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Rush Limbaugh July 30th 2018


Hundreds of mature sea turtles have been dying from algae and are washing up on South West Florida beaches.

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This is really bad news. In the last few days, hundreds of precious sea turtles have washed up on the southwest Florida beaches. They didn't wash up a live now, according to turtle researcher, Kelly Sloan many of the washed up turtles are mature adults, and that is really bad, because only one in a thousand turtles ever makes it to adulthood that it takes loggerhead turtles, twenty five to thirty years to mature and they're already protected species. So this many washed up turtles could really hurt they sustainability of turtle them. But there is a small comfort for once this horrible disaster. Isn't man's fault mother nature is killing her own scientist. A the West coast of Florida from Tampa to key West is having the worst red tide bloom. Since two thousand and six, the culprit killing hundreds.
Sea turtles is algae, but here on the EAST coast of Florida, where I am everything's cool, all the safe to all of your smart adult turtles- and I know you're listening, save yourself swim to the east coast. What we might even leave the light on for you.
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