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BONUS: "Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone" - Episode 2 - EIB Southern Command Family

2021-05-19 | 🔗

For 20+ years, Rush Limbaugh created his daily program from the “EIB Southern Command”. There were just four people present each day, including Rush. Meet and hear from the other three, including podcast host James Golden, as they describe the person off the air as he prepared his daily program. It’s different than what you might expect. The areas explored – such as Rush’s hearing loss in late 2001 – have never been revealed nor has how Rush overcame that obstacle. It’s rare that three individuals would share that kind of space day in / day out for two decades, but then again everything about the man behind the Golden EIB Microphone is special. This episode also features a special appearance by program guest host alum Mark Steyn, who provides additional insights into Rush’s life, as well.

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Thank you for joining us for episode to of Russian and by the man behind the golden key I'd be microphone, I'm James Golden, also known as boasting. Today. special for me, the two people who set with me for twenty years, the inner family, if he will dawn Kinsky Brian Johnson, join me today. Reminiscing about our beloved rush, whether you listened every day. You are the HIV network and the rush Limbaugh programme heard on over six hundred great radio station more every now and then nations leading radio talk show the most eagerly anticipated programming and these stories you ve, never heard from the people behind the scenes who knew him best and love to most brushwood more having more floods. Human being should be allowed to have rushed level. The man behind the golden HIV microphone hosted by James Golden. My
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sixty day, money back guarantee again, that's my well dad come from. code icon, by way of a democratic dry by media. Ok, the doors open. Then a giant cake is being brought in here that I accidentally saw when I went back here to get a cookie. If I thought I didn't say a word about it. My Soria snuck, the twenty Eightth anniversary balloon in here that is a gorgeous kinda guy, as I see it this What I saw that one I saw a kick back there in the kitchen: either there's a gorgeous gorgeous care, really go. You're gonna be like this. No one. I don't mean anniversary, I'm talkin about this Google NEWS, that's what I'm talking about, which are get this is always we avoided, not the cake. The gunk I knew you'd. Do. I can't, even though I've told you twenty eight years not to do what they do it every year,
anyway telephone number of units over the last twenty years, the three of us there are three of us. We became that well we call each other family, because that's what we are and we all there before, before dawn, and I showed up one seen there was Brian. That's me Brian Johnson, now Brian you between all of us, you probably have the most radio experience of any here that there is a reason for that. Why? Yes, I was born in a radio station right. Yes, yes, my mother and my father. They met working in radio. My dad was the engineer. My mom was the receptionist at a radio say station in Iowa. And I got married and my mom got pregnant and a move to Florida in that order. Pretty much and so there s this history, yeah
So how did you? How did you get the call to to deal to come and work with Russia? Ask question my father: has his own engineering consulting firm in radio and down here a bunch of radio stations down here in South Florida and I was working with him at the time and. clear Channel is the name of a company. At the time they were looking for an engineer. They could engineer facility that was caught a secret. And they wanted somebody different to come over there and take care of it that wasn't really associated with anybody. That could be really does So my guess they thought of me because they knew I worked with my father and everybody knows my father in the engineering business, so they called and my dad told me, you Know- and I said sure I'll go over and I'll meet them and check it out now, or the thing I was young. I was twenty five or something like that. So I basically went over there and
damn and I said: ok I'll do it. Yet I was just an hourly type a deal, and this is and ninety six and so I did and met rush and then I never saw him again for a year and a half were so. They hired you to work with Russia. Madam you, what you set up his studio, somebody would you do now than they actually had the studios built form and Palm Beach November. The whole thing or a day when let him do in his house and that's raised, are, as you know, the Premier, Belgium Studios in financial District of Palm Beach, and they needed an engineer and that's that's when they called me and sickly, Russia's sitting there doing it all by himself. They had all the equipment efforts all stacked up there and he had switches. If one didn't work, he could throw a switch and overthrow to the second group of zephyrs and all tat sort of stuff, and he could get on the air that way and that's what he did all by himself until we,
came on the scene in two thousand one. So for you have you didn't see wash and then what happens then. They called and said rush got this new piece of equipment that he wanted me to install that allowed him to record his cds and how he liked to record all music. Where are your ass, though he was doing that sort of staff and they wanted me to come and install this piece of equipment, so I said sure off. I come over and do its eye. When our did I met in here from again for a year and a half an hour, he does doesn't like me, So then, the year of us a timber levels than two thousand one near the beginning of the year. Rush himself started reaching out to me, was having problems with his hearing and asked me if We could get some different headsets and things like that for him to try like the ones that I miss had remember that hung down and stuff like that. We tried all different ones over that period. That year and people
complaining about his voice, changing and stuff like that, and I think it was because of him losing his hearing Aurelius gradually. So as waste cannot change the little bed during that time anyway. September eleventh happened For me, a radio call me and said: listen when I know what's goin on the world, could you be there every day at this point, so my father said Alice Rush, you gotta go, do it so said I say, basically dropped everything I do with my dad in the engineering and all radio stations and just sat in the parking lot. the next two weeks. You know because there is no way for me to listen because no vehicle when the studio was hooked up It was all self contained in a box right next to his death.
And eventually about a week into that? Alright, this is crazy, so I went in and wired it all into the rest of the studio, so I could at least come inside and listen and watch and that's when he came in and said that he lost all his hearing in one ear and he needed to talk to premier and see what was going to happen going forward. So he flew off to California and then a call, futile later A guy who said John ask them, no journey as yes, and he called and said. Ah basically fill the saw and everything- and we have this lady dawn- that we like you to meet with and we want to try doing be show go on the internet on Sunday. Could you set up all this equipment and screens and all the stuff, and we want to try, stenography and see if this will work for us? So I have course I jumped in
then everything and met dawn. So when did you get the call dawn and what was the call like? It was right after nine eleven it was that month and sell you have to take yourself back in time to that period, enable you now and I was I'm a core reporter a stenographer and had been for many years in Burma, but in the court system since because I also because when when I first met you you are like really young and you came in warlike display rarely anti Davis. We really have a picture of all of us. We will all we were all just baby, so you so you got a call from John next into so I got a call from John accents and I just thought it was a job for the day. It was a real time job. and so they said it was to come over for this person name rush Limbaugh, who I had never heard of I'm in the courts.
This dump, you know I'm always doing stuff. I didn't know who the senator was in Ireland. I really didn't care. How did you know resumes removes? Well, yes, I now have an old age and Minorities Kaufman rose. I know a lot about the law, but not a lot about nothing about Russia actually, and so I came over that day and of course, the day kick Harrison. Was there like? It was full of of people. I did. So which one of those people happened to be rash or not. The person was that I was there working far, and I also I didn't know that he had lost his hearing. This was a big secret, a huge secret. I had to sign a confidentiality grained before I came in you know because it hadn't been disclosed yet at at at that point. he hadn't disclosed itself and I came in and they proceeded to tell me that they tried out all these demographers from California and from all these other places, and they
I didn't work. This is about a bottom thinking. What am I get myself in do here? What did I agree to come, do and so on it we were in our old studio, which is kind of like I always tell people it's like the show Frazier when you looked through the glass and new and see it like that and so rash on the other side and Craig was in the other side with Russia. That day too and Craig said, listen, I'm roads future Craig Kitchen and he said list that I'm just gonna have a conversation with rush and if you could just right down, and I thought why this is the craziest job that I've ever gonna but ok, Sir and so he they just started talking, and it was very basic like high risk. How are you today? You know too closely rice couldn't hear, so he looked about him like ok, I guess it was completely one hundred percent Duffy hadn't had his coke. We are implant yet so
he round him alone now start talking and so then rest started talking and I started writing it, and then they could they were reading at so as as it came up, they were reading. What's being sad and saw that went on for quite coming from thirty minutes where they were trying to me. Got some kind of conversation is soon to be able to read so then I still thought I was just there for the day they came back in said well. You know we would like you to come here back a carrot, and tomorrow- and so I said, ok, and still not really realising that the gravity of What was going on and sell any that day. When I was leaving before I I laughed, you know we're and rush couldn't couldn't really hear anything. Time, so he had written me a note and itself I can't thank you enough. I know and do this now any had tears in his eyes out
and so are you now anyway, that's an arms nodded at the appointed. You begin suspect that this was a little but more than you, that's why I still really waste. We still are not kept completely in the loop with with what was going on and whenever you now, you know I, like I said, My daughter was like three, and so I wasn't planning on being full time, but I saw but this man the passion that he had for what he was doing and what he was going through and how it completely lost his hearing and it really wasn't even
I didn't really even have to think about it. I knew this is what I was gonna do. I was going to make sure that, no matter what I was gonna be there every day, I think our meals a day we all were thrown into the fire and we'd hassling way with me. The next thing you know we're getting off to New York on private jets in travelling all around and I've just like this is crazy. I was just in Okeechobee Florida gas. Two months ago, you were doing this programme in a very different way than has been done in the past and while those will be watching a little can only see me, I couldn't do this without the people live, have roomed all of their priorities and made me their top priority. So many wonderful people had not made this programme immediately, but we could have. This ought to wait, during the course of this podcast series, you'll be hearing from Russia's friends, family members and
influential leaders from the political and media world on today's podcast, you'll be hearing from a man whose voice the rush, limbo audience knows, and the doors he's a marrow. is undocumented anchor man whose d, The voice was heard for almost two decades. When rush was away best selling author original thinker, most important to me, a true friend Who is one of the smallest and kind is gentlemen on planet earth marks die
or maybe I'll say more stein. Quite brilliant isn t a life of rush limber chapter two narrated by Mark Sign Rush, Hudson limbo. This land is his first job when he was just thirteen shining shoes at a cape, Gerardo Barber Shop and I'll bet he was a pretty good shoeshine boy. But what he really wanted to be was that guy on the radio for Russia being addressed, Jerky represented more fun than a junior human beings should be allowed to my wildest dreams. When I was a young can pretending to be a dj on the radio. When I was eight years old, he fell in love with a toy radio transmitters that allowed him to broadcast inside the house to members of his family. Any candies wanted to be on the radio will know the thrill of making your own cassette tape says you doing voiceover Frankie Avalon than the Maguire assesses whoever's singles arose back then, but as one of those guys, Indians or would be both jokes. I certainly envy rush that trends rather gizmo. Some kids have to make do with bringing an old baby monitor down from ass. It was the most amazing thing: it's plastic was about three feet long and two feet high and it transmit it over a m within the confines of ay. I dunno a small house. The quality was horrible, but it worked at sixteen rush with a little help from his dad advance from the toy transmitters of the real thing he got an internship cagey fifteen. Fifty eight in town realized his childhood dream. God on the S, spinning classes under the name Rusty shop, that's a fabulous radio. Monica only half true in this case was always and never rusty. Missouri Stevens, my hometown, how are you reading rubbish? Video wrote circulated collar? Thank you are very much with the years behind you and girl, but I used to like eighty about their crook.
Called everyday inside man lay, and I got a debate at www once he was on the radio. He never look back working mornings and afternoon, cagey Emma and then Rusty shop got fired and kicked off the air. The vast so many farming's for Russia over the is all of which said back see overcame learn from on his way up to the one gig, the third of a century, engagement that, ultimately only God could terminate him from it. Wasn't you typical nineteen sixty scene, I jaded, need and never sold the approval of the high school crowd they provide to socialize with older, more mature friends. Although you on the admiration of his schools, opera classmen with his wit and shop mine fearlessness in debate, he wasn't afraid to stand out to be contravened. He refused. For example, virtual web blue jeans come on. Let's face it. It's like a barbarous arbitrary as its pre as its illiberal status, symbol. Ginger, liberal spanish symbols, alleys. They were, I know everybody, whereas announced battle, we ve lost absolutely they used to be a bad devil. Our carbon lodged, our sartorial splendor, never run around. Looking like a bunch of GPS, I'm not gonna do it. He had yet to finish high school, but already there was a rush, limbo style and a rush limbo brand after graduating. From takes your Otto Central in nineteen, sixty nine rush was expected, buys father to go to college, so he enrolled at nearby Southeast Missouri State University, but after only two semesters rush dropped out figure. Radio is calling on Russia chose to pursue history, confident that it was about to become reality on four ghetto bolt. That's the end
caution that you, the rush, limber audience made with your support, Russia's last charitable effort, while wash was still with us through this stand up for Betsy Ross campaign. Your generosity resulted in a five million dollar donation to the tunnel to Towers Foundation rush set at best, We chose tunnel the towers to be the beneficiary of lake. vampires we love the work they do the story about how they started when a family experiences significant loss, the mother or father- passes while serving our country tunnel the towers steps in three, That family of a major worry during their time of crisis tongue The towers pays off mortgages in full for these families. And provide them with the comfort of a home when their world has to really been turned upside down the foe
Innovation does the same for first responders and also bill smart homes for our most catastrophically, injured, veterans and first sponsors, more heroes need your help. Do good. By donating eleven dollars a month to tunnel to towers at tea, to tee dot. Org. That's the letter tee. The number to the letter t dot, Org, shortly after the number three Caymans, that's right. So how did that happens? I call rush and I guess I asked them. I was listening and because I was at the time I was in Maryland and I was still doing things for the show I would still doing about it Therefore the show, but I moved Maryland, I'd know is that something was up with Russia's voice, Something was going on, so I call them my this was. What does everything are you? Ok? Is everything good.
and he told me at the time he said you Know- He'S- had a fight. You what What's going on, you might not believe it boy. You are, he said something else and try to remember what it was, because a kind of scared me. He said if I told you what it was. If I told you bad things really where it was something to that effect. You wouldn't believe it only. What could possibly be this bad and then I go cloth and John Axed, and shortly afterwards, awe and Please tell me that wish was losing his hearing and I told him to book a flight from me please for the next day and I'm not getting what is lacking in the palm beach before my voice read about Palm Beach heard about palm beach when, when Russia move to Palm Beach, I was in New York studios and I ask him about the weather every day. The winter I'd be like all manage eighty degrees earlier and as such. Here and all of us that I didn't go through every day. What's your pen station, they be announcing the train that was running from New York to Miami
is your palm beach as like, through if worse before my enemies. Oh man, I wonder what is like in palm beach. Wouldn't it be nice to work and poverty. but I never thought I would ever be in palm beach. I was in New York on New Yorker, so we remember right eye we took us while we had to work on use, turn you into Florida and invest in Athens, and so what happened? Was I got through that night. and when I walked in Russia, was in the parking lot. Kit was in the parking lot. And John Accident and so I walked out when I gave us a hug and be, but I didn't the gravel It was really weird because that in United in you here, have to really well that he was completely one hundred percent death now, so that was really a little bit weird. I was. I made him fur yeah yeah. That really name is losing his hearing. So the next day I come into this little studio and there, you there and then
dawn is there and like daughters, this haughty put totty right here. You were no offense enemies, but the last twenty years ago I was you were well that was thirty years ago, but still a hearty Petre must temper man with my kids, the misery using more easily call him super me. I mean you're still super timescale, The bureau tailoring oligarchy of gray hair now Superman may have gray, hair and wait a minute and Brian Lisbon in the days when you single That's right away, used to come. The work is sometimes used to sleep under the gun to some five zero km says it's right no idea, then, that twenty years later, we'd all be be here now yet back in the beginning. He couldn't hear at all. So I don't have you guys remember this, but we would hold up cards for the
breaks for another was ten seconds after thirty seconds left, and so we are trying to make it fun for him, because he was totally deaf and just trying everything and he had so much passion for this. So we would hold up the card side. We tend like I was in a boxing ring, and I was the girl gone back and forth with a very different with me would start laughing. Does anything we
debt, we do think like we're deaf and how could you do the show, and I may I, like Ellie De Lie- that yellow light the red light near them all at yes, and I will try and different vibrating devices to put on the chair where those directly so where'd you learn driven by breeders and allow us to hook on to his chair. So you feel the audio and issue out and then I was doing my thrown around their sounds. Pretty sorry, this labelling only feel stuff or see staff. So you have two options. So I'd rolling, remember the Douro meters. They had those in front of them, so those big Ella D, visa policy out barriers. We had AOL instant messaging. Naturally, what really help us a lot back down at how we communicated with them was AOL instant Will still has the money completely couldn't hear if a collar was screaming. We would turn the screen read, so he
if he was looking the other direction. If we looked back, he would now than it was during this year, and I remember all the colors, but if it was blue, it might have been crying cause. You have to remember. This is after nine eleven and a lot of the collars were crying and we had so many people from rock away and all these towns around New York City that we are building all these calls, and so we were all crying, but but we If it does, the seminar Collaret would be yellow. You know we had all these colours that would just flash up on the screen forum the implant and then live kind of got back to normal. Yes, look in except you now he could. He always said that we could hear, FM radio he could hear. Like am radio, and I was kind of how he you know so why dont still need to be there, because the probably would have are the phone call for call right where the audio isn't so clear. All the time now here fine with us in the studio environment, because the walls were ten feet thick and it was dead. Silent knows rooms. It was really easy for him to hear us with the implant,
if he ever went out into a room where there is a group of people and stuff like that. He could not hear it was all noise to him? So We had the advantage for the twenty years to actually have real conversations with rush in the studio outside of it. It was just a crapshoot form so you had to pick out one? Are you a favorite stories you just while the army to give mind here here. It is her one day he I used to come into the studio, probably around nine thirty ten o clock most days right. We get there it about Forty five, he would sit in his room and I always sat at the council which was direct we in front a rush on the other side of the glass, and I just gotta use that as my desk in that way, if he ever needed anything, he would just hit the talk back button on his desk and it would come right into my room and I would respond to you, so I always sat right there and there was only the four of us
three and rush at the studio. Most of the time. So. There was nobody to answer phones or get the doors, or that was us. You know so, most of the time I took on the answering the phone so that you could do show prep with Rodney O for rush and so yeah, so that was kind of our routine will one day I got in there ten. I sat down there and I answer the phone and we always said studio when we answered the phone because we didn't want to say Rush lumbar shower anything like tat. We were trying to be hidden, so said: studio, em, sky. On the other, an says I This is Elton John. I'm calling for rush. Why immediately said to him? Yes, sure it is this really and he's like no really its Ellen John, and unlike this, isn't. And John you're not call Hannah. You you're not own, John Anything, no, really let me sing to you like seriously. I listen.
going for you. Well, he was he was starting to saying yes, I hold on. Let me live, go in there and I'll tell him it's Elton John did not over Cyprus, the guy on hold and I walked around, and I win indirectly studio and I said, hey rush. some guy on line one claim in he's Elton John, and he rushed looks at me like that, called right at me and says, will probably Elton John Brian and I just my heart is like walk out of the room, and I don't know what they get that right after that call, he was on the phone with them for like an hour. He had an idea. You know that was Elton John. So later after that was done, he's
thank you, sent us on email or called us all on the piazza system and said no matter what you do. You don't tell anybody that islands I just got here today, sir. I months you now: ok, goodbye, yellow, brick road right. So we were later. We were at the wedding right
and I'm sitting next, I think I was sitting next to Tom Watson, the golfer, amicable, other people and their sitting there talking about away here. There's somebody famous gonna be singing and staff at the wedding. You know we're all like not saying a word and I daresay they think it's timber drawn stuff, so there I was the talk of the wedding. You know, and I think it Lee doubt promoters Numa Gaza, where they found out that ozone job, but it was it ass. It was never as ever us now once again, my highly overrated davers. Let me know I mean at work now, has an official Obama criticise or he is both? Thirdly, I cookie working on these sound bite. Even now you might be confusing cookie when Coca COLA girl is married. A cookie Congo runs the website. The video is actually taken from the control room. What you see the back of the broadcast engineers head Brian Giants, which is close to fame, is Brian says he wants to get that was Gregg, cheapens idea back in the cave there were these guys, what these rights to use your Denise of limbo, letter to come up with a great graphic after cookie, corrects the whip and tell them what to do so. What we ve done, Germany, is on our staff has recorded all of what I said. Esben, your Mamma, the broadcast engineer, had a different idea. I just sent a picture of the cocoa Junior whose whose actual name is deemed grand kitchen from our staff kit, Carson former irreplaceable chiefest entrusted right hand, Diana Schneider, ETA tricks of the limbo letter, a daughter you irritated by this. You don't like this. I thought I detected a facial expression sitting in their interface, giving contorted Soforth, and I know it. I know what I wanted to issue a special thanks today. I call on highly overrated staff. They made me with their credibly valuable, their incredibly loyal layer incredibly committed, and they are exception exceptionally devoted. None of this can happen without them.
so we're sitting here, dawn line and myself branches and dawn the kinsky? What is it that you love? we want the world to know about the rush Lombard that Union don you're the boss go first That's funny that you say I'm the boss cause very very early on. It was just the four of us there. It was just in a rut. And Brian and James it me, and so if we go on or things would be happening and everybody's kind of not paying attention, and unlike what is going on here, this is mass you know, and so I would start directing people you know if somebody was there that data banks, because it had to dont correct. If so, then, throughout the years whenever we would have people com, for any reason- and they were asking questions Rush- would just say- dawn she's the buy it now and they kind of looked like how about it's a joke and he's like now
stuff like the kind of finding you know. I said earlier, and I know that if people haven't listen to the show. They have one idea. What who Russia's? You? No other people that listen to the show they might love him and they have. This idea of of hooey is too and we those people too, but we also know the person that wasn't on the radio show, and he is just a just one of the best man that you could ever now very humble which people don't believe that when you say that, but so humble just so great, full four where he was and still wanting to pinch himself for where he was and still always thinking you know. I am. I think my parents would be proud of me for this in our when he would just do in a word or just do anything or anything would do like people just I don't think?
I saw that side of him enough and he was not one to tell it when he would gives oh generously to so many organizations in so many people and would do so many things anonymously. You know do so much that people will never know the amount of stuff that he's done throughout out his life, because he was not about look at me. You know, even though would say on the radio. Look at me: I'm not a lot of times that was for us not to whom it may not have been. We were bare, you judge, you gotta, give me what diet is talk about and, like I don't know, I wrote every word that I thought she'd banks on the duchess like rested his mood. You want people noble rush well I mean she's, I am he's very generous husband for all of us
really is very down to earth person. I mean I got to spend some time with his family last month. We all did They really are a really down to Earth nice family I was really sad that we didn't see more of them and spend more time with them. I see where he comes from now, and I I get it I see. You know they were all so nice and they all loved us to death and dumb. They want to hear more and no more about Russia as a really weren't around us much. You know the last ten years and I just a woozy was nice to see. I felt really nice to go, see his family and no, you know that their oars people that seem, though, really love him and care about him and because he the really love and care about ass. I mean we had are we, you know we all argued there has now, like you know, you argue here: hair at sea are an area where we ve all arc and
but we never held anything. Unless you are you get another system whatever it is, and we always the thing about the four of us there's, no doubt ever for one one solitary. Secondly, how much we love each other up and how much we love each other. Just no doubt- and we were as I am I am we there's another. We called our work family. This is our work has and on so many times but would ask me when I found out what I did. They would ask me why what is rush? Like I mean it was, like how can you work for him? What does he like here now and there were others. You know I would run across the occasional liberal who it be like. Oh my god, I must be so amazing in how you know they were just infatuated. I with the celebrity and that sort of thing, but most people ask me why what is it like, and I said, trust me. I don't have the work there. I don't
after I could go work for my father and do that stuff? I wouldn't work if he was in a great person and I had generally, what I tell everybody, because it's true you know he was awesome, he he cared about us and most people do, bosses like right now, one of the things are early on about him, not being what ye would. Typically, gov as a celebrity and he was never a celebrity till the three of us with minute. He may have bad to all these people who had come and visit us, but he never was to Us- and here I just remembered this one time when does Thomas came to visit, you know. And we were all like. This was the first time he came to visit and we were all very excited to say hello to Justice, Thomas and get our picture taken with justice. Thomas, you know, rush came in the room and we did this almost with every person that came to visit us. We would panned Russian
the amount of data now, sir, he would do but I just remembered justice. Thomas cracking away in Russia with me in the banks, are intended for diagram. Yes, definitely, and I think that's another thing that he loved he was so comfortable with all of us. You know we ve all gone through so many things in our lives. Together, we shared everything together we all
know everything about each other marriages, divorce, the iron all literally, we were there every single day together for twenty years. I know I've been using rush hour. You really telling us that you don't know what the ordeal shown right: you're gonna be until five minutes. Yes, until we have a smooth oiled machine during this long enough, they know what I like not likely know what I say I went up. There are things I don't same people over here and they want. They know exactly what I want you dont want. I don't have to tell them, which is the way it should be. So don't how did you get started? What what's your story? I'm gonna tell a story about when I first started and going to when you have young kids in a lot of people. Think of celebrities and people like this, that their diva was unaware The word is when you're a man but rush was, was not that and from the very
beginning when we had to travel or we had to do anything. He would ask me well, is Jessica play this week or is there anything going on with the kids? and so and that's how we would plan if we had to go away for a week or if we had to do something, he would make sure that it didn't interfere with anything You don't usually hear stories like that. I'm sure I don't know if I'm premier radio would have he was jacking would make, but that's really wise, you know in he didn't want to inconvenience anyone ever for anything, a million hours for sure that's Mercer I mean sometimes he would say: hey. Are you going anywhere near public's, where you think you might be able to pick up a turkey up on your way. really he was just such a genuine, humble die and that's what I want people to take away from this new you talked about, I mean in the area
no time did, did you anybody would do anything for me. You always thank you, sir. Thank you MA am. It was over. The epitome of of of good manners and an eye Sometimes she was shocked, live what was going on the other side of the glass, because we used ass, a knock down dragged out in that room. Now we ve had a few. Twenty years or drought in this room. Of course, what we want trapped, but it was, I you know, even though still fun yeah, but I mean it was One thing you know I mean rush had his thing, but we had our own little thing to you re off. Well, that was we were doing something in there. I don't know you might have been planned probation with a collar like he is to have fun to do in that, but we installed in the new studios that shape That comes down from the new studios, then it really was installed in case he was, you know, get it arrange for an event that he was going to or something just to have a little extra privacy, but one day we're during the show, and he was getting annoyed with
with all of us, because whatever we do and we re interrupting homer Del it and whatever he's like that's it folks, I'm gonna close this new shape that I have, and so he closed the shade. And so then he waited a little while on on the air. So I told Jameson Brine CUP on because you, like I'm gonna, let them out and about another few minutes. My said we are not going to be here when he opens up a shade and there, like all week, do that we have to stay here. We get me out of here, I'm like. Oh, yes, we are we're going out, and so we were not there, so he lifted the shade knees. Tell me audience and he could barely keepers composure. He was lamp light the innocent born days earlier, but I mean, but that's the kind of find out that we had. We had that kind of fun every day to select the birthday cakes. You know we did it anyway. the very way dollars. I want to get serious what you guys format it, because this is what was done
ask your like for you, Brian on the start with you, what was the last year like why it's here make this hard when I received this diagnosis, and I was shocked I was stunned and I was in denial I mean I'm, limbo. I'm, Mr Big, the vast I'd when conspiracy, I'm I'm I'm indestructible. It's been worst year. My life even only most dire circumstances. If you just wait, you just remain open to things. The good news It will reveal itself its. that I dont have a future. I do. We had such
thing going on there for so many years, and I have lost anybody in my family since one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven was my grandfather, so I haven't dealt with this so long time and I'm always been Ed well. Rush was like a second father for me because I probably spent more time with him than anybody in the last twenty years face to face So he was like a second follow me, my father's, my hero and the greatest person. I know, but Russia's right there behind him. You know I just had I hey, I think, like a father, son relationship, and so it's been hard I were all going to be fine, but- and I think the world is going to miss him, a lot is a lot of people that from new three counted on him, including us any here the world and I think, in a positive direction
just as in somebody out there doing that now and will always be big part of our lives mean he really shaped. Our lives as much as he did everybody else's and was a big part of our of us, and he had tremendous confidence in in May and that help give me tremendous confidence, and I told him that before he died, He always told me that damn I'm not worried, you Brian, I know you, you can do it and now so that gave me tremendous pride. the one thing you know. I always tell everybody that I part of. Me Workin here with rush and the getting was prove to myself tat. I could do it because I always
under my father shadow and down it. When I did it, it made my parents really proud of me. I know I did you know my father, I'm sure he loved traveling around and all his engineering buddies, asking him about me and how's it going with russian doll. I mean rush was the king of radio. You know get any bigger than I am doing the Superbowl for two? many years every day at work You know, basically, as what we are doing our greatest show on earth it some for twenty years. It's quite the thing, and I don't think I'll ever do anything like this again, you know and that's fine, This is its own thing and that's fine and I'll. Just always,
she gave of everything he did for us as he did a lot for us. He was so generously was generous and you're right. You talked about it. He really didn't ask much of us now many times. I would get frustrated with him because he wouldn't tell me there is a problem here until it was just faster so long for months. He wouldn't tell me something was broken in the studio cause. He didn't want to bother me. How can I just floor me in. I wasn't just me he did that way did over there. He asked yes, so will always cherish every moment I had with them I'm sure one day it's gonna hit me even harder. I mean we didn't really, It affords closure on it.
This whole covered all this kind of staff and adjust it such a weird time. Right now you know you gone the last year. I dont really think he can put that last year into words. I think it was definitely the artists year. I've ever gone through, and I think, give all the three of us have you no death. Leaned on each other more this year than ever. You know we came in and you now one of us was losing it because it was really hard the rush suffering with the pain that he was suffering in and still coming in. To do the show and you now so he can see us right through the glass. then he was always very cognizant of what our reactions were and what we thought. You know whether we were telling them don't go there, stop
I bear or whatever it was. So if we were really crying, you know that would affect him, so we had to really tried us. oh, remain positive and engaged, and you know it to be funded being with half men. You now think of funny things for him, because this was his outlet that he loved and so in a we would do it Indeed, no that's one of us might have. The three of us would be missing because we'd be in the other room, Paula now and trying to keep our composure to come back in and put a smile on foot or rush you now and do it by ETA yeah with this year as and wrath one is that show he wanted. It wasn't about us. It was about him and we were there to make sure that all the way here now and he knew he knew he now
Gaza with some inner. Someone had asked about you know or made mention of a bucket lives in our people that no they are facing the elastic is often able bucket listeners if they want to do before. They died and Russia's bucket was was his audience. Russia's bucket list was his show. He loved doing what he did he loud anything about it is, though, you know Each of us has a different had a different relationship with yes, we then during your relationship, you could tell him things and say things that to us that I would never ever dream of saying right right ever. And because ass the relationship did you had with them. Brian. He leaned on you in ways that that put four things. I was his get it done, guy yeah, yeah yeah, you would get brantome care. This need is to get up He would ask me to do certain things and then certain things you know you're more his political outlet. I was Morse works you now don
that old woman aspect in Rio, because if it is done, wasn't there and urges us three guys. Can you have been very quiet around? I realized at that point that I just need you, your voice. I Mustn T, because you remind me of my dad you all I had to me. That's how much I look upon. Like I said it is a really surprising honor. That I wasn't able to just pick up the phone and you true, but One of the leading on that I honestly in speechless here. I cannot thank you, anywhere near appropriately. For that I can especially relate to it.
I know how important it was for me to be reminded of my dad and many people in things over the course of my life have and the same thing with my mother as as well. thank you for joining US episode to special one. For me, the people that I spent the last twenty years with my family, Russia's radio, family dawn and Brian next week, we have a special treat for you. The executive, not only behind rush, behind most of the big names in radio that you know, gray kitchen joins us. Next episode, rush Limbaugh, the man behind the golden HIV microphone is produced by Chris Lee and Philtower Tower best. Producers in America production assistance.
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