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Rush Limbaugh Dec 22, 2020


A bunch of liberal groups, including the ACLU, were accusing I.C.E. of targeting immigration activists, not just illegal immigrants because in over 20 cases I.C.E. arrested or found the activists...

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Before we get started. Support for this podcast comes from boost with Facebook, whose podcast boost my business with David Fisher features, unique perspectives and insight from business leaders and small business owners. Your stories and anecdotes about businesses. Just like yours, King insight, on what it takes to grow business and learn from both the mistakes and triumphs of others was into boost my business wherever you get your podcast, ok bunch, a liberal groups Can we see all your accusing ice of targeting immigration activists, not just the illegal immigrants, because in over twenty cases, ice arrested or find the activists, and they complain the agency only found out about them because of their activism? Now one of the offended activists told him pr were always at the marches and we're giving interviews without fear of what could happen to us. He says that ice going against activists is away to intimidate the whole community. Some groups are now suing
claiming to be victims of this targeting, I says now, we're not targeting activists were targeting everybody who violates immigration law and they are subject to arrest and deportation. So let summarize individuals enter America illegally they form groups join with others who entered America illegally, and then they decide to go public. They go on tv, radio, ever name splashed, all over the dry by media. To advocate that others who broke the law get away with it. And finally, when ice shows up to arrest them, they start whining and more. To the media that are being targeted, not only do they want sympathy, they want to cash.
With a lawsuit against the Americans when enforce our laws. If this weren't so brazenly asinine, it would be almost funny, but when it comes to arresting activists, I'm all for it put it all in jail and shut them up, because, frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it
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