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Rush Limbaugh Feb 27, 2020


When the Harvey Weinstein verdict came down failed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was at the Berlin film festival. She was promoting a documentary series about her life that's coming out on Hulu on March the 6th.

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He'll they'll college, creates a campus environment that inspires students to want to learn it's a big deal rate professors. There have a passion for the subject matter of head and how it fits into our world hills. Dale focuses on for core principles, learning character, faith and freedom, They have defined the Hills Dales mission since eighteen, forty four hills, Dale under bans is America's founders did that a proper education is essential to preserving a free country. Young people,
need to learn about Amerika, great heritage of liberty, how the government works and the importance of the constitution. They must develop the skills to become a useful citizens. Now many learning institutions at every level come up short in this regard, which is why hills deal reaches beyond the campus, their free online video courses and the newest efforts in providing classic education with a k through twelve charter schools coastal Coast all help to fill the gap, you can learn from Hills, Dale to start at rush for Hills, Dale Dotcom. When the Harvey wine seem Verde came down, failed presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton was at the Berlin Film Festival. She was promoting a document, a receipt.
About her life. That's coming out on Hulu on March, the sixty three days after Super Tuesday. Now at a press conference in Berlin, she was asked about the wines dean verdict, Democrat primaries in the rise of crazy Bernie. Mrs Bill Clinton, the most cheated on women in America who rigged her primary race against Sanderson. Twenty. Sixteen recently said nobody eggs burning so that she's gonna wait and see who the Democrats nominate, but she promised that she'll support whoever it is, even if it is Bernie, because what matters is getting rid of Trump. Well, then, the foreign press asked what she thought of the wine Stayin verdict. Given his strong support for her over the years deflecting questions of Weinstein's huge campaign donation store. I have already pointed out that Weinstein's supported every Democrat, including John carry you served to Vietnam and Morocco. Stain
And then she addressed the wines, dean, rape, convictions. I think the jury's decision speaks for itself. She said it was time for an accounting and may jury clearly found that yeah, ok, stopped laughing yeah she's, the most unaccountable woman in american politics and her unaccountable husband sex history is every bit as bad as Harvey's, but she's Hilary Fox. Those facts will never make it into her documentary talk about a woman living in denial.
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