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Rush Limbaugh Aug 05, 2020


Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton's former press secretary now works for CNN and last week Lockhart warned that the spite what the polls say, that Biden could lose the election.

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they seven hundred. That's eight hundred nine seven three: seventy seven hundred optimum tax relief, dot com, Joe La Carte they'll Clinton's former press secretary, now works for CNN and last week La Carte warned that, despite what the pulsated Biden could lose the election, imagine that lock our gave a bunch of suggestions. Biden should pretend Nepal numbers are all wrong run like the underdog Biden should focus on turning out key democrat constituents, blacks, women, suburban voters and then came the big la carte strongest. Suggestion is forbidden to not do something under any circumstances to La Carte says it whatever you do. Joe Biden do not debate. Tromp Shore Biden would take heat from Republicans even from the media was so what take the heat skip? The debates, Joe La Carte, says that Biden must ditch the debates because Trump lies in its impact.
Able to win the debate was somebody will lies, he ought to know it. Work for Clinton come on. You know that explanations about face like Joe there's. Only one reason your warning Biden not to debate it beyond the debate stage on live tv would tromp for ninety minutes. There is no way that might and can hide, there's. No, we can hide, is declining, can hide, is plugged in the wake of hide anything mentally, which is why, by this team, has been hiding him in a basement, Toolbar carts, one incapable of telling the truth here, but as Bill Clinton, press person, then at sea and in guy now, what's new about that, he is an expert in lying and Biden. Don't even know what he's in the basement. So what's the big deal about staying.
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