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Rush Limbaugh Aug 11, 2020


Last weekend there was an op-ed in the Washington paper called "The Hill" and it raised a question. Why New York City loses more residence than any other city?

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Comparable codes code, twenty five or dial pound to fifty on your cell phone, say levels. Select this offer will be sent right to your phone. You will have the option to receive a one time: Otto dialed text message from my hard media. Last weekend. There was an up ed. And they washing and paper. The hill Emmett raised a question. New York City losers more residents than any other sitting now, according to libertarian, author curse didn't take two hundred seven New Yorkers abandoned the city. Every day taxes play image, Raw New York city residents have the highest tax burden in the country. Now, Democrat Mayor, Danglars, your brags, that he wants to tax the hell out of the rich democratic governor and Real Cuomo them they're afraid, always made it even worse. So a lot of residents are crying uncle, since they can't fully did not their state local taxes anymore, because trumps, tax reform,
They are escaping the lower tax states like Florida in Texas. It's also about quality of life. After years of declining crime, thanks mayors, like Giuliani via Crime- is rising again. The cops you're afraid to make arrests, its predictable city schools or Failing to uttered. Schools need serious reform according to the Department of Education and then there's the staggering cost of living rents and real estate prices are at an all time high, so they're leaving. But you know what they're doing They're going to other states and their taking everything that destroyed New York with them, they are not morning. Everything and we are paying the price when these people common. In fact our states- I would further they stay in New York and keep the destruction local.
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