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Rush Limbaugh Jul 28, 2020


You have heard of all kinds of privilege white privilege, male privilege, wealth privilege while there is something called emergency diploma privilege for lawyers.

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Hills, college serves for purposes, learning, character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive and freedom and freedom requires people who are educated people of good character. You're they'll college has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for one hundred seventy five years. It continues to provide that education today, not only to the fifteen hundred undergrad and graduate students on campus, but nation, wide to hills. Dale creates and provides free online courses, as well as so boarding group of K to twelve charter schools, Hillsdale's articles of association date back their one thousand, eight hundred and forty four. They commit the college to preserving the bless. Of civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning. The learning includes the constitutional laws of nature is described, the declaration and America's great heritage of Liberty, Hills, Dales Motto, pursuing truth and defending liberty, since eighteen forty four find out all about it.
Rush for heels, Dale, dot com, you have heard of all kinds of privilege, white privilege, male privilege, wealth, privilege. Well, there's something called emergency diploma privilege for lawyers ability, The New York state Legislature would allow law school graduates to go straight. The law practice without bothering to take the bar exam. What's the emergency, the corona virus York States still officially under a declared covered nineteen disaster emergency September's when the next New York State bar examples to take place, but that's too soon I still might be some corona germs lingering in September, and these young, healthy future lawyers can't possibly risk taking the bar examined person, so
New York state legislators are coming to the rescue. They say that as long as these perspective, lawyers have good character and display general fitness to be in the lawyer attorney then screw the bar exam. These grants can just be declared lawyers and standards plummet again just get rid of everything that makes it hard make it easy who needs exams at all by the way. Who cares if you pass your fail these days. Just get your trophy start: earning big bucks lawyers, helping lawyers as just amazing. The watch what's happening our country with the liberal left in charge of it everything everything's being destroyed,
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