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Rush Limbaugh Jan 18, 2021


Last week former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, blasted the tolerance integration policy was used on his watch. He said, it should never had been proposed or even implemented.

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Last week, former deputy attorney General ROD Rosans nine blasted the zero tolerance immigration policy is used on his watch. He said it should never have been proposed or even implemented. Now he said this after and Justice Department Watchdog report claim the policy was the driving force responsible for thousands of children being separated from their parents. Here we go again with this. I rose and Stein said he's been ask himself what could have been done differently. The zero tolerance immigration policy is at the top of his list, democratic, coming back into power, and the growing is a site to behold. Anybody like Rosans nine, who yearns to get back into the left good graces, has to pretend that they opposed every thing Trump ever did and begged to be forgiven for their trespasses against democratic gender. For the record, the reason elite.
You'll immigrant parents were separated from their children was due to the nineteen ninety seven Flores settlement between leftist immigration activists and the government under Bill Clinton. Twenty years before Donald Trump became president. You can look it up now. According a news reports, caravans of migrants ready to illegally breach our borders are already forming in south and Central America because they know President Biden will welcome them with open arms. Is Democrats have a zero tolerance policy against enforcing America's immigration law, so it's gonna be back to business as usual. Learn it love it lit it. I guess
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