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Rush Limbaugh Jun 22, 2020


So after, city commissioners voted to slash almost 60 million dollars from the Portland police budget hundreds of protesters showed up at Mayor Ted Wheeler house.

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Comparable codes, CD, twenty five or dial pound to fifty on your cell phone, say levels. Select this offer will be sent right to your phone. You will have the option to receive a one time, auto dialed text message from my hard media. So after. The commissioner's voted to slash almost sixteen million dollars from the Portland police budget. Hundreds of protesters shut up at Mayor ten Wheelers house. The protesters shouted black lives matter, hands up, don't shoot they weren't mad that the budget had been cut. They were in a total rage because the sixteen million dollar cut was so small. They wanted a fifty million dollar cut from the police budget and one of the city commissioners agrees with him. She voted against the sixteen million dollar cut because, in her view, it wasn't deep enough. Meanwhile, in nearby Washington state protesters showed up at the home of Cheryl Selby she's, the mayor of Olympia and they vandalized
home? The mayor had declined to issue a curfew when the protest started in her area, she went out of her way to express solidarity with these protester human debris, Ives, but now she is singing a different tone. She says the black live matters, protesters spray painted her home are like domestic terrorists. She says she still trying to process what happened to her home. She complains it just isn't fair. I reached out on this matter, even though the security and condition of your home matters to you. It doesn't matter to them all homes, like all lives, don't matter to the left. Certainly yours done. Life really is unfair, sometimes, especially in your case, isn't it? What are you gonna do
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