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Rush Limbaugh Dec 25, 2019


Right folks, get this Washington Post headlines DC house the homeless in upscale apartment in hasn't gone as planned.

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is the new year's resolution. This not only easy to keep it'll help. You protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year with promo code rush at lifelike, dotcom, that's promo code rush. What's my name for up to twenty five percent off at lifelike? Not come right votes get this Washington Post headline DC how's the homeless in scale apartments, it hasn't gone as planned. Now their story covers the upscale Sedgwick Gardens Apartment building in North West Washington near Fashionable Rock Creek Park, its listed on the national register of historic places. Now here's wearing yeah! I got a couple years ago, Washington Dc Housing officials fattened the pot of money available for rental subsidies. Their goal was to give tenants and high crime impoverish neighborhoods a shot at moving out there and moving in the high end house.
One could go wrong while some of these tenants moved into Sedgwick Gardens directly from homeless, shelters are the streets and big surprise. They brought their behavioral problems with them. Police visits to the building quadruple. There is pot smoke in the air feces in the stairways like in San Francisco, their research. But a complaints, the city started staffing, the building with social workers. Longtime residents got the heck out now, whose idea was this? You see? This is liberal thinking. This is liberal planning. This is liberal policy. This outcome is totally predictable. It would almost be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic for the people who were forced out the people who are paying to be there,
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