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Rush Limbaugh April 8th 2019


The Democrat Governor of New Jersey just raised taxes on the top income bracket there and the result the top income bracket is joining the tax freedom exodus.

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And if you have I debt, every tax add you hear reminds you of this could be the day the IRS nails you and rule number one is don't mess with the Irish or I'm going give you a direct line to optimum tax relief, its eight hundred three five four. Ninety two. Ninety five they'll stand between you and the they'll and between you fight to get you the best deal possible. Call them now to see. If you can, Five for the fresh start initiative, it's eight hundred three hundred and fifty four nine thousand two hundred and ninety five for year, as I have told you that wealthy taxpayers don't just sit there and pay higher taxes, the rich will always escape high tech states and high taxes, because they can now Chris Edwards Cato Institute Tax expert lays out the evidence to confirm it. The democratic governor of New Jersey just raise taxes on the top income bracket there. The result, the top income bracket, is joining the tax freedom, exodus, wealthy residents or waving goodbye to California.
Yeah and Washington, notorious for high taxes, Connecticut lost, multiple multibillion airs after the democratic governor raise taxes. Their New York's governor Andrew Cuomo admits that his state is losing high earners too low tax Florida, but he says it's because of the weather. It's only gonna get worse since Chris Edwards that twenty seventeen republican tax plan capped, state and local tax deductions. So twenty five million high income families now bear the full tax burden of their high tech states. They're not gonna, just sit there and pay it as more wealthy people leave. What will Democrats do well Del raise taxes. Those who are remaining because they never learn and then the raise taxes on transportation and a raise taxes on your bananas and it can to raise taxes on the air that we breathe before it's all said and done so don't hold your breath
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