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Rush Limbaugh Apr 13, 2020


Pope Francis, during Easter week has been preaching about the Corona virus in March. The Pope said, the pandemic is nature having a fit because of pollution a lack of any action on climate change.

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Learn from hills, Dale to start at rush for Hills, Dale, Dotcom Pub, Francis very Easter week has been preaching about the corona virus in marginal. Said the pandemic is nature having a fit because of pollution. Lack of any actual on climate change on April. First you'll Papa, so we got sick. Does we weren't listening to the price of our ailing planet and. When's that he'd double down on these environmental wacko message. You call the corona virus Pandemic Natures response to man made global warming during Easter week. In an interview with the tablet, a catholic magazine, a pop quarter to spanish expression, God always forget comes. We forgive sometimes but nature never forgives. He said the world has not heeded recent catastrophes like the fires, Australia, melting Northport, glaciers, that aren't melting and recent floods
so they sure if we, our natures revenge, but they certainly are natures, respond. What rock Francis say the corona virus outbreak as an opportunity to inspire change to slow down our rate of production and consumption. He says it's time to move. From using and misusing nature to contemplating it While we all contemplate major, maybe we and other nations can also spend a few minutes contemplating our relationship with that China comes in light of this global economic shutdown. Meanwhile, it's no shock that ill Papa is spouting more left wing, wacko door, as always say, liberals or liberals. First, even the pope
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