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Rush Limbaugh April 5th 2018


The Department Of Justice filed a lawsuit to the state of California for recently enacting a law demanding the Federal Government give them first dibs on any federal land up for sale.

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Stood a California recently enacted and more demanding the federal government give them first Debs on any federal land up for sale. It's the latest battlefield in the war between California and the Trump administration. This week, the d o J,
suit against California. Arguing the state law is unconstitutional. Attorney general Jeff sessions issued a statement. He said the constitution empowers the federal government, not state legislatures, to decide when and how federal lands are sold. Sessions reminded everybody that, when California was admitted into the United States, it was under certain conditions, including the California quote, would never interfere with the disposal of federal law. Close quote session said that despite California, agreeing to those terms there legislature has enacted and extreme state law attempting to frustrate federal law. Now California isn't just trying to frustrate federal policy or California, is openly disobeying federal immigration law and punishing people who comply with it.
The mayor of Oakland, warns illegal immigrants of impending rage allowing dangerous criminals to avoid arrest. California openly flouts federal drug laws, states threatening to sue if the Trump Administration overturns Obama's fuel emissions standards. Liberal Democrats are in open rebellion against the federal government. They behave as if they are a separate nation state. It's time for these California Johnny Rebs, don't you love that they just be sent packing. With rush twenty four seven, you never have to miss one word of the rush. Limbaugh show and no new yearly Members get Russia's exclusive tumblr sip from Russia wisdom all day, long with Russia
for seven and Russia's exclusive tumblr is our best tumblr, yet check it out at Russia. Limbaugh not calm. Your listening to the EU. I be network
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