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Rush Limbaugh Jun 10, 2020


In a random act of journalism the Los Angeles Times looked into the multi billion dollar high speed bullet train, that is supposed to fight global warming if it ever gets build and if anybody bothers to ride the thing.

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Et steeple. We believe investment advice is about more than helping. You manage your wealth. Our investment advice is about you. It's about providing your kids with opportunities for a head start in life. Feeling secure in your retirement in realising your dreams just may become a reality, because you have a plan. We believe in you. Your path to investment. Advice starts with your stifle financial adviser, find your new stifle financial adviser, stifle dotcom. That's S tea! I effie out Steeple Nicholas in company incorporated member S Ipc and, and why ass? If in a random Magda journalism, the LOS Angeles times looked into the multi billion dollar high speed bullet Tran, that is supposed to fight global warming if it ever gets build, and if anybody bothers to run the thing. The high speed train is years behind schedule. Just since two thousand eighteen the cost is jump from sixty four billion dollars to seventy seven billion dollars, more delays and cost overruns shortcomings, not even factor in the corona virus to it
among the problems. The allay times reports is the operating culture at the building services, consultancy for the train. A global company called W S p. Now, allegedly employees who tell the truth about problems with the California train project or told a shot up and told the company line. If they don't, they. Face the corona virus, atop executive brought into work on the projects. As the people in charge have no technical background, they never disclose the real costs of they don't tell the real truth is just a bunch of politicians in this experts as the best thing that can be done, like California, high speed train is to cancel all the contracts and start over now. Four years I've told you this high speed, trains are trained and nowhere never was a good idea and it will never be a good idea. The smartest thing to do after cancelling all the contracts would be this
Rub the whole project and blame it on the corona virus,
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