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Rush Limbaugh February 22nd, 2017


The "Day Without Immigrants" protest cost quite a few people their jobs.

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This is going to sound like a horror story, but for some people it's a reality. Imagine your head to the mailbox. After doing your taxes, your region, you think you're gonna get your tax refund only to find that somebody's already filed and gotten your return identity thieves can use your personal information to file for your refund or commit other forms of Idee theft. The last year they, the IRS, identified approximately four point: one billion dollars in suspected tax relief on fraud due to theft. Now, thankfully, there's Lifelock with lifelike, you have access to a team of? U S, bay specialists who know the steps to take to fix identity issues, whether it happens during taxis and already other time. Of course, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions and all businesses, but nobody is better than lifelike join. Now ten percent off by using promo code rush call eight hundred
Forty forty eight thirty three or go to Lifelock dot com, use, promo code rush and save. Last Thursday there was a national protest to show Americans how difficult life would be with no immigrants around a day without immigrants was organized in response to the latest raids of illegal immigrants with Chris records, while this week CNN, has a story about business owners defending their decision to fire workers who went to the protests instead of showing up to work as if the bosses had done something wrong. now, when employees in Colorado, Masonry Company told the owner they plan to skip Workin protest, he warned on what would happen. He told him if you're gonna stand up for what you believe in you have to be willing to pay the price. Well, they protested anyway and fired them thirty brink layers and a former. He call the protest a slap in the face because he supports immigrant labour, but nobody here
and he's gonna dictate to him how his company has run other business owners got no advanced word that workers would protest, they didn't call in they. Just didn't show up and the two were fired and some of them had the nerve to complain to see an end. The way in fear it wasn't fear, so it turns out that for some protesters a day without immigrants resulted in many days with no work, no income and no sympathy. Another liberal bright idea, backfiring once again blowing up right in their liberal faces.
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