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Rush Limbaugh Jun 20, 2019


A lot of California farmers have been hurt by the States high speed train project after the state decided to call off the project but yet did not pay farmers from the land the state used.

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They owned prime property in California, breadbasket which feeds millions of us. The state grab their land using eminent domain and promised to pay market value, but the farmers did not get a single penny and worse, they had to pay for the enormous damage the contractors did their property, the LOS Angeles Times since the California authorities return to these farmers hundreds of times to get more land, then they originally took that's because they issued
construction contracts before the design was finished, so they had no idea how much land there we're gonna need. They made it up as they went along. Not only were farmers stiffed, it turns out that the high speed train Obama and Jerry Brown promised won't even be high speed if its ever even finished its already billions in the red it'll. Never attract enough writers to be profitable to have all this misery for the global warming hawks. That's why they did this in Obama and Governor Brown. The liberal Democrats responsible, produce high speed swindle, are nowhere insight to have to answer for.
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