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Rush Limbaugh February 15th 2019


The department of Housing and Urban Development just awarded San Francisco 45 million dollars to fight homelessness this year. That more than twice the amount the city got in 2011.

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please save system for ten percent off and a sixty day, money back guarantee the Department of Housing and urban development. Just awarded San Francisco forty five million dollars to fight homelessness this year. That's that's more than twice the amount, the city garden two thousand and eleven the entire Bay area is getting one hundred and fifty three million dollars in homelessness. France. Now for many of you, this is frustrating news, since it's not that you don't want to help solve homelessness. It's because San Francisco is subsidizing it with your money with no apparent effort to do anything about it. Other than sustain it. San Francisco is such a beautiful place, but it's become a sanctuary city that probably depends illegal aliens even when they murder Americans on the streets, it's a magnet for homelessness and drug addiction. They now gif.
maps, so they can avoid piles of human feces in the streets and at home to Nancy policy. The San Francisco treat, whose has border walls or immoral while she lives behind walls in the best parts of town. I know why many people are frustrated. You have every reason to be. Why are we subsidizing this, because all that's doing is making sure that it's going to continue
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