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Global Warming Cruise Gets Stuck in Ice, Green Bay Freezes Over (And Aaron Rodgers Says He Isn’t Gay)


RUSH: The global warming crew, this is so classic. I just love it. They’re going down to Antarctica — the South Pole, for those of you in Rio Linda — and they’re gonna prove that there’s so much global warming that there isn’t any ice, or very little ice, that it’s melting. It’s a cruise. And they get stuck in the ice far, far away from their intended destination. So icebreakers are called in. The icebreakers get stuck!

There was a ChiCom icebreaker that got stuck. They needed all these fossil fuel, gigantic ships to rescue them after a week. And every news story — every one of them! Let me put it this way: Not one news story makes the connection that these are a bunch of hypocrites. Not one notes the irony. They just talk about a brave bunch of scientists needed to be rescued in Antarctica. Meanwhile, we have more record lows last year than record highs — and in Green Bay for football this Sunday? Oh-ho!


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with toilet scum, Duke it out disposal rot entire line of powerful formulas, works hard to vanquish, dirt, grime and deposits all around your home so Kay, The crowd fight the clean fight with Our clear visits our brands, dot com to learn more gagging. Warming grew there, the classic. I just love it. Going down the Arctic and the South pole for those of you in real ended, and they get to prove that there is so much
mobile warming, that there is any eyes or very little eyes that its melting and they went to crews and they get stuck in my eyes, far far away from their intended destination, so icebreakers are called in the ice breakers gets stuck as a czech commies record of got stuck. They needed all of these fossil fuel, Jai Cavack ships to rescue them after a week and every nosed every one of you put this way. Not one news story makes the connection that these are a bunch of hypocrites. Not one notes the irony. They just talk about a brave bunch of scientists needing to be rescued.
in an arctic. Meanwhile, we have more record lows last year than record highs and in Green Bay for football. This Sunday Oho Sewing Green Bay on Sunday afternoon for twenty five eastern time. The San Francisco afford owners will show up I'll card play off game against the ring Bay Packers quarter my Aaron Rodgers who said this week he's not gay. Now that's a fascinating thing. The major folks regularly hops catching all over the place today, because big on labour two weeks and just get back in the saddle. Em it's gonna, be a stream of consciousness, show. which means I don't even know what I'm gonna say next, but thankfully I have the helpful staff to help me finish. My sentences here. Well because, apparently there were internet rumours, Aaron Rodgers is gay, which I had
not see this as a fascinating media study. I had not seen it not granted. I a town I'm on vacation and I am off the grid. I didn't turn on the television until New Year's eve to watch that stuff, and even that was a chore, So I wasn't aware- and I was I was I was- I was doing- show prep with the computer, but even at that I didn't see anything, but apparently in social media was other Aaron Rodgers was gay, but I No wait until he chose to deny it on his radio show now. And therefore, what's fast is a media study here, denial is what made it a national story, not the allegation by whoever was making it. He chose to deny of Norman low. I love women, I don't always under any laughed it off, but up until the nobody even knew it
only mention it as a it's a great illustration of how media works because we ve talked over the years. I am continuously attacked mercilessly so in fact, folks I got soundbites a boy- was gone theirs no beating me up over this pop business. We get these some. This is incredible. And you know what I find most fascinating about it for left, finally, is happy. They ve got a church again because of me the left has felt comfortable. Now you hear it embracing the catholic church is a phenomenal achievement on my part. There are too many people who could have turned atheists into huge supporters of the Pope or agnostics whatever, oh, by the way,
that means I have to thank the guest hosts and the guests tells me it marks nine, as usual was in and Mark Billing and Eric Ericsson of red state that calm and he sent me. I can't tell you two or three email notes thanking me the opportunity to me: it's been a lifelong dream of here To add to sit behind the golden, he I be microphone and he loved it, and he told me that I know that your show is the most listen to, but I found evidence I, after doing your show, he's got his own children, women doing your show. I started hearing from people that I haven't heard from are known in in years, who heard me on the radio for the first time it was all excited when I want thank all those people for coming in and hosting the programme. We sincerely appreciate it and they all do a bang up great job,
most. I'm only lose about sixty percent of the audience, which is about now there's much better than sorry. I told you it's it's gonna, be there. I made that up folks, just totally I lied. I just. havin fun with it. Here I thought, you'd be a stream of consciousness programme today so anyway, back to back the Green Bay and quarterback, who isn't gay, Rogers hosting a San Francisco foreigners for twenty five. The forecast is three degrees from hi and minus fifteen for the low.
The wind or that the wind is is gonna blow enough that there will be a wind shall I haven't. I haven't seen actual numbers on the on the windshield. Now I don't expect this to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if the league postpones the game cause it's just too cold and it's gonna be called in other parts of the country to. But but my point I would love to see this I'd love to see. Barrack Obama Bill Clinton, Al Gore, sitting outside Fifty yards line Green Bay, the whole game and then afterwards do a presentation for us all. On global warming sit there the whole game outside. Do you know that the NFL and I've been on this kick for a while? They ve got up
problem. They probably are aware of it as we speak. Three of these four games are not sold out and including Green Bay. The green baby- hackers if they dont get rid of the last. I heard it was eighty five hundred tickets, it's probably fewer than that. Now. by some time today, then there's gonna be a black now we all know there won't be a blackout, easy or somebody or move by the tickets or Jesse Jack now Jesse Jackson alone, Somebody moving bided, there won't be a black out. The NFL will not allow that to happen, but it may take an effort beyond normal commerce to sell out tickets in
Of the four, the other to place, Cincinnati and Indianapolis play off games. This is there something going on in its? I don't think it's just the weather and you can get a much better experience at home. I think there is more to it than that. I think the economy is definitely a factor, and I think there are other things going on as well are helping to create this sum. This problem,
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