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Rush Limbaugh Aug 26, 2020


It was only last week EPA declared the residents of San Francisco need in environmental protection,

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You know most homesick Gerda companies try and trap you with high prices and tricky contract. Simply safe is different. They provide you with all. You need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security. Professional monitoring keeps watch twenty four seven ready to send the police fire or medical professionals. If there is an emergency starts at fourteen. Ninety nine a month had to simply say if: U S, a dot com, get a free, hd camera with your purchase that simply safe usa dot com. It was only last week the EPA declared the residents of San Francisco need environmental protection. The EPA issued a notice. Using liberals around the city of violating the clean water act. According to the EPA, there are substantial volumes of raw and partially treated sewage flowing through and across the beaches and indecision.
Just go Bay, there are also high concentrations of zinc and lead on the beaches. The sewage system in San Francisco is so overwhelmed with crud. It's you Been flowing down the streets and in the people's houses, so in Francisco today, people have to navigate piles of human feces and use needles on the streets homeless. Vagrant set up camp wherever they want. The elected Democrats who run the place, get sanctuary to illegal immigrants who can then escape punishment by San Francisco juries. If they murder animal walking along appear now we got raw sewage and other contaminants flowing through the streets in people's homes, on the beaches and into the bay. Meanwhile, the liberals are run San Francisco pass resolutions calling the n r a domestic terrorists. They pass laws manning play.
Six draws up. You decide to leave your heart in San Francisco, make sure it's in a hazmat suit folks, especially if you leave it on the beach yuck
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