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Rush Limbaugh April 27th 2018


The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, attended the national press club to prophesy about climate change and predicted that three billion people will die from lethal heat events.

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Last week the Governor California, Jerry Brown, went to the National Press club to prophesy about climate disruption. That's what he called climate change and global warming now, and he predicted the climate will be so disrupted. Three billion people will die from lethal heat events. Three billion would be now keep in mind. The population a whole world right now is seven point: six billion people according to Moonbeam, not only
three billion die from killer heat, but global warming will lead to more diseases and more wars. Terrorism and mass migrations. The governor of America's biggest state, said the store room filled with America's most noted journalists and needed a laugh. They didn't challenges that didn't roll their eyes it and walk out. They reported it as if governor moonbeams lunatic prophecies, where the rational thoughts of the same human being gets knots, but let's say that more beavis right for a minute. You know what that means. It means the world's number. One job is going to be undertaker mortician. If three billion people are about the keel over from lethal heat, the funeral business will be the biggest money making industry of all time provide.
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