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Rush Limbaugh January 4th, 2017


The Cancun Inn a Mexican Restaurant in New York refused to serve a Trump supporter and her friend.  The Trump supporter was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

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a ten percent off on your membership. Lifelike. Eight hundred four forty forty forty three promo code rush S Journal Levy of Warwick New York recently went to the can Coon in a popular restaurant there that serves mexican food. She and a friend, a retired judge receded and they ordered to Sangree is I should mention them is leaving was wearing her, make Amerika great again hat and Donald Trump Button. Here's what they say happen. According to the New York Post, the server who had cheerfully taken their order returned to the table. Minus the sangreal Jeddah message, Ms Levy and the judge, had to leave the waitress
given orders not to serve them on the way out of the can Coon in in Orange County New York, the co owner. Confronted me angrily, told them. Hilary is gonna win. The restaurant does not serve trumps supporters and they should get out and never come back. The restaurant later claimed on social media that leaving the judge were being rowdy en route to the staff and allegation is leave. He says is nonsense. It was made clear they were rejected for supporting trump. Oh, when this the police were called but said they couldn't do anything because the restaurants, private business.
and can deny service to whoever they want, which is true, unless of course, you're a small town bakery, and you don't want to make a same sex wedding cake due to religious convictions. Then you get sued in almost run out of business in today's American Amigo. Learn it love it and live
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