and he always stay true to himself you he did what he wanted to do and Luckily, what he wanted to do was productive and wholesome I mean he wanted to be on the radio any wanted to work hard and those are all obviously good values, has been a lot of that. You didn't ask me this by mines, will anticipated and answer it. bullets said, while your dad wanted. Him is probably too the point, because you didn't go to college. I did become a lawyer and all that in
my dad, like any parent back then wanted to go to college, but he never measured rush to go into law. My dad was not that we just believed that the asked avenue to becoming well rounded for late Success was college in all day. I bet it heads about that, because rest saw no value in it. He knew he knew his own harry news on hardy. Knew he didn't want to do it. He did it on his own. He did it his way. My dad has been unfairly criticized for pressuring rest of your life. Never did he never did it. He did. give him in scale, and I think that was a reasonable thing and even rush what a sad later There's no way my dad could have anti repeated that Russia would break all eyes and be finance They successful not going the conventional out, so I think rice, as you say, from the time he was young until the time He died knew his own head and he was a reflection of others.
When he was an older persons, reflection of his younger person, but there simply because he never changed. He all They knew what he wanted. Any went for what I wanna talk to you, about you for a few minutes, because you just said something about you. would you wanted to do early in life to an you. Wanted to be a lawyer and You also want to be a writer, because you and accomplished writer between your writings on the political and cultural see. In America You are exceptionally gifted books on the amity you have, I've got a real need for yourself interesting question. I avert our first one acknowledged that that regard thou well. I've done I wouldn't have been able to Greece, the levels I have, which are very much compared to what Russia did not that I'm competing with the littlest you put myself.
Competition with them, but It would not have been possible, address, not open those doors. Now I was already a lawyer before rush goddess data showing all that. So I was fine, but open some doors for me in both my riding professed and in my legal profession that we're just awesome opportunity to work on his radio contract and in then watching his success inspired me to want to become a ride, a better rider and hey my brother's doing it? Maybe I maybe I come from the jet same gene pool. Maybe I have enough talented. do a little bit better than I am doing so it was inspiration. He was always supportive of that, as I, as I also said in the tribute, but you You tell your specific question that I always know that I wanted to do these things I can give you tangible answers to that as proof that I did
one is, I remember in in Franklin School when I was in second grade Missis like our teacher, asked us to draw a picture of what, how we envisioned ourselves, it went working when we grew up and I drew picture of a court room while- and I don't know why. I remember that all my life- but I just did and I never deviated from wanting to become a lawyer always wanted to become one until I became one, ok, I'm getting I'm kidding, not I have enjoyed it. I've enjoyed it, but I gladly arise it all the way through. I was where these weird guys that even like law school, because I just love the study of law and the practice of law, the general this law is a hard grind and very stressful and is not as glamorous as you anticipate that it will be. But then, if you, in specialised you got a better idea what you're doing then you feel better about it. That's what I would reckon and anyone to do so. I knew that I want to be a lawyer from an early age, and you asked me about writing why, a fanatic from her.
the boy books. I ran all the Harney Boys works and Tom Swift was kind of a site Dixon thing can haul Rick grant all these series it making go back and check, and I was medical reader of those kinds of books and I was so into their those books and I started writing my own books, although what I the book was like seven hundred, pages and I'd cholera but the cover I would draw- and I had no time to draw, but I say it like forty five books, seven page books, mister works and I call on the Wright Brothers knives, obviously just imitating the hearty boys, but so yes from their age. I was probably in sex. Third grade. When I did that, that's amazing did you read Nancy drew now, because I thought it would be a little feminine so now always wondered about it, but I never solve our girlfriend. The was I know. I know it was good, but you know false pride
well now that I'm a full blown feminist. I pray go back and reason. I read the hardy noise in the box, the twins I mean I would read every year all that stuff Tom Swift, the Tom Swift, were excellent there, the whole series, yes all alike, I got an interesting tidd bit about my dad to show you I don't know why, but one when I became an adult, I back on this story. and what it says about my dad. My dad was just ass. He was was a voracious reader. I get distracted takes me long arrest is like my dad. He was still trap, mind cutting sit down and is saying the right, shared my dad's ability to read fast, The comprehend One time when I was ended up, I think I'll. I think it was Tom Swift First book, like the rocket to the moon or something like that
the vital either to Tom Swift Series, one when my grandfather was a gear and then one we were kids are maybe my dad's, but I was so enthused about the book when I was reading it. I asked my dad if he would read it and then talk to me about it now had I want my kids asked me to do rain. In my eighty de enrietta kids worker, that Taiwan is, I would say that somehow, but my dad, I don't I got up in the middle of the night one time I walked down the stairs. I walked into the living room where he sat in his. I came here and he was at a card table from him and he was reading in the middle of the night. He was reading that book, and so he actually read the book and I dealt with that in later years. That has been very touching, the Meda think about them. While my my dad was a little more to peace. Fifty once be twenty five times in the China, Burma what they call the China Burma fear
and a good friend the news was also in the same end, and I wouldn't talk about my brother and I would ask you, watch a war movie. Kids on tv The light wouldn't tell us simply would not talk about. nonetheless jump ahead, you know where she had went through a series of jobs, but leap, success, had eluded him. He had been fired a few times. He you know I am sure that those were no one likes to get fired. so I'm sure he had to go through some grief with all of that. At one point he left radio to work. The Kansas City Royals. Do you remember anything about? There was premature of doing law. You guys are grown now. You often two different directions. Will you still in touch with each other walls that, like it, I think-
you're? Getting at is is is enquiring about that. Professional growing pains- and I would say yes, he definitely had em. He knew again he wanted to be in radio, but is one thing to say he wanted to be in radio any new, that's where he belongs in another to believe that it would end up happening, because you can thank you best person ever lived at a certain profession, your skill and still not have the circle answers in life develop and materialize eyes to enable you to to actual iser potential inside think through a series of fire in and obstacles he was pretty discouraged, he was not here. send to adapt the again it goes back he's never really changed. He always wanted to be who we want to debate and that the commentator the at the time there was there weren't really even talks as not just political talk shows
this morning. We talk shows that I remember, but rush always wanted to comment so many when he did when he space records for these shows he would always comment and eat anything funny and was talented, but that was not his job description. So these programmes, directors in very We got irritated William in tackling the current down. That was not. What are you supposed to do, and invariably he would disobey because that he knew that's where that's, where His destiny was not Because he was in trade, sickly and subordinate. That's not why I got fired. He got fired because This did what he thought was born or do not that he thought through this philosophically, but he kind of you did what he did when you get fired a few times any talk to my dad. Mom. Are you ok? though the conventional rout I saw it. For the royals and he enjoyed it, ok, but is mostly board. He was directly group sales and salt take us any, was really good at what he did, but there was just not for him in so
He was just looking for a way out. Then you get it. opportunities and he would go and get fired wasn't until- was any heard. This story wasn't until he went to Sacramento that some programme director. Finally, let him be himself and then he just flourish like a rocket ship. It was explode. I mean I went out there too. Sacramento to see rush Sent me to Alliance Club lunch. that he was the invited speaker because he was already a big celebrity in Sacramento. I had no idea. I had no idea, he was a celebrity really. Does he didn't brag about it? Just he just did but he did, I he might have taken me there with the hidden purpose of Latin me, see just how disutility was an eye went there and I'm sitting. I can't, I don't think I've ever heard a better speaker, my life, and why?
I'm blown away by my own brother, but when we were growing up, we didn't do a lot of talking. We did a lot of listening. My dad was the talker, and so I did particularly now that Russia was as talkative as he was capable of being when he got in the end. I think, it's true alot of celebrities. I said: Johnny Carson was a little bit shy. this person like Russia. Shy, but he wasn't a real talkative I mean he was one on one, but he wasn't a guy guy go just be the last the party and entertain people, but one who, when he got on the air he lit up. As you know, when I was Without that lines, club luncheon, My my jaw was dropping it. How tower the what it's? Not that I didn't know he was smart. I just seen that side of him and ads, it's funny because I saw that cited in the neck, the rest of his life after that. So David now let's jump to New York and the next thing, you know he's become a household name
Were you surprised by any of this? What was that? action inside your family, nor extended family as well. As you know, the family. Well, I think, and I remember this I can be off by one or two, but I may grow started with fifty six stations. That's right, the shoe Your talent, is what led to the explosion. number of stations in within a matter of years. I don't know how many years he was up to six hundred stations any held them for the rest of his career, my mom, I will say, My mom was always biggest supporter and she was so thrilled with within. success. She always knew how tat. Did he was, and it was just extremely gratifying for to see. If my dad was more of a sceptic because again he might I think this prick the notion that to succeed, you had to go through the traditional rap College and all that and he
he was slow to realise that right she had broken through, but once did break through my day was blown away on a saying. My dad wasn't a big supporter of rice, but he was as predisposed to It happening the way it happened, and I remember, and you might have heard story. I read it and whether various biographies of Russia and my mom and dad or sitting around while raw. She's being interviewed by TED Carpal on the. What was it That is what I call the night lying yeah Nightline and then He raised made some profound articulate responds to something TED Cobble asked human rights. turned, my my damn, who russian I always called my dad affectionately rush so rush hour dad learn to over to each other, not to him who, in their development that so
he turned my mom Milly. Where does he get this? In other words, can you biotechnology is imminent. Turn users. Will you silly and the, and the answer was, of course, that he got it from both ever But it was my way of mine, it was dad's way of rhetorically, affirming just how great rush was in that was just a cool turning point: I think- and I am glad that was got a chance to actually know that you know yes, an end to understand is that his parents, new both of them and an end of the east and the family to new list how was it for you, because all of a sudden here you are you brothers famous, and fame, is a double edged sword. It's not just the good stuff, it's all the horrible does that comes along with being famous and that stuff The family to what was it like? Well, it's interesting I
when he was in Sacramento and I'm just a general practitioner. He asked me to review his contract is right: contract glide annoyingly, what radio contracts and he wanted. We have to do it. Even I have no expertise in it when he did is when he was asked to do a syndicated show. He asked me do the contract or what I had no clue about. the business aspects of us indication, but I remember, I think I spent twelve hours preparing that contract to submit to add Mclaughlin in his lawyers lawyers, our Howard, Abrahams, really good guy and York lawyer, I dealt with any New York lawyers and prepared that contract and and so that was really cool. Rash brought me in little intimidated a little nervous, but I will tell in terms of how effective his fame affected me, multi faceted that one thing. I remember I was so excited when he
finally inaugurated his national show out of New York, and he I river driving in town, I went, I went out my card, listen the radio, and when I was so excited when he came on, I got goose bumps listen to me, I'm nobody was looking at it. That's my brother That is the whole cool, and so I was in ecstatic, about a success so proud of what he had done and what he was doing, and I saw where you know all arrive and said: Mclaughlin myself, there's no reason just one as others. It's in there is no reason why he did in Sacramento won't translate to the rest of the country. There is no, what I mean? I was convinced. What I heard him in Sacramento. I knew and so I was I was so supercharged with that. Now that's the upside too to it. negative, a negative side of this,
tension negative side in what he did was very controversial on politics. Well, I happen to believe exactly like IE blaze politically and so anything I'm anybody would give him If, over that, I was just defensive, protective on his behalf and if they would go after him out I would be very upset about it, but it never. other man says all is gonna hurt our reputation. famous reputation because he's got version now. I was totally proud of of what He was doing because I think he was making a difference. mainstreaming conservative thought. I mean Bill Buckley of courses, the father of the modern conservative movement, anatomic, Russell Kirk and all these intellectual people, but glee brought it brought the conservative movement to the forefront and then rush brought it to the main, bring in what he did the downside to me, seeing him
be savagely, attacked and scapegoated that deeply by Let me through the years personally and that's. Why percent, that's where he D. Finally, yes, I've gotta do my own thing and I'll do it. Well, I can't I can't be all things all people. Any ended up being one of those charitable people, celebrities or people period. In fact, as it is called, a point. He wasn't just the charitable with charities He was so generous with the family. With other people with lands, he gave gave away so many things he is he's been so generous, to me and my family, and sometimes he would offer stuff so nice that you'd feel guilty and then I finally realised I got enough Make this about me because hits one is greatest. Joys is giving things away that he ex himself. Searches is apple products.
And so, if he wanted to give me for watches I I was you know, I can't right, violates ok, give us one time you gave me for war. We want this hilarious emits its disgraceful, if you're sure, Capitalist many gave me for watches. I've put em all on my wrist is like a year before he died, but everyone among their different colors. I took a picture and send it to him here. I'm where all the watches you can t just love. You saw it didn't give you those bones all the time I pass watches Oh yes, oh yes, he was so generous than just said. He loved being generous with the people that he loved it. Nooses dinner
amazing first after they have been burnt data- my brother David, he turns eleven. Today, then all this is the eleven. It is more than sixty five. Today and he doesn't look in day over, I'm tellin you, forty, so happy birthday, Dave, nickname doc. I gave him a brand new Iphone. Ten, my brother, for his birthday about two or three weeks ago, so I wouldn't forget it so David time is dwindling down here. Sadly, and I want to ask you one question: what's the one thing about Russia as a person very few people know or people would be super
to hear about bottom. Is there anything that comes to mind? I'd have to think about this. I'm never good at these open ended question like that, but I would say he was not an extrovert in his private life. I was even surprised when I first step It seeing him display his talent and He would lie that in front of an audience I just now I saw him and I saw glimpses of that when he would perform on the radio and all that, but I had no idea of the extent to which he would become not a different person, but a more open person, it's an interesting paradox to me that he he does it didn't open up to that. Many people in his private life now advised by the way he would open up to me when we were younger, have a girl Robin weeds share these issues. What do you think of ass? Does she still? I mean, as you know, I'm so he went on up to me and I'm sure, to Israel, close friends,
but on the air. I think you will agree that he considered his audience element. He would tell them his deepest innermost thoughts in our about you. I think that is so cool and I think that's one of the things that is made him uniquely popular among his audience that developed a bond, An incenses died, Ryan received thousands of communications emails. Twitter messages face book, personal letters. Unbelievable numbers of people who would say who do say I loved him. I feel a personal voice. He was the best friend I never met now. This sounds like a clash. Unless you read there just saying I loved her brother pass. We know saying ideal wounded, the whole in my heart that he died. It is an active.
Present centred Deep Lee abiding love that he generated. With. Millions of people I mean I remember, being in the studio today, a guy called in and I do explain it all and he just ended up. Having ended up terrorism and thus putting doesn't there's only sides need to you your voice. I know because it had become that of a comfort to just hear his voice and people try to figure out why he was so successful. You did you just can't put it in a easy Definable box. He had so many attributes that went into that final product and I think a lot about how to do it with his personality is openness, his love of his audience, his love for what he did, his intelligence, his wit, his genuine interest, fascination with politics.
in his uncanny, I would say unparalleled insight into politics. As he used to talk about laughingly being able to see the stitches on the passport. Will. That is a great metaphor. He could see the stitches on a fastball. Maybe I should add to this that so many people who don't get it sit. There just don't get it, and these are not the ones who ended up being, as fans are the people who think he was full of them, There was a megalomaniac that he was a narcissist, because he would brag all the time. That was all stick, don't get me wrong, He knew he was heralded, but when he was talking about his talent, it wasn't to brag. It was deemed to be over the top ridiculous and endless debate a performer and start those kind of things and people that understood rush under did he was saying these things tongue in cheek, even At the same time he did know He was very talented, but that wasn't the reasoning was saying it. He was saying it just for blaster unjustly, but he didn't here's. What by
he never said other than when he was joking and putting people on for up a routine huh. always said what he believes, so you read these stories and they say he's bombastic anyone bombastic and that's another thing by the way, might have started off being a little, bigger than life, but as easy as it shall evolved. These later years, they said talked about in being mean. Have you ever heard him be mean to a collar my heights, the most unfair thing in this crap bad being a racist. I just I just blows my mind. He was the Tipp with a spear. He took the arrows for all the rest of us and for the country People now are taking some of the heat he took it before all the rest of us and he had no one defending aren't. We all try to defending. There was no mechanism to defend in any was a tough guy I've ever not just in the way he fought cancer and bounced back and power through that last year, but is whole career.
be death and be a radio house any overcame at he overcame addiction. He overcame all the obstacles that were placed in front of him all the hate for media matters and the rest any power through bit them every one of them to be the most successful person I've ever met my life and that everyone, at least our side ended up, loving and I'm really really proud of him and really miss him David. Thank you meet and David, I'm happy that you shared and and and and those people that are less to our podcast series. Not a chance to know a little bit more about you too, and as such from all of the other accomplishments as an author, the column this, and as a great guy. You are one of the nicest most incredible men, I've ever met it. One
in the family, thankee Azora, you ve just side. I dont want to farm everything. You say a camel causes conceded idle. think. I'm in this isn't false modesty I have been so blest. I don't think I'm particularly gifted in any of those areas that I've done, but I hope that I've done as well as I do do in in the with the opportunities I was given, is an honour to represent the people have represented, but I will repeat None of that would have been possible without rash. I would have had the confidence, to do it, nor would I have had the opportunity and the fact that that I have the fact that he wanted me to an open door for me and tried to get me to and to encourage me My career, both careers riding in law, shows what kind of selfless and he was just another aspect of his self this. So business and brotherly love, so thank you for the compliment, but I realized tat if I had not had the these boots and these opportunities, it would never have happened and is grateful for everyone.
What has happened, and thank you for your kind words on then David. Thank you. So much we'll talk lemon love, you David! Thank you so much. I beg you. you to love, you did so have no fear. My brother, no, columnist, attorney broadcast agent, audio video expert. Certainly a little note last night and said: are you ok? how are you holding up What does it was about nine thirty? Well, all this demonization, I said what demonization I haven't seen any tonight. It's all over the place is well. I haven't had a television, I've been doing other things, God love, I only brother David. Those listening to episode for my very special thanks to Russia's brother, David now on our
episode? You're not gonna want to miss this. It was a very special moment in the life, not only Russia, but Russia's fans. The night rush was awarded the metal of freedom by President Trout, Joan Hannity, join me to discuss that night. Bonner next episode was enacted, surprised all of us, including Russia, so Ruslan LAW, the man behind the golden key I'd, be microphone, is produced by Chris Tele unfilled, Tal, the best producers in America, production assistant, Micro, Mon and the executive producers, trade, kitchen and Julie Talbot our programme, distributed worldwide. By for mere networks found on the eye, heart, radio, app or wherever you listen to your favorite pod cas. This is James Golden. This is most notably. This is James Golden I'm honored to be. Europe owes where this and every single episode of Russian and bought the man behind the golden. He I'd be microphone thing for being with us.
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