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Rush Limbaugh December 10th 2018


After Florida's Governor Rick Scott Suspended Brenda Snipes for neglected duty, Democrats became outraged and accused Governor Scott for being ruthless.

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I was sure she was born, but she's, not the circus is still in town in Florida, Brower County after she made a mess of they November mid term ballots. Brenda snipe. The election supervisor announced TAT she would stepped down in January, but that wasn't soon enough for the Governor Rick Scott. He suspended her effective immediately, so she got all ticked off and on resigned now Brower Democrats or pondering legal action to keep her around now. In the mid terms, two thousand ballots went missing. This nights office miss the state deadline to report, the machine, recounts, hotels and she opened provisional ballots that we're not validated, and this wasn't her first rodeo there
been problems through out her tenure, including in two thousand sixteen, when ballots were illegally destroyed. Yet when Governor Scott finally had enough and suspended her for Miss visas, incompetence and neglect of duty, the Democrats went ballistic and accused him of being mean spirited and cruel and ruthless, never mind that Brenda Snipes stands to collect a hefty one hundred thirty thousand dollar pension, because she was an educator before becoming a democratic election. Fixer supervisor this woman taught. Can you imagine what the people she taught know that scary enough, the factual stand around that's even worse,.
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