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Rush Limbaugh Jul 03, 2020


You know folks, it looks like Democrats party unity is coming apart while they stick it to Americans businesses suffering under the Corona virus lock downs.

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rush for Hills, Dale dot com, you know, folks, it looks like Democrat Party unity is coming apart, while they stick it to America, and business is suffering under the corona virus, like Nouns Senate Democrat, later Chuck Yoshitomo, and how Bigger Nancy policy refuse to support liability protections for businesses that want to get back to normal operations, but according to the Will a few so called moderate Democrats are pushing back Chris Coon's short little ball Guide, Delaware, Senator and Biden Buddy, says he wants businesses to have some form of liability protection, but only with clear regulatory guidelines. Red tape, in other words, Alabama, Senator Doug Johns, whose seat is in serious danger, is all willing to make liability protection deal with Republicans. He wants businesses to have some protections, but he doesn't want to give them blanket immunity.
Or a blank cheque. You not, I hope, every business owner, large and small is paying attention to this. Without liability protection in place, swarms of lawyers are gonna, be filing suit. The minute employees, customers are clients, claims they caught the corona virus because of the book. Is regardless, where they actually got now. Some of these businesses are struggling to keep their doors open as it is well suits and kill him, and the Democrats know it, and I don't care Democrats how old to the moon, Whenever somebody calls them any business with that's exactly what they are straight to their core.
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