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My Night With the People Who Make the Country Work


If you note that I sound somewhat frustrated, you would not be incorrect, because none of this is news. All of us are caught up in the middle of never-ending political agendas, but it’s disguised as news. We’re being told that this is news. “This is earth-shattering, breaking news! Why, we had no idea this was coming,” and that’s not at all what any of this is. This is all prepackaged. It’s preplanned.

It’s been edited and formatted, and it’s been timed. It has everything about it designed to move forward a political agenda. But everybody involved in that’s saying, “No, no! There’s nothing going on here. We just have an honorable guy who’s very, very worried about the country and wants to set the record.” If he wants to set the record straight, why did he wait a year and do it for millions of dollars? If he cares so damn much about this.


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I get all and tell people what actually true and what is really going on and the cycle just keeps repeating its become a formula. It's because predictable, bad guys, write a book, bad guys, go on tv drive by circle. The wagons amplify lie distort whatever we're gonna spend of our time defending the garbage, let us suppose a battle for the hearts and minds of the and voter. And so we're here and that's. What's on the agenda, it's great to have you with us openly Friday. We go to the funds, anything you want to talk about The added telephone eight hundred to eight to two eight eight to the email address you rush Valenti, I ve met not come. If you
that I sound somewhat frustrated. You would not be incorrect because none of this is knows where all of us are caught up in the middle never ending political agendas. Ah, then, but it's disguised his nose. We're being told that this is news, is earth shattering. Breaking knows why we had no idea. This was coming. and that's not at all. What any of this is. Is it all pre packaged its pre planned? It's been added and format it, and it's been timed. It has everything about it designed to move forward. A political agenda, but everybody involved in that's. No, no there's nothing going on here. We just have an honourable guy who's this we are very worried about the country and wants to set the rigorous. We want set the record straight. Why did he wait a year and do
for millions of dollars and be careful there much about this anyway. Yesterday, my friends, I spoke about the concept to America's at least to America's, and I want to illustrate exactly what I'm talking about here. If you pardon me for just above your indulge me here for just a moment again to restate it on one side here, we have the country and the people who make it work. And the way they live their lives it get up every day and they go about their business and in the process Audrey works using the freedoms and the liberty, the ambition of talent they desire, whatever it is. That makes up people whatever it is. That makes everybody who we are. Everybody gets up and goes to it on the
our side, we have a drive by media and the American left, which is engaged in a single project of telling the other America down and tearing apart. All because they don't like America or because they don't like the people who are making the country work from topped up, and so there is a never ending quest to tear it down. They tear it. Out or try to tear down by depressing and dispiriting that people who are getting up and going to work, Whatever it is, their doing then constitutes actual living life as opposed to the other side
yeah they're alive, but they're not living life. They are people absorbed in drenched in a hatred and resentment anger and outrage and they're, taking the fact that their outrage and unhappy and miserable out on every the Elles and in the process, one half of America spends its day, making the country work in trying to defend it. The other half is just try to tear everything apart. And last night I was with the half of America or whatever presented it is it makes the country work last night- was the annual dinner for the Marine Corps LAW Enforcement foundation. The annual fund raising them em When is twenty three years old, I was there in the home of one of the founders, as the whole idea was being put together in nineteen. Ninety three.
it was a home and Rockville Centre in New York, and it was a number of great Ex marine, some now and law enforcement, some or in finance, and they wanted to put together a founding in which would provide college scholarships the children of Marines killed in action they later added law enforcement to it, and many of them worked in the F B. I many them worked in it in one Forcemeat police departments elsewhere,
And saw what was originally a charity to provide college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action was expanded to include children of people in law enforcement and on extreme emergencies night nine eleven am Clef expanded to all federal agencies. Were heads of families died in their children needed college scholarships. They became an early donor. I've I've I've never been an active practical. participants in the actual structure, the charity but Catherine. I have been active donors and active and wages and, as you well know, much of what we do is tied to em cliff. The two of my tea project was was with tied to em cliff the rush rigour book series is tied to him cliff And last night was The annual fundraiser, the Marine man shows
there's always a special guest on a free from the United States military last night. It was to be the sector, a defence James Madness who had to cancel on Tuesday and the event was last night anyhow. The council, because it what's going on in Syria now the event was held it separately, Wall Street. It was a beautiful study with jam. Pegged it's a black tie event, informal military attire- and it is a night totally devoted to celebrating the marine corps- is celebrating the United States military celebrating the values and traditions of the military, which I think, form the bedrock of the values and traditions of our society at large.
We had a table and to table Capitola two tables, and we invite you know. We ve got this new feature going on our website rush, Limbaugh, dot com called meet rush and it when you click on that you presented with a forum where you can fill out a little email question about why you think our team should arrange a video camera. with you to explain why you listen how long you been listening and are we convert those videos and occasionally play them on an area of the website, and we ve been at this for, a month and a half now maybe longer in setting it all up. When we began air Some of the videos that we can all remember the one up, but when I told you about in the Pacific Island who has to walk up bunch of or feet together, the top mountain they get to g cellular collectivity, the chicken download podcast of the programme should abandon goes back down the hill where she does her missionary work,
Talking to people all over the country, and last night we invited three that we have met during. They meet rush team rush effort. Here they are, all former Marines they're, all lifetime listeners they and their wives. So as Catherine and me and our six guests, while three guests and their wives it at one table and we ve got some pictures of this- will put it rush limbo, dot, com after I finish this little segment here, cookers gonna transcribe it and put some pictures up. this great people, lifetime listeners. When you see these pictures, these are the people I'm talking about who make the country work. These are the people there,
not because they listen to me, although I think it is inseparable people who make their country work listening to this programme, because this programme reflects what they believe. This programme validates. What people who make the country work, live, breathe and belief, It was a pleasure meeting and I had a hustle up there. I had a race out of here under the programme. I had a fly up. try to find a new. They cause superintendent of the port authority, I'm leaving something out. They ask me to speak. When general matters couldn't make you too, you talk about these people of all paid to be in there to hear the Secretary of Defence and he can't make it. And so it's me, Jim Calcium, former director, the Bay Office FBI Office in New York is who asked reason. Would you mind is a gym? Are you kidding? I mean I'm not
I'm not not. I've gotta, you gotta, do it well, how much you look more ten? Fifth, in manage max tenth of humans. All Jim, I don't even get warmed up to thirty minutes. Ok, no problem. For they simply superintendent of Port Authority. To nor to me, four lights and sirens in the Manhattan to make sure I got there in time, and we did. We pulled in right as the reception and cocktail period was ending at seven and everybody was being seated.
And it was one inspirational speaker after another, there was a woman who lost her husband in combat the foundation, had provide provided scholarships for her two kids. She gave a stem winder of a speech about what it all meant about what it meant being married to somebody who the families know what's going to happen. What can happen in combat, and it's the other America put this- did this last night without the people that were in that room.
The country wouldn't be what it is, but we could get along without James call me and we can get along without Nancy Policy and valor replacement we get along without always, but we get along without Anderson Cooper we get along without George, never Napos. We can get along with a private along without me, but we cannot get along without the people in that room last night, as the closing speaker said, and he was responding to some of the comments. I may cause I'd I'd. I talked about this divide in the country and I I pulled no pod, don't tell him. I'm worried. I told him that we ve got a serious challenge, that we had a great nation at risk in a dangerous world, and I talked about this debate and I talked about you heard me so the theory that I don't think we have any it binds us together anymore, like we had were war to this guy stood up after I had finished. There were some other comments and he even
for instance, not by me and by name, but he said, look Middest, Iceland, we weren't a uniform here in this room tonight, don't worry, we got it. We got just like the unwise PD. They got it just like the Port Authority cup. They got it. Don't worry we We stay on airline, it doesn't matter who's running the show. We know what we gotta do and we got it and that's why we couldn't get along without those people in that room Those people in that room last night are among those who get ripped and Lamb Porn and impugned by these other guys that we have to spend a bunch of time chattin about here today as the what they think matters as the what they say or right is gospel We have spent time exposing who they are and exposing.
Lives or the misrepresentations. The deceit that they're using in this peering formula of left on the assault against the country and a few us here on the rise standing up, trying to say no and stop them and defended, but it was the people in the room last night, the Marine Corps LAW Enforcement foundation, not just the uniform arranged, but the people where there is no honours and who show up every year. It was a microcosm. What I believe is people who make the country work, make the country run, and it was. It was an honour for me to be part of it. It was a distinct privilege to be asked to speak in that room. I always
bomb to lament. I always think I didn't do nearly as good as I couldn't live like fretted over and all the way home last night, but then I realized I would have today to fix any it not entirely wrong. Just dispute, I'm I'm sorry hypercritical that I never ever. Never. I rarely tell myself, I nailed it, but the crowd was was up and supportive it was just it was. It was a great room to be in and a tremendous event to want to be part of an eye. I wanted to acknowledge this and I'm going to let you know we're gonna, just a few pictures when we need to respect these people's privacy, no last names of the three life
time, listeners all Ex military, they had the time of their lives, they had a, I mean they're, their ex military. They have served their country. They had never been to an event like this, and they just it was so great to to have them their people who who genuinely appreciated one at one of these guys, must go play. These people remember everything. I've said, from the time they have been listening and they're, throw it at me and I'm just stunned and blown away. They remember more than I do and I have won the best memories in the world. And they remember more than I do about certain things. I've said and when and how it was in invigorating evening and it was very uplifting and I wish everybody could participate in events like this for
that very reason, so it won't be long we'll have I just got two pictures I'm going to put up for now. One is a shot of all of us at the tape And then a- and not just like the others, but there's a really good picture of me with with the one of the three listeners that we invited for the meet rush event. His name is Joel. His former marine is wearing his medals on his on his tuxedo jacket, spray paint, their wives were fun. It was but that these two pictures will give you a flavor for what the evening was no last names, because you don't want these people descended upon by the people we're going to be talkin about today on the left, two seem to have only one desire and that's rip. Everything to shreds and tear it down, and I just do not want
who who have done nothing but be listers that this programme to deal with any garbage like that. So that's why? No lessening the names of these three couples lifetime listeners, all military members of our guests last night. Philip and Patricia Joel inflation, Joseph and Briar, whether in it- and I would love to tell you there last names, but in this day and age in this climate, I'm I'm not gonna, subject them to any potential harassment that might result from me, trawls that live and breathe on Facebook and twitter and media matters and wherever. But trust me. When you see the photos, you will be able if they look at the great American UK you'll, be able to tell by looking at them
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