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Rush Limbaugh December 31st 2018


A Large Medical Association based in Chicago holds a convention each year in San Francisco but this time around the Association will no longer hold its convention in the sanctuary city due to crime making it unsafe for doctors.

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Since the nineteen abies, a large medical association based in Chicago is held many of its annual conventions in San Francisco, but San Francisco want reveal the name of the group, but I bet you can figure it out. Typically, the medical convention draws about fifteen thousand people pumps. Forty million die, Where's into the local economy, but this year the San Francisco Convention Bureau did not hear anything from the doctors group about re upping deal.
Though San Francisco sent a delegation to Chicago to find out what the problem was. That boy did they get an ear. Full delegation was told the doctors group is pulling out they're afraid to walk in the streets. Open drug use is rampant in the city, so is threatening behaviour from criminals and the mentally ill who are everywhere last convention, one of the medical associations Board members was assaulted near the convention. Setter, wait a minute. A doctor's group no longer feel safe, visiting San Francisco. How can it be him? And after all, San Francisco as a proud sanctuary city, everybody should feel safe right. You know what the real reason I want to go. It's almost piles of human feces that you need a map to avoid. If you're a doctor, why do you want to mess with that.
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