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Rush Limbaugh June 21st, 2017


Los Angeles has a program that help criminals avoid the county jail if they can afford it.

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My friends to say that liberals are soft on crime, is an understatement. Just look at their attitudes towards illegal immigration, a riots or out of control, murder rates and liberal run cities like Chicago, but California, liberals are something special arena classed by themselves. Loss Angelos has a programme to help criminals avoid the county jail. If they can afford it, it's called pay the state and for two hundred fifty dollars a night criminals can stay at seal beach in a surf side community facility there they enjoy unlimited access to movies, to books, the cable tv for one hundred dollars a night inmates.
granted a semi private room with single showers and unlimited television and phone calls. Some are even allowed to leave their seaside hideaway, go to work and come back to their pay to play jail. Now, not everybody supports this liberal approach to doing time. Critics say it's a two tier system, wealthy criminals stay in plush soft surroundings, while poor criminals have to suffer in squalor. The soft jail cells are only supposed to be open to nonviolent defenders, but a woman victimized by a sexual predator at age. Twelve recently learned her attacker is doing his time at a pay the stay facility. She says she doesn't think justice is being done. These are liberals, it's not about the crime or the time, and it's not about justice. It just comes down to the money always about the money and, of course, perverting everything they can get their hands
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