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Rush Limbaugh Jan 26, 2021


According to the Los Angeles Times, some kids are thriving, doing better than anybody expected because the schools are closed... Children are feeling less stress, they're getting better grades, they're happy and more productive?

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Need a break from the chaos tired of being sucker punched by Hollywood. If so, Red peeled America is the podcast for you, re build. America is all about telling stories. The kind Hollywood into mainstream media won't tell on such a girl. She- and I mean Anna Portes, where the hosts of Redfield America, if you enjoy good fashion storytelling, listened a Redfield America. Every week on my heart, radio or wherever you listen to podcast, that's Red killed America, because it's time to tell our side of the story. So get this from the LOS Angeles times? Some kids are thriving doing better than anybody expected, because the schools are closed. That's right, my friends, these cruel children, our feeling less stress: Adding better grades they're happy their productive now that they don't have to go to school. Some of these kids say that they aren't tired anymore. They don't have bouts of hunger during the day.
They don't worry about being bullied their welfare, their energetic their loving life ever since they have been able to attend their classes online, which they don't really do, rather than at their oppressive schools. Now. Not all students feel that way. The kids who live in noisy homes or whose families are suffering hardships or illness because of the virus pandemic, whether not doing so well, but for the kids, the Many times reported on man, old man, life is good, so maybe it's time to re, evaluate everything folks. What are we doing to arch why should America's precious fragile, sensitive kids ever be forced to go back to school? It's too stressful. The grain suffer
Prior they're hungry their bully their miserable they never win. We should close them. That's what we should do. We should close the schools most of them anyway forever. We should do it. We must do it in order to save the children. Think of the billions of taxpayer dollars were actually know they would still charge of the tax revenue. So, but we still should closing. Schools makes all the sense in the world right.
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