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Rush Limbaugh Jan 30, 2020


Well the long knives are out for crazy Bernie, over the weekend the Washington Post took his supporters to the woodshed, they're mad crazy Bernie fans are flooding social media with vicious attacks on Focahontas.

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knives, you're out for crazy Bernie. Over the weekend, the Washington Post took his supporters to the wooden shed their mad crazy. Bernie fans are loving social media with vicious attacks on forgot us one Bernie fan to pick her a mask and then behind the mask was Hillary Clinton, other Bernie supporters portrayed Senator warrant is a snake back stabber and a liar. The Washington Post complains that crazy Bernie Supporter way more visible on Facebook, then polling shows they should be. The process at Facebook gives individual Bernie users power over public discourse disproportionate to their numbers at the ballot box. Now the post is also mad. that Facebook is letting Bernie supporters, not Warren
Washington University. Professor Stephen Livingston blames Facebook for whipping up passions. He says it facebooks algorithm, activates people in ways that accentuate extremism. It's bad that facebook rewards emotionally charged content and in flames, political discourse. Now do you and may this is Larry Sanders supporters are doing to warrant exactly what drive by media types have been doing the conservatives for decades. They create. We narratives and then spread them. They portray people. I don't like politically and vicious ways in order to activate their readers and inflamed political discourse that the real reason the drive bys at the poster attacking Facebook and crazy Bernie is because they're jealous
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