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Rush Limbaugh Jun 05, 2019


The recently settlement discussed about the homeless issue in Los Angeles will not solve the problem with sanitation as conditions are now out of control in the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

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that's simply save USA dot com. Giving other day folks, I described the legal settlement LOS Angeles negotiated with their homeless. The homeless can remain in a fifty blocks. Skid row area, downtown city can remove sofas and refrigerators if they blocked the sidewalk and health hazards, like rat, infested items civic and get rid of them too. But that will not solve the city's problems to LOS Angeles times. Story speak for themselves. First headline rats: at the police station filth on ELM streets, scenes from the collapse, of a city that lost control, the police station unskilled Raw was cited for unsanitary conditions and employee was infected with the bacteria that causes typhoid fever. No point complaining the city hall, because here's the second headline homeless camps, feces end. Laura rats do our city hall conditions. There
so unsanitary, including hypodermic needles, human waste, another filth, that city Hall is overrun with vermin. A pest control company hired by the city recommends that the homeless be kept far away rat infested, LOS Angeles, from LOS Angeles newspapers, where the Democrats are running this once great city into the ground or sewer, depending on how you look at it. Incredible
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