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Rush Limbaugh Jan 27, 2020


Did you know that there's an illegal immigrant protection network for the 2020 Census? Yeah according to roll call and network of nonprofit organizations local government and advocacy groups.

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Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Company LAW, unspoken and copyright, twenty Campari America, American York, you're, never compromise drink responsibly. Did you know that there is an illegal immigrant protection network for the twenty twenty census According to roll call, a network of non profit organisations, local governments and advocacy groups, joined system make sure the Census Bureau does a thorough job this year when it comes to counting illegal immigrants and the simple reason. This liberal network came together for the census about money trillion the federal dollars flow into states in cities based on a number of people who can claim that it, We need liberals and blow states and Surveys depend on illegal immigrants, keep that money flowing, but the liberal network is a. Red roll call says that they fear the Trump Administration is gonna some ICE
agents to raid community events, were the census. Bureau is participating. Liberal protection network worries it if ice conducts rage and communities with lots of illegals that would destroy months and months about reach. Illegal immigrants might not want to risk coming forward to be cowed idiocy, especially if the drive by media makes a big deal out of the immigration ray. it's. So here's what the liberal network wants. You trunk people, you ice agents, no immigration raids during the senses and you dry by media types. If there ice immigration rage? Don't cover them and don't report them, because every illegal must be How did they got some day? They gonna vote? Hopefully Democrat bathing.
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