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Rush Limbaugh Feb 18, 2021


According to Politico the politics of Covid19 has reached a boiling point in California it's not because Governor Newsom flaunting his own virus restrictions.

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According to political, the politics of covert nineteen has reached a boiling point in California. It's not because Governor Newsome flaunted his own virus restrictions by attending an upscale party with his upscale lobbyist bodies at an upscale hotel. It's not California, lawmakers partying at a conference in Maui again flouting the travel rules they impose and everybody else. No, it's something more! Local school early on in the pandemic, new seven is Democrats kowtow to the powerful teachers unions by shutting down the schools and all these.
Later, schools are still shut down, instead of being in class. Most of the six million California school children are at home. Those who attend private schools like nuisance, kids, they're back in the classroom, but other students, quoting most minority children- they got nowhere to go now. Even a few democrats are breaking rank sender. Calling this a two tier system state sanctioned segregation, its inequality on parade. This is not what California stands for, they say but see their dead wrong. This is exactly how liberal ITALY to run California have governed for as long as they ve been in power, their kids, their bodies. There are special interest, get the brakes. Everybody else gets broke, especially the minorities they claim to represent in care about state, sanctioned segregation, yep exactly business as usual.
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