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Rush Limbaugh Jul 30, 2020


According to the ferret like New York Times columnist Paul Krugman the cult of selfishness is killing American, and so what is he talking about?

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Et Steeple, we believe investment advice is about more than helping. You manage your wealth. Our investment advice is about you. It's about providing your kids with opportunities for a head start in life. Feeling secure in your retirement in realising your dreams just may become a reality, because you have a plan. We believe in you. Your path to investment. Advice starts with your stifle financial adviser, find your new stifle financial adviser, stifled outcome. That's S tea! I Effie L, Steeple Nicholas in company, incorporated member S Ipc in and why I see, according to the ferret like New York Times, columnists Paul Krugman, the cult of selfishness is killing American. I. What does he talking about? What? According to the ferret like Krugman computer virus deaths in America, are higher than deaths in the European Union are candidate? He thinks s because president trumpeted republican governors, like Rhonda Santa's and floor,
insisted on opening the economy too soon they were selfish. They put economic growth over people's lives. The ferret like Krugman says the company's allies just want high jobs numbers, they don't care about people dying of the corona virus, and this is a kind of wrought, got dribble that permeates every corner of the drive by media. I'm willing to bet. That the ferret like Paul Krugman didn't lose one night's sleep worrying about how he was gonna pay for food or clothing or shelter or other basics during the shut down. This is a guy who doesn't have to meet pay wrongly that no, the pain of putting everything he has into a small business only to watch it die because some elected liberal is playing politics. The ferret, like Krugman, still has his job spewing. Asinine left us talking points now, look Krugman. It isn't selfish to keep the american economy afloat even during a panel
it gets a necessity. You want to see selfishness and action. Mr Grubbin grab a mirror and take a look
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