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Rush Limbaugh for Apr 14, 2020


After being blocked by Democrats last week Republicans are still working to get a $250 billion increase in the paycheck protection program to help small businesses stay afloat.

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With all the uncertainty in the world feeling safe at home has never been more important. It's why we recommend please say poem security. They have made it easy to get protection for your home order in online sat up yourself and undermine our and your home is protected Twenty four: seven: with emergency dispatch. Break ins and, more all four just fifty cents, a day line, go simply save USA, dot com get a free, simply safe security camera with your purchase. Simply safe? U s a dot com after being blocked by Democrats. Last week, Republicans are still working together. Two hundred and fifty billion dollar increase in the paycheck protection program to help small businesses stay afloat, Now these businesses are getting actually creamed by they Corrado virus Economic shutdown, senator
learning leader Mitch, Mcconnell a turtle and Republican House leader, Kevin Mccarthy say that they're going to keep trying to get a clean bill that focuses only on small businesses and I'll good luck with that. The Democrats are determined to load tons of spending and political payoffs and do any emergency legislation on the off chance that you expected anything better from the Democrats. My questions, why
one of the demographic handbook. Never let a crisis go to waste, along with their accomplices in a dry by media Democrats are already weapon. Easing the corona virus crisis there laying the groundwork to try to take tromp down with yet another round of investigations that oughta be obvious, especially small business owners. The Democrats dont care a whit about your hardships or your business, not during the pandemic, not any other time. It's a teachable moment, I usually say: learn it love it live it this time, don't love it, but do learn it because we're all living at the Democrats are in this for themselves and for their far left agenda. Not for you never forget.
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