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Rush Limbaugh Dec 02, 2019


In 1975, Pollsters ask, if men were better suited emotionally to whole public office and nearly 50% of Americans said, yeah men were better suited.

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Ever you get your pockets in nineteen. Seventy five pollsters ask if men were better suited emotionally to hold public office, and nearly fifty percent of Americans and yeah men were better suited. Pulsars asked the same question this year and only thirteen percent of Americans say that they believe men are better suited to hold office. You could say that eighty seven percent of Americans think that gender makes no difference, which is the largest percentage ever yet. There is grumbling. The George Sound University centre on Education and the workforce complains that women enter political races. Thirteen points behind men. They criticise Democrats as a party of white guys, Joe Biden Bernie Sanders the front runners, that's bad, just as bad, better or Rourke, and Mayor PETE Buddha Judge got great coverage when they announced better than they deserve better than the women who are running.
Not fair. You see it's never fair and it's never going to be fair because boy he's don't play, fear they privilege, because their boys and many of them are white, yuk yuk Hilary one, the nomination last time, but that doesn't count because they owed to her. We may have come a long way baby, but it's still not long enough for some women dammit
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