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Rush Limbaugh July 6th, 2017


Al Gore's Movie " An Inconvenient Truth" warned that unless we adopted expensive measures to reverse global warming, we would face a true planetary emergency.

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In two thousand and six algora released his fright movie an inconvenient truth. He warned that we adopted a slow of draconian and expensive measures to reverse global warming. We would face a true planetary emergency. In ten years, Al Gore's movie was mandatory, viewing in many schools and it was pivotal in spreading the global warming hoax ten years have come and gone, and we are still here. The crew planetary emergency turned out to be totally fake. Does that matter to other alarmists? No, not at all last week and the famous physicists, Stephen hawking smartest man in the world next to Bill gates issued his own doomsday scenario which, like Al Gore,
was all politics and zero science. Professor hawking claim that Trump's withdraw from the Paris accords pushed the planet toward irreversible global warming. Hawking predicts temperatures on earth will rival Venus soaring. The four hundred and twenty eight degrees blaming trump for the imminent and human life sounds ridiculous to normal people, but not to those blinded by liberalism. Last month, professor hawking accused Trump of being a demagogue. He said that he's afraid he wouldn't be welcomed in Trump's, America, false and false good science relies on evidence, so we get plenty doomsday predictions about. Global warming have been proven wrong. There's not a one of them. That's come true, but you always draw the wrong conclusions. When you inject liberalism into the equation is serious about that. This is the absurd.
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